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    the issue melon, is the box is absolutely ginormous. you cannot easily just cover something of that size up and call it a day. pixel art isn’t covering it up, building a mountain range would look odd and out of place as 1, it’s in the middle of an ocean and 2, it’s already so massive that anything you put over it will have to be twice as big else it looks sloppy. you cant really turn it into much else. you were told many times that that box is a bad idea, yet you built it anyways (worse yet you had other people build it), now you’re mad that it may/will get regenned. you were told. not to build it. multiple times. didn’t listen. now you’re scrambling to save your ass. what exactly do you plan on building inside a box of that size? why could it not be built underground? it’s obviously over a guardian farm, which is fair. iirc you planned on building auto farms in it? why could they not be underground? if it’s size youre worried about, nobody needs autofarms that produce more than 3 people can use at one time.

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    Well first off, I wasn’t told to “not” build a box, just that it was a bad idea. I had planned that if it’s going to get regenned I would build something nicer over it. I’m not trying to make it blend in with the environment, but I could definently change it to make it look decent and not an ugly stone brick box. By this I also means walls and not just my face on top (but that will be included as well :D).

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    Easier to regen and just build a nice wall.

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    In what way is it easier to Regen and rebuild… Instead of covering up what is built I would be building from scratch, not to mention I’m building on top of it as well, it would be annoying af to build my face on top and make it all out of siegeproof blocks. I’ll just build a nicer design over the wall, it will look the same as it would if it was regenned and I restarted.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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