Summer of Grog 2022 – Massive Brewing upgrade! 🍺

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Custom brewing is back on PirateCraft! Since the upgrade I made from 1.12 to 1.18 we lost the brewing plugin due to some bugs which I have now resolved! I took this opportunity to completely overhaul the entire of brewing on PirateCraft!

For release me and the team have created 20 brand new unique brews for you to discover! This time, brews have some unique abilities, extra reason to learning brewing!

It’s been 7 years since our last summer of grog event! So with great pleasure please let me welcome Summer of Grog 2022! Who will be the first to find each new brew?

Table of Contents

    New Brew hints system and library of all brews, The Alchemist.

    New Brew Hints System

    I have built a brand new hints system from the ground up, head on over to /warp brewing and interact with the Alchemist! That’s it.

    You can now see all new brews and view their hints by clicking from the first page in the Alchemist NPC.

    Those of you that wish to take these hints with you back to your base can use /recipe from anywhere.

    From the Alchemist you can learn how to Brew, Collect a Brew Tutorial Kit, See the current new brews and recipes, Library of all brews, Trade a finished brew for a reward and claim first place for Grog master! all in the Alchemist!

    Brew Library

    This Alchemist now houses all 222 custom PirateCraft brews in a neat and tidy GUI! No more outdated signs and frames!

    Prizes for brewing and competition for 20 Grogmaster ranks!!


    Create one of the new brews, then go back to the Alchemist and trade one of your brews for a Brewing Assistant Bottle. (Click the gold “Buy” button bottom right to change the page to “Trade”)
    This is a one time reward everyone can collect for figuring out how to make that custom brew, there is a custom Brewing assistant bottle to collect for each of the new brews! Collect them all!

    Summer Grog 2022 Competition

    There is a competition for Summer of Grog 2022 event to be The first person to find a brews recipe.

    If you are the first person to find a brew, you can take your Brewing Assistant Bottle upstairs at /warp brewing and trade it for a Grog Master Key.

    You take this key back to the Alchemist click the “buy” button bottom right, which will change the page to “Trade” and you can trade your Grog Master Key to unlock the Grog Master rank which will automatically be applied to you for a month!

    There are 20 new brews, so that means we can only have 20 grog masters!

    The Grogmaster Rank

    This is for the elite, the best of the best, those pirates that can figure out how to brew something first before everyone else! The Grogmaster rank.

    What can the Grogmaster do?

    The Grogmaster is the ultimate flex rank.

    • Custom star badge in chat and tablist
    • Custom overhead name
    • Custom one time use /kit grogmaster
    • Use of /beezooka to fire an exploding bee! Don’t worry does not do damage and has a cooldown!
    • Use of /kittycannon to fire an exploding kitty! Don’t worry does not do damage and has a cooldown!
    • Rank Will be added for 1 month!

    Whats in the Grog master kit?

    • 1x Grog Master Clock Trophy

    Summer Sale in the store

    I have created a limited coupon code “pollytooktherumfor 10% off everything from the store!

    20 New custom Brews!

    The following 20 custom PirateCraft brews were released on 16th August 2022 with all hints available in-game through the Alchemist for free at /warp brewing

    Once discovered, this blog post will be updated with who found what brew!

    IDBrew NameBrew HintDescriptionDiscovered
    202Creeper Blast/recipe 2Unique Brew, where you may inherit some Creeper properties!mikimooseyLullaby93
    mikimoosey & Lullaby93

    204Melon Pina Colada/recipe 3Alcoholic Grog that uses an existing Pina Colada grog to brew! Just add Melon!Lullaby93
    205Mid-Summer’Margarita/recipe 4Tasty alcoholic summer beverage!
    May cause Glowing
    206Miners Greed/recipe 5Utility Brew, for the Miners out there that need to clear out large areas of land!DrbipperLullaby93
    Drbipper & Lullaby93
    207Super Chorus Juice/recipe 6Unique Brew, Has 3 custom random teleport systems that protect from teleporting into claims!TheTikiTotem
    208Beer and grass on your ass/recipe 7Unique Brew, Mixing Beer and grass may land you on your ass!Lullaby93
    209Blackout/recipe 8Tasty alcoholic summer beverage!
    May make you blackout drunk! Drink with caution!
    210Ghost Rider/recipe 9Unique Brew, may care slight burning irritation!TheTikiTotem
    211Lumos/recipe 10Alcoholic Grog that helps you light up your way in the dark!TheTikiTotem
    212Mermaid Rum Punch/recipe 11A magical grog passed down by Mermaids over centuries! SupremeLeninLullaby93
    SupremeLenin & Lullaby93
    213Sea Breeze/recipe 12Unique Brew, that summons the thunder god Zeus himself! Did someone say Poseidon surfing? Ae0n
    214Treasure Hunter/recipe 13Feeling lucky punk? a Brew for Miners that like shiny things!Lullaby93
    215Panzer/recipe 14You are the tankAe0nAe0n
    Ae0n & TobySF
    216Blaze Power/recipe 15Unique Brew, that summons demons from the depths of hell to throw a stick into fights!Ae0n
    217Aquaman/recipe 16Unique brew that offers some ocean abilities! Lullaby93
    218☆ Starfox/recipe 17Alcoholic Grog that helps you bounce around fast!Lullaby93
    219☇ Thunderbolt ☇/recipe 18Unique Brew, that calls upon Zeus for a rejuvenate from Cardiac Arrest!Lullaby93
    220◆ Joker ◆/recipe 19Alcoholic Grog will you be lucky or unlucky?Lullaby93TobySF
    Lullaby93 & TobySF
    221Shipwreck/recipe 20Unique Brew, that will leave you like a smoldering shipwreckDonGriffoLullaby93
    DonGriffo & Lullaby93
    222● Broadside Ale ●/recipe 21Unique Brew, you are the cannonball, get in the cannon! Were shooting you broadside laddy! Drbipper

    Note: I made a custom particle effect when drinking any of the new 20 brews that can be seen by anyone watching you drink it!

