• hey des. been a while. you really sure you’re gonna be a mature adult? because last time you played, you raged and screamed like a whiney 9 year old brat. also, you filled the template wrong. you have to actually get your UUID from the site. and you have to post the link to your own personal punishment tracker…[Read more]

  • Cysteen replied to the topic XRAY Unban Appeal in the forum Unban Requests 2 days, 23 hours ago

    locker is a temp punishment for what staff deem fit to give to players whom they think deserve it. glitchers, potty mouths, annoying brats, something of the sort. it doesn’t take long to get out (if you’re diligent, should take roughly 2 hours), so usually locker isn’t given to those who still have 3 months+ left on their bans. think of it as…[Read more]

  • not sure there is much that can be done about a event that happened 3 years ago.

  • while i am not condoning or defending the attackers here, you should lock your chests to prevent being raided. nobody can ‘steal expensive things from your chests’ if they cant open them. i recommend hay bales ^^^

  • theres a template for a reason. and you see many other people following it. not much to learn, following a template isn’t hard, and it makes your request processed faster and easier for staff

  • well khanye, you didn’t learn your lesson the first time you were banned; nor the second even. what would actually change in round 3 if persay you do get unbanned? and also, for the record, trying to insult someone for their place of work is pretty childish 😛 love how you apologize to law and lego directly except me, even though you were quite…[Read more]

  • I feel like it’d be easier (and safer in the long run) to go off and find a blaze spawner rather getting one of wog’s unclaimed. great if the staff agree to unclaim it, but that is pretty close to spawn, which could be unsafe if you spend a lot of time there.

  • Cysteen replied to the topic Rabbits… in the forum Help Request Ticket 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    sorry bud, goods aren’t replenished here. tbh sounds like you were victim of a scam. knowing the players involved, that’s not uncommon. I don’t really have any other advice to give you, other than gl trying to find regular bunny eggs, or finding wild bunnies .-. id suggest looking in a desert actually. its usually a large, open landscape where…[Read more]

  • The last 5 or so people (usually new players, even a couple vets) that have asked for callies island has usually been told No. It’s a gorgeous island, and I’ll be honest, I’d hate to see it go to anyone who might just build boxes on it personally. Up to you though, gods.

  • wow going on 2 years since juice has played. iirc that was one of his main bases

  • zack this was posted 3 weeks ago >_>

  • this isn’t really a ‘new’ idea. this has been talked about many many many times before. gods has thought of doing a no tp weekend; but given how little time he has for pmc to get us to 1.13, id say this is on the backburner, as he has way more important things to work on. like getting pmc to 1.13… and then 14.  im not crapping over your ‘idea’.…[Read more]

  • sooo… you admit that vpns are bad. and now admit to an alt? the ip you and orange share was banned. meaning you were also caught in that crossfire, which gods had already said you’re outta luck. a new account AND vpn to bypass a ban… whether that ban was directed to you or not, your best bet woulda been to make another actual ban appeal. but…[Read more]

  • King, I’m positive this happened due to prowil partaking in a recent event where he was trying to get access to a donator only loot crate. Gods was furious about all those involved, so their punishment was those specific players are no longer protected from harassment or griefing. Sadly, you share a city with him, so looks like you got indirectly…[Read more]

  • blurp, your ip was banned because of orange.. logging in with a vpn could technically count as ban bypassing. iirc you made an unban appeal and gods already said too bad, orange ruined it and cant trust you. you just kinda openly admitted to ban bypassing here.

  • well, for one thing, griefing isn’t really allowed, if your main goal is to just grief and make a mess. (someone else please correct me if im wrong, thanks). it was kind of godsy to fix the land, since he doesn’t do that all too often, unless theres reason or proof it needs to be done. getting angry at ANY server owner or administrator usually…[Read more]

  • Cysteen replied to the topic Sorry I guess in the forum Unban Requests 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    shouldn’t have cheated. this appeal will more than likely get brought up if you do make another one in 6 months.

  • Cysteen replied to the topic Sorry I guess in the forum Unban Requests 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Honestly I hope you get denied simply for the fact you put 0 effort into making an appeal or even trying to apologize for blatantly breaking our rules. You dont seem to care that you’ve been banned, so imo why do you deserve a second chance?

  • I’m not 100% on who exactly has perms as it’s been a while. Browe might still. Regardless if that base/claim is in use or not, its owned by a very old, very well known veteran player. And it isnt even just thr castle, theres a huge base under it, and a port with ships. Question: in theory you were to get this claim, do you have 12k claimblocks to…[Read more]

  • That castle belongs to an old time player. And to my knowledge, some people that have perms there still play. You more than likely wont get that claim removed. I remember taking part in some huge battles hosted at that castle. Good times.

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