• heya. so id like to say a few things. I don’t really think your ban was unjustified. a lot of people are really fed up with dealing with you. “the past couple of days” of trying to atone for your weeks upon weeks of misbehavior wont cut it. 2 days vs the past couple of months of shit from you honestly means shit to many of us. you repeatedly…[Read more]

  • usually, grief is only really considered an offence if someone has caused another person to spend hours of work on cleanup. from your screenshot, that’d take all of 10-15 minutes. grief normally is described as completely blowing up a city or build for no reason and causing a huge cleanup. not a couple pot shots at the roof of a house. the…[Read more]

  • or use string, pretty sure that works. for the porticullis… eh tbh your best bet is to make it double thick. or still try the string.

  • Cysteen replied to the topic Myclaim in the forum Help Request Ticket 1 month ago

    maybe…. give coords or a map link as to where this claim may be? most players have more than one claim, so you should be specific. or ask some friends that may still play to check for you? you didn’t really ask specifically who should check.

  • Cysteen replied to the topic Unban Appeal in the forum Unban Requests 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    don’t let everyone forget how manipulative you were and your record for lying when you were still unbanned. you would consistently manipulate whomever around you to get whatever you wanted, especially emiel. you’d gone out of your way to make his life hell by buying captain just because of an honest mistake (you snuck up on him, he thought you…[Read more]

  • sadly, rule 4 clearly states “no begging; goods will not be replenished.” this includes server glitches. a lot of people have lost stuff to glitches, but nothing is ever returned. if one person had their good returned, then others will expect it, then it snowballs from there. though interestingly, I have experienced that odd glitch myself. the one…[Read more]

  • yes definitely make it in creative haha. and it isn’t really more what I want, but it would show gods and the staff youre more dedicated to the idea and shows that you want to help make it a thing other than just saying “its cool if we do this” but not giving any ground to work on. gl to ya. if you need a captain to do some quick world edit stuff…[Read more]

  • see, suggestions like these are nice, but if you truly want them to have any base to stand on, build it. this is just like writing your idea on a piece of paper to drop it into a suggestions box. someone has to build this. even if you don’t build it all yourself, get a basis down, make a plan, start some terrain or draw out what this map may look…[Read more]

  • tbh I wanna hear the story behind that username more than anything

  • theres so much wrong with this request, it hurts.

  • this one comment alone isn’t really enough to justify a whole report tbh. and if what cosmic said is true, that you’ve cut context and cut out all other parts of the chat where YOU got hostile, then this ‘report’ would be invalid. this isn’t really harassment, its really just throwing flame (giving insults). if you wanted to call harassment youd…[Read more]

  • Cysteen replied to the topic Grievers in the forum Player Reports 3 months ago

    the age old argument to prevent grief is to claim your land. don’t build before you can claim it; however this is a bit excessive.

    and maybe not swear and throw insults in your own report, it just makes you look extra butthurt and rude, and just causes more drama. (not victim blaming here, just some advice)

  • Cysteen replied to the topic Claim removal in the forum Request to remove claims 3 months ago

    you’re asking to delete a very old players claim, who has several very large claims on that island. I suggest you find someplace else to build. whether or not that claim is empty, its still next to one of his biggest builds.

  • the issue melon, is the box is absolutely ginormous. you cannot easily just cover something of that size up and call it a day. pixel art isn’t covering it up, building a mountain range would look odd and out of place as 1, it’s in the middle of an ocean and 2, it’s already so massive that anything you put over it will have to be twice as big else…[Read more]

  • they are supposed to be a rare and hard to come by item, even in vanilla survival. we have borders here for many reasons, but that’s a complete different topic. one argument people will use against elytra is ship use. gods can use his time to fix far more important bugs than one that only affects a very small pool of people. the reduction of ely…[Read more]

  • hayden, you got unbanned not even 24 hours ago. you’ve been told already that things have changed since you left; crew home costs is one of those. crew home is illegal to use for pvp yes. the reason they cost 500 to set is to offput people using it for that purpose. tping to the crew home costs money to offset it being used as a free/extra…[Read more]

  • the elytry when introduced to PMC (the server) was used as a way to pull money from the economy. but then as time went on, too many of them were in circulation, and usually only the elite players had access to them. some owning more than one. by no means are they common in vanilla, they should never be common in survival. eventually, there was a…[Read more]

  • tbh, whether it has your face on it or not, that does not cover up the fact that it is still a super massive box right next to the world spawn and near the center of the map. id say it does have an effect on others because it’s just simply a huge eyesore. theres literally nothing you can do to a box that size to make it blend with its…[Read more]

  • Cysteen replied to the topic unban request in the forum Unban Requests 3 months, 1 week ago

    sup hayden, certainly has been a while. hope you have matured since the last time you played and have learned your lesson

  • if youre being killed the very moment you respawn with no chance to defend yourself, escape or do anything, that is grounds for a harassment report. if you didn’t punch them back after respawning and was instantly killed right after respawning that is spawn killing, and is very frowned upon, if not illegal. you’ll need proof like screenshots…[Read more]

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