Introducing ‘Pirate Codex’: Your Treasure Map to PirateCraft Players! 🗺️

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Ahoy, buccaneers! We’re thrilled to announce the Pirate Codex. A profile and index codex for all players on PirateCraft.

You can start with the codex for a way to see the last online players and search for players, to seek a players profile.

The codex can be found on the main menu of the website.

Table of Contents

    Pirate Codex

    Taking inspiration from the Pokémon Pokédex, We now have the PirateCraft Codex, the Pirate index!

    Players are listed based on last seen, the more recent players show higher up in the Codex, hover pirates to see their last login time, click to go to their profile.

    Searching the Codex

    Simply enter the player name you wish to find in the search box to search the codex, this will sort your player search based off players last seen, it will also show correct color of their username if they are a team member or a contributor.

    Pirate Profiles

    How to find pirates

    View an overview of each player from their profile page, start by clicking someone from the online widget, visit the codex and select a player since last seen, you can also search the codex to find a specific player, Find a staff profile by clicking a staff members on the team page, or find a top voters profile!

    Overview of profile features

    • Nickname support with coloured usernames
    • Contributors get special green highlighted page
    • 3D skin of player, with click action to visualise players skin in many 3D forms to save, or steal a players skin
    • Bounty wanted poster if a player has a bounty, with dynamic wanted star system
    • List of ranks with badges
    • PVP kill feed with how the kill is recorded, Ally, Rival etc
    • Banned message apperars for temp and perm banned players with their ban warning
    • Live status if a player is online
    • Last seen and logon times with simple time since display
    • Playtime
    • Money
    • KDR
    • Votes
    • UUID
    • Claim stats
    • Username history (That they have logged into PirateCraft with)
    • Crew details (If they are in a crew)
    • Crew Leader badge (If they are in a crew and are a leader)
    • Crew Kill statistics
    • Unlocks, such as unlocked kits, playtime rewards and unlocked pet parrots
    • External lookup on other websites
    • Links to Punishment tracker, player stats and quick searches for forum and wiki


    Pirates that have bounties on their heads have a unqiue player profile display showing them in a wanted poster! This also has a dynamic wanted star system, the more bounties on their head the higher the wanted star level!

    For example, as of writing this blog post PhilipG_ has 2 stars as they have 2 bounties on their head, click a players skin to open a modal window to list bounties.

    You can clear a players bounty by using /bounties in game, target the player and kill them to claim their bounty reward and remove their wanted status on the profile page!

    Clicking the players skin

    Opens this modal window where you can see all bounties, and 3D renders of a players skin that you can save, or steal their skin!


    Top monthly voters

    See the top monthly voters in a live leaderboard! Each month this will show whos leading the top 10 for the monthly top 10 voter prizes!

    This acts as a demonstration that we can now create leaderboards, over time we will expand with many more leaderboards and codex pages like this one.

    Online players

    You can quickly get to a players profile by clicking them from the online players widget thats shown on each website page.

    The online players widget has had a major upgrade where staff are now automatically highlighted, before we had to keep a list of staff manually updated to show who was staff! This is now automated.

    Team Page

    The Team page has also been upgraded to be fully dynamic, before only parts were dynamically updated, now every staff rank will list all staff members automatically, this is updated daily, special mention and inactive are still manually created.

    Clicking staff now link directly to the pirates profiles now.

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    Posted on August 22, 2023

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