Contributor Ranks & Information

Special Contributor Ranks

We offer special Contributor ranks for those amazing hearties.
View all detailed rank information on our Rank and Commands page.
All Contributor ranks last for 2 months, when your rank runs out you’ll automatically be put back at your old rank!

Contributor Rank In-game
$102 Months (Stackable!)

Green Username

Use colour & formatting on signs

1 x XPBoost Token 1.5x Boost for 20mins for Everyone online!

Craft banners up to 8 layers (6 is default)

Join Full Server

Access to build the 2500 block Manowar ship!

Place icons on the live map

Use new features early!

Buy LieutenantVia Buycraft
Contributor Rank In-game
$202 Months (Stackable!)

Green Username with Pink Badge »

Use colour & formatting on signs

1 x XPBoost Token 2.0x Boost for 30mins for Everyone online!

Craft banners up to 15 layers (6 is default)

Join Full Server

Access to build the Manowar ship and Indiaman ship type upto 5000 blocks!

Place icons on the live map

Use new features early!

Buy CaptainVia Buycraft

Protect a new project with Claim blocks!

Claiming allows you to cordon off a piece of the world as your own, free from grief, trust who you want to your land and build away! Buy a boat full of claim blocks to start your town, city or empire!

1000 Claim Blocks
To Protect Builds & Land
$61000 Claim Blocks
5000 Claim Blocks
To Protect Builds & Land
$255000 Claim Blocks

10,000 Claim Blocks
To Protect Builds & Land
$4510,000 Claim Blocks


Payment Methods

We accept payments through either PayPal or Stripe, Stripe allows you to enter your card details at the shopping cart.

We accept PayPal or Cards accepted are:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

To use your card select Stripe at the checkout.

What commands & kits do Contributor ranks get?

VIP commands & kits are both documented on our Ranks and Commands page, corresponding to which rank you have purchased.

What happens after the Contibutor rank period ends? How can I check how long I have left?

After your rank expires all contributor ranks keep a dark green username showing players you are a part of the PirateCraft community keeping us online!

All existing /sethomes are still usable.

You are moved back to your rank you were on before you bought a contributor rank! Allowing you to continue ranking where you left off. Rank Badges will still be suffixed to your to your green username to show what rank you are!

You can check how long you have left on your rank by using /checkrank which includes a countdown timer!

Can I add time on to my Contributor rank?

Yes! time stacks, so you can purchase the same rank again and it will add the time onto your rank! Take advantage of coupon codes while you can!

Store Agreement Terms

All purchases on mc.piratemc/PirateCraft/ you agree to our Terms Of Service.

Brief overview of the Terms of Service include:

All purchases on mc.piratemc/PirateCraft/, you agree that the PayPal account you are transferring money from belongs to you, or that the owner gave you consent to transfer money from it.
You agree that you understand these digital purcahses to PirateCraft/ are non-refundable.
You agree that you expect no tangible product from PirateCraft/ and that this is not a purchase in any way.
You agree that you shall not try to charge back, or to sabotage our funds.

Processing a chargeback will result in the followig actions to the player(s);
The player’s account will be banned until the dispute is settled, On successful charge back the players statistics, rank and claims will be deleted with a permanent ban and an IP ban.

To re-illiterate; purchases are NON REFUNDABLE.

Purcahse Testimonials

PirateCraft Admin
”Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarters, or take any from you.” – Edward ”Blackbeard” Teach
”There comes a time in every mans life where they need to raise the black flag.” – King Gorge III
It’s just good business…
You can always trust the untrustworthy because you can always trust that they will be untrustworthy. It’s the trustworthy you can’t trust.
The players here at PirateCraft are what make the server amazing, Thanks for all the support!
PirateCraft Creator
I can finally relish in being a pirate!
PirateCraft Co-Founder
A Friend can betray you, but an enemy will always stay the same.
“T’ink yerr’selve as a wort’y sailor? A toshy landlubber? A boot likin’ king’s man? Or do thee like tae fly ‘e black flag? No matterrr w’at ye ou’t to ac’ieve, ‘e slammin’ waves an’ swift winds arr summon ye ferr a grand a’venturre ye soon will nay forrget.”

– Rendas (Zamator)

A pirate is a man who is weak to achieve but too strong to steal from even the greatest achiever