Survival August Changelog roundup 2020 – Giant Crews update

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Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

I’m posting this change(b)log months after these changes have been implemented so please make sure to read later changelogs if anything has changed since.

I’ve removing mentions of updating plugins that don’t have any noticeable changes, as I do this so often its 50% of the changelog. If you are curious about what plugins are updating when, please follow the changelogs channel on discord as they happen.

  • Added /suicide as it was requested in-game,with a 30m cooldown. There was a reason I removed it originally, but I cant remember why, so treat this as a temporary thing! Most likely something to do with PVP.
  • Updated the NPC at /warp cove Museum that showcases all Summer 2020 Hell event items.
  • Shop Rules Update by @Lego:
    • Added “Villager breeders and mob farms are not allowed.”
    • Updated the flashing lights rule to include noteblock songs.
  • General Rules Update by @Xeron:
    • Included enderpearl machines in farms that are not allowed.
      • These have been illegal for a few years but I forgot to add them.
  • @Bazurka made some helpful changes to the racist & other filters in chat.
  • Fixed lighting at /warp shop8 via suggestions from @BGraph
  • Updated JumpPads to fix fall damage.
  • Updated Mob Farm Manager.
    • Now checks more chunks, not just those around players.
  • Created /setcreativecraftsman & /setsurvivalcraftsman
    • For Build Leader & Admins to quickly set craftsman without remembering the long syntax and contexts needed, this defaults at 1 week, you can use it multiple times to add more time.
  • Fixed /oe to open EnderChest for Admins.
  • Updated all info commands as spacing was removed due to a result of an update by @Lego.
  • Created 2 big banners for the July BOTM post, I did them as 2 so that I was able to put these both up at Cove!
    • This means you can also see the BOTM entries (very small) at /warp cove, do make sure to look at the full blog post!
  • Updated Protocol Hack plugin (Allows 1.16 clients to connect to 1.12.2 server):
    • Added 1.16.2 client support for the 1.12.2 survival.
    • Updated Bungee server to support 1.16.2.
    • Full OS Distribution minor update / Restart.
  • Fixed spawn kit still giving out a “Bible” instead of the Pirate Code! So we’ve had 2 sets of named Bible/The Pirate code for ages! Found this by accident testing kits for mark.
  • Removed s64:
    • Built entire new s64 at /shop4 in a much better location for @PIPPIP5789.
      • First shop with a basement with chests already in it! Wish I did this and not obsidian rooms for all shops.
Shop design by @BGraph pinched from Ceylon!
  • Updated BOTM Missive to September 2020 Link reported by @Tulipss.
  • Removed s62:
    • Built entire new s62 at /shop4 in a much better location for @grafando.
A basement with chests already in it! No more Obsidian basements for new/updated shops.
  • Changed all the prices of Ship-in-a-bottle from £250 to only £150 for schooners!
Ship-in-a-bottle is a schematic of a ship that you can buy and place anywhere in the world you have build permission! This means you can buy a ship and place it at your base! buy from the ship shop at /warp cove or from the Shipwright at /warp ships.
  • Created 6 New Dhow Ship-in-a-bottle Build crates at only £50 each!
    • I created all the Dhows at /warp ships as buyable Build crates that let you place the ship anywhere in the world! They are only £50 in-game! Find an Shipwright NPC at /warp cove or at /warp ships.
  • Fixed being able to post links into game-chat, with https/www prefix for everyone! You can now re-send guides to people/forum posts/wiki pages, I had no idea it was broken, found this out myself by accident!
  • Added Spotify URLS to whitelist for in-game chat links (No, I’m not adding youtube/imgur/reddit/discord anything else so don’t ask!)
  • Removed broken crane at /warp ships.
  • Remade all the Schooner ship in a bottles:
    • schooner_dock1, schooner_dock2, schooner_dock3, schooner_dock4 and schooner_dock5.
  • Remade all the Dhow ship in a bottles:
    • dhow_dock6, dhow_dock7, dhow_dock8, dhow_dock9, dhow_dock10 and dhow_dock11.
      • All of them will now facing the right way (from behind).
      • All now place at sea level “Sea” the gold block in the screenshot, this is where you would place them to be perfectly placed.
      • Remember even if you screw it up you can /sb undo and get it back to re-place!
  • Built an area at /warp ships where people will be able to place their ship in a bottles, I keep seeing new players buy these and try and place them in cove… even though we have docks for them to buy the same ship cheaper!
  • Updated /warp ships:
    • Added 3 holograms to explain the 2 types of buying a pre-made ship (Docks & Ship-in-a-bottle), Dhows for new players and Schooners for Sailor+
      • When you click the green question mark in the Shipwright/Ship Shop NPC it will open the how to sail book guide!
    • Added How to sail parrot at /warp ships.
    • Created new dock 0 that you can rent for £5 in-game.
      • This is an empty dock, for placing a ship-in-a-bottle.
      • This acts as a tutorial/demo on how to place a ship-in-a-bottle (At sea level). You could if you wanted, just build a ship in this dock as its empty.
    • Moved Shipwright/Ship Shop NPC to middle where you spawn, so there’s no longer 2.
    • Moved the warp back a bit to give more room for holograms and information.
Resigned the area.
