Survival July Changelog roundup 2020 – Marketplace Upgrades

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Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

I’m posting this change(b)log months after these changes have been implemented so please make sure to read later changelogs if anything has changed since.

I’ve removing mentions of updating plugins that don’t have any noticeable changes, as I do this so often its 50% of the changelog. If you are curious about what plugins are updating when, please follow the changelogs channel on discord as they happen.

  • Added a new ‘burning projectile‘ (fire charge) for cannons as per popular demand from #🔭suggestions.
    • Unlocked at sailor along with cannistershot and shrapnel.
    • Can be used in all cannons & mortar types.
    • Does not destroy blocks, but starts lots of fires in a 7×7 area. These fires will not spread or break the blocks they are on, and will automatically go out after a while.
    • Updated cannons shop at /warp cove to reflect the changes.
      Renewed the SSL certificates for the Live map.
  • @Xeron updated brew board with 2 new brews.
  • 4th of July:
    • Added Coupon code freedom for 20% off /donate.
    • Added /kit freedom for some Trumy Boi Fireworks.
  • Brand new painting from @NicoSemsrott you can see at /warp cove
  • Currently for sale only at /warp cove for £3500 in-game, once bought these maps can be copied and re-distributed!
Scurvy Bane
  • S21 Created at /shop1 built by @Atalantaa and was reserved for @Atalantaa as she did a swap for this shop and owned it before it was torn down to be re-built and updated as it was legacy on the old system! Very awesome design with this shop! It fits in perfectly with the existing terrain @Atalantaa and help from friend’s @claymaester @WaterPool.
Ready to move in!
  • New /hat for Contributors via the Premium Essentials plugin, this allows many many more items to be used as hats, as we can see from.
@CreatingWithKass and @Solembus13 demoing Boots and Pick above their heads!
  • Increased maximum range of all cannons by roughly 20% by @Xeron.
  • Fixing outstanding issues with @lego for the Discord plugin not Syncing people to the discord.
    • You can now re-link your discord yourself by generating a new code in-game!
    • Added Moderator to sync roles so new moderators will get the role on discord auto.
    • Fixed avatars working again, not sure how this broke.
    • Removed money prize for linking your discord as everyone can re-link their discord themselves now!
  • Re-added Protocol hack for 1.16+ clients to connect to the 1.12.2 server to trial it with a newer version of ProtocolLib to see if it doesn’t crash the server, sadly this is trial and error, cross your fingers it just needed a ProtocolLib update.
  • Created new category of shop, “popup which is in between shop & stall, All of the S50-S57 shops at /shop8 will be popups.
    • Rent 5 days at a time.
    • 1 Extend only, so max rent of 10 days at a time.
    • Max rent time is 3 weeks, then it will un-rent.
    • 25% money back on un-renting early.
    • Automatically un-rents if a player is inactive 14 days.
    • Same price algorithm for other shops, based on size.
    • Created new shop s50 in the new /shop8 marketplace. Rented to @oReef.
    • Removed S85 as it was not near any market and just random.
  • /warp shop8 or /shop8 is now been entirely rebuilt by @BGraph Looking amazing!
  • Created 8 New rentable shops at the new /warp shop8 all the new popup shop, see directly above this post for popup shop features!
Pirate Marketplace - Shop 8 - PirateCraft
I thought a screenshot would not do it justice, so I made a small video.
  • Slight tweaks to the anti-cheat checks for KillAura, reach, big change to FastUse, Minor change to FastHeal. re-enabled noswing check. Mostly more lenient changes.
  • /shop8 is now live! Shops have been given from #🎉giveaway you are ready to move in!
    • 2 pirates that won already have shops, @iwanio who got a better shop, and @Palmerto no idea, so I have created a second giveaway for the 2 last shops in #🎉giveaway.
    • The rest of you congrats! you can now move into the new “popup” shops! First to test them!
  • Backdated the auto-afk system, I re-added it adding in AFK into the tablist to show who’s afk, im sure there was a reason I removed that, maybe AFK people were targeted to be killed? But I’ve still kept /afk denied for people to stop the spam, but it will automatically put people in afk after 5 mins and kick after 15 mins of inactivity.
  • Via #🔭suggestions by @Fabul0usGandalf I updated all vote URLS to point directly to the vote page, to save you a click on each one!
  • Removed [jukebox] sign as it was creating lag.
  • Fixed the Next/Previous having a strikethrough in /guides out of the blue, as the developer decided to change how formatting works, thanks for noticing @lego.
  • Gave Admins the /doors ability to re-locate the power block.
  • Fixed permissions to create /doors again, the update added new permissions.
  • Updated all the region flags at /spawn
    • You can now use buttons/levers at spawn.
    • You can now kill passive mobs at spawn (Like the chickens people spawn).
    • Updated the greeting/farewell messages to include /map in the message.
    • Denied using TNT/Flint and steel/frosted ice boots/block-trampling/enderman-grief.
  • Added map to /spawn via a suggestion by @EnderSold
    • Clicking the Hologram will also run /map.
This player spawned as I put it down and instantly used the /map command, talk about instant use!
  • Added /tpyes and /tpno as alias for /tpaccept/tpdeny via #🔭suggestions by @Cysteen.
  • Added /ob and /over as alias for /manoverboard via #🔭suggestions by @Jim25j.
  • Implