@everyone PirateCraft is 10 years old today! It's our one decade birthday, 27th September! To celebrate the team has created PirateCraft 10 year barrel-aged event and gifts! (This is the first time in history we have had an event on the correct day! haha) survival Play now! /warp event for the next week! 10outof10 Massive thanks goes out to @CallieMav for the amazing custom boss! Do expect tweaks to happen! 10outof10 Massive shoutout to @Ae0n and @TobySF for the arena/drops and building the Treasure chest and Kit! pirateflag Custom Boss mob at /warp event 🔸 100% item drop when killed! 🔸 Auto-spawns once every hour! (May change to be faster!) 🔸 PvP Is Off 🔸 Keep inventory is On to prevent people stealing your best armor at a community event if you die! (First time doing this) pirateflag An amazing /kit 10years grab it now! pirateflag Super 10 year Barrel-aged Treasure chest /warp cove 🔗 https://donate.piratemc.com/checkout/packages/add/5313363/single 🆕 All keys bought from the store do a 1x key drop to everyone online 🆕 A broadcast will be sent out to everyone online to tell them you did this! map Live map /warp event location https://map.piratemc.com/survival#PirateCraft_1;surface;-1591,64,-59;6

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A New Beginning, PirateCraft Version 2

Welcome to PirateCraft – A New Beginning, We have built the server from the ground up for a completely fresh... View Article

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PirateCraft new IP, Updates and Future Development

The reason for the current downtime was because our hosting provider decommissioned the server hardware that PirateCraft was hosted on... View Article

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August 2013 PirateCraft Build of the Month – Harry_Mason2

PirateCraft August Build of the month goes to Harry_Mason2 and his superb home island. Harrys winning prizes include: 750 Claim... View Article

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June & July 2013 PirateCraft Builds of the Month – Iamthereaper89 & Sambobington

We are very far behind for June and July build of the month since we are now in August, So... View Article

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Prepare for Minecraft 1.6 with MagicLauncher

It’s come to that time again when a big version of minecraft is about to drop, next week minecraft 1.6... View Article

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Mays 2013 PirateCraft Build of the Month – DonnyHall

It’s the end of May, Tomorrow dawns June upon us, So during may I started seeing some really impressive builds... View Article

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Server Updates

PirateCraft has been upgraded to a 12 slot server, doubling the player slots and ram, I have also been busy... View Article

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Big update for 1.5.1.

Bukkit finally updated! Which means that I could finally upgrade bukkit to the latest version 1.5.1, with the new version... View Article

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Welcome to PirateCraft

Piratecraft is a pirate themed minecraft server. We plan on having a custom generated world, with secret cache’s of loot... View Article

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