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There are some superb Settlements and Towns growing all around PirateCraft, So many recently that its time to start getting organised and connected and documented.

There is a small difference between a Settlement and Towns; Towns are landmarked points on the PirateCrat map that meet the Town Specification, They serve a purpose and have a reason to visit, being a shop or an arena, Where as a settlement is just that, a small group of buildings that are all part of the same area/cause, that may be looking for Town status!
You must have your Settlement listed on Tims settlement list before it can be applied to become a Town, Even if you don’t want to be listed as a town, we are still looking for a list of active settlements on PirateCraft so List your settlement now!

The best way to manage your Settlement or Town is to create a Group for it, This will create a forum where you can manage events, builds, staff etc. You can view the full list of groups here, Or under the “Information” drop-down menu. Create a group by pressing “Create Group” at the top of that page.

To Submit your settlement click the Settlement image below.

PirateCraft - minecraft pirate settlement application formIf you want to submit your settlement for Town status, make sure you have submitted to the settlement list first, then apply to the PirateCraft Town application below:

PirateCraft - minecraft pirate town application formAlso, if you haven’t already, the clock is ticking on the may 2014 Build of the month entries, so make sure you submit them to SuperGL’s May 2014 BOTM forum thread!



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Posted on May 20, 2014

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