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The entries are in and builds submitted for Piratecraft’s May Build Of The Month competition. All further entries will be put forward to June’s competition. There are so many amazing builds in development and can’t wait for them to be finished, that should definitely be entered for next months competition. Without further ado, here are the 3 candidates for this May’s BOTM!

tiat11’s Treehouse

A fantastically designed Tree house, Superb setting in a vastly desolate landscape. Upon first arrival, the overall size is monstrous! certainly is one of a kind. The stone staircase leads to the grand entrance, leading you to wonder what’s inside this hobbit hole. Certainly would tickle any pirate’s tongue to delve deep into this gigantic tree to see what treasure it holds. As for what was truly inside, I managed to get a glimpse and I was pleasantly surprised. To get a feel of this tree’s terrifying size I would advised an angsty adventurer to go visit!

Does tiat11’s tree build have what it takes to win this month’s BOTM? if so cast your Vote Now!


TimHuisman’s Palm Tree & Beach Hut

A very delightful palm tree and beach hut. Fits perfectly within its surroundings, and Pirate Theme, simple yet elegant would describe this little master piece. Perfect spot to have a few rums before hitting the high sea.

Does Timhuisman’s tree build have what it takes to win this month’s BOTM competition? if so cast your Vote Now!


Jodo Viking Hall

This hall is gigantic! when this entry was slammed on to my desk I was expecting a quaint littleĀ  hall. Must admit I was taken aback by this build. Nicely detailed and situated in a fantastic landscape, accompanied with a little house too! This dwelling shows loads of promisefor expansion and I could see a Nordic village develop around here. It is very dark and perfectly camouflages itself at night, ideal centrepiece for a Nordic village or town.

Does Jodo’s Viking Hall build have what it takes to win this month’s BOTM? if so cast your Vote Now!

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Written by SuperGL

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Posted on May 25, 2014

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