    Brew Designers

    Everyone that has created a new brew has had their credit embedded into the Brew hints when you hover over the brew name!

    Summer Grog 2022 Brews were created by GodsDead, MrLimeWise, MostAwesomeCow, _Augustus_Caesar, JPcello, TobySF, massive thank you to everyone that’s worked with me in creating these amazing custom brews! Had so much fun creating them with you! Lets make more!

    Refactored All 202 old Brews! we now have 222 Brews!

    All 202 of the old custom brews from 1.12.2 have been refactored, updated and fixed.

    • Every old brew has its ingredients updated for 1.13+ names from the 1.12 ID system to the new 1.13+ item name system.
    • Fixed all broken ingredients from 1.12, Now all working in 1.18. These were brews that had their ingredients changed at some point in 1.12.2 for whatever reason, all original recipes were repaired.
    • Fixed broken brews from 1.12. Some brews straight up were made incorrectly so never worked, I have fixed all of them for 1.18.
    • Added a color system for all Brews! Every single brew has a color now, all top “good brews” now will have a colored name, and all bad/normal brew versions will have a gray name, this brings consistency to all brews, so you know if a brew has a higher level it can be upgraded to, The old brews were such a mess and inconsistent!
    • Added Lore to every single Brew, so they are consistent and give information to what the item is, and how it was created, to fit in with my treasure guidelines.

    Updated /brewing guide

    I fully re-wrote the /brewing guide.

    • /brewing now has a step by step tutorial for every stage of brewing
    • /brewing now has an index that allows you to load the Alchemist from anywhere! So you always have access to the full Brew library and hints!
    • /brewing now links directly to the new /recipe to quickly view the latest recipes for brews.
    • /brewing now explains about the Grog Master rank and how its obtained.

    New /warp brewing, Brew Tutorial and Tutorial Brew!

    The whole of /warp brewing was re-made to focus entirely on brewing! Massive thanks to RatRaceRobot who redesigned this area! you did a fantastic job!

    New Hologram Brewing Tutorials

    I created a New Brewing tutorial entirely from scratch in holograms so they can easily be updated/moved and are more visual than signs!

    The brewing holograms are also interactive, you can click the Next/Previous buttons to switch between their pages!

    • Intro Hologram as you visit /warp brewing
    • Alchemist Hologram for what they are for
    • 3 Simple step by step Hologram guides on how to build your own brewing area, and then step by step with ingredients and times for the Brand new Tutorial Brew I created.
    PirateCraft warp Brewing Tutorial

    New Tutorial Brew and /kit brew_tutorial with ingredients

    I created a brand new PirateCraft Tutorial brew that has specific lore and name at every stage of brewing so you can learn about every stage and get a brew out of each process! This way players can understand the full 3 part process of brewing by following the Brewing tutorial at /warp brewing.

    I also created /kit brew_tutorial that can be redeemed 3 times by every player, this kit will send you to /warp brewing when you redeem it, so players are in the right place to learn!

    This kit includes ingredients for the tutorial brew, Barrel materials, Brewing stand, Cauldron and campfire for a full brewing kit!

    Additional upgrades!

    • NEW: Created 20+ additional “Base Brews” that come directly out of a cauldron
    • NEW: Cauldron’s now have particle effects when you ferment in them!
    • NEW: Pour your ruined Brews into a Hopper to get the glass bottle back
    • NEW: Crimson and Warped Barrels


    What about all the other 202 brew hints?

    It took hours to make the hints for the 20 new brews in my new format, the older brews will appear as hints over time now that I have fixed all 200, just not all at once!

    Our long term plan is to replace hints with quests you have to complete for recipes, but we haven’t started on quests yet!

    Can we all get the Grog master rank?

    No, its an event & competition for the first person to find the brew for the first time out of everyone!

    Can I still redeem a brew for a prize even if I’m not the first!

    Yes! Trade with the /warp brewing Alchemist

    What about my old brews/barrels from 1.12.2?

    All old brews had to be wiped sadly, no way to convert them. But your barrels can easily be fixed by removing the sign and re-adding it!

    I have an idea for a brew! How can I add it to PirateCraft?

    Keep an eye on our discord, at some point a channel will be created where you can submit your own brews for the next batch that we release!

    I am stuck with making a brew can you give me the recipe?

    Nope! Part of the fun with brewing is not having every brew recipe listed, brews get found out by players, try looking around the player markets for recipes, and making friends with other players, this allows some brews to be kept secret by players that do find their recipes to sell at the markets!

    Written by GodsDead

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    The founder of PirateCraft, Administrator, Systems Operator, Peace keeper.

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    Posted on August 17, 2022

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