  • Fixed Depth Strider on /kit firstmate Sprinters water heels from an old bug report.
  • Fixed Discord link saying you get $20 for linking (You don’t any more) via @CreatingWithKass in github.
  • Changed /spawn to the same teleport system as /tp and /warp, /back etc so you’ll get the same warmup bossbar timer for spawn.
  • Added Block 95 (Stained Glass) to Required Blocks for Barracuda, Seawolf and Submarine to allow the use of stained glass as a required block, they were already allowed just not allowed as a required block via github.
  • Added Wooden doors to ignored blocks when right clicking a door with an ender pearl in your hand (Very very tiny issue here haha!). Will no longer trigger the enderpearl cooldown via github.
  • Fixed spelling mistake that was reported as a bug via github.
  • Fixed /shop7 portal setting you really high up in the tree for some reason via github.
  • Fixed being able to “Grief” other peoples water with sponges via github.
    • Removed the ability to use redstone sponges from WorldGuard, it was overriding GriefPrevention.
  • Added bypass for Captains for /spawn warmup via github.
  • Big Crews Update – Ranks with Permissions:
    • NEW Entire new Crew Rank system where leaders can set permissions per rank to do different actions inside a crew.
    • Ranks with permissions allow leaders to have finer control of who can do what, so you can build your empire the way you want to, with your own permissions.
    • Crew leaders will need to re-make rank names, as this is an entirely new system. All crew rank features are unlocked at Sailor+ rank.
  • Crew Rank Commands:
Screenshot via #changelogs in discord.
  • /crew Now uses a GUI to make things much easier.
    • The feature to create your own crew banner is not yet out, we are waiting patiently for this! In the near future you will be able to set a crew banner per crew!
  • /Crew Added language support for /crew crews can set their own native language for their crew.
  • Chat plugin – Crew pirates are no longer able to message a player that is ignoring them.
  • Added permissions for adding crew permissions, listing perms, seeing available and removing permissions from ranks from Carpenter+ from @PIPPIP5789 via bugs chat.
  • Removed any crew related fee permissions from previous uses even if they were not active via bugs chat.
  • Removed mine and @Lego’s silly login messages that I initially set for a test!
  • Fixed /crew formatting being picked up by the messages file, so its now showing the proper messages (The developer renamed the file and didn’t tell anyone!).
  • Updated /me to be grey, but I already hate it and want to change it, may change again soon.
A live experiment gone wrong.
  • Added Auction 18 (Now ended)
  • Removed [jukebox] entirely from the sign shop plugin as it was creating lag spikes when used!
  • Moved back all the parrots to spawn that *cough someone cough* stole.
  • Summer Crate 2020 went live! Massive thanks to @Xeron creating the crate and all those that have tested it on test server. (Now ended)
  • Gave @Xeron use of my custom /dropkey command, which does a random drop to someone online just in-case he’s doing an event!
  • Fixed XP being given in the vote crate, this was due to updating essentials who changed their formatting of how to give XP.
  • /crew plugin fixes:
    • Changes crew names to crew tags for /crew alliances/rivalries.
      • Fixes hovering crews for Alliances / Rivalries being too long.
    • Fixed roster not switching pages.
    • Adds cache for player heads.
  • Large-scale cleanup around cove area by @Xeron.
  • Buffed limits on mobs per chunk, details below;
    • Grouped similar mobs together instead of having individual spawn limits to remember: Animals, Monsters, Nether & End. Matched each mob group limit to 30 mobs per chunk so its easier to remember, this means you could have a mix of 120 mobs in one chunk if its a mix of Animals, Monsters, Nether & End mobs, this will never happen mind!
    • DOUBLED Guardian spawn limit, which is an exception to the groups.
    • REMOVED LIMIT on Elder guardian via @Xeron advice that they don’t often spawn, so they have no limit now.
  • Added secret Treasure Hunt Hidden at /warp cove! (always active!)
Yarr! Happy Hunting! If you find it, keep it secret! (everyone can loot it once!). This Hunt will stay up, you can search for it any time!
  • Updated brewing hints at /warp brewing by @Xeron.
  • Converted to new /mail System (From Premium Essentials suite for click actions and notifications/sounds).
    • Mail Sound & Hotbar message when you receive /mail now.
    • Send Mail to people with /mail send like before.
    • Click to reply & delete in-chat (Much easier).
    • You can still clear all with /mail clear.
    • Much clearer to read with colored usernames & bright yellow messages, as opposed to before!
    • Old messages were not deleted, you can read your old messages using the old system with /email read but you can no longer reply using the old system, it may be worth running /email clear to wipe your old mail if you want to keep.
      • Edited the message for the old /email system to explain the change, this is the message you get when you log in and it tells you how many mail you have, you can fully remove this message by doing /email clear.
      • I created a custom script to see how many messages all 260k people have and its used so little its not worth the conversion, so nice start from scratch!
The pain of mail spam!

More reading!


Big thanks to @lego for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Lego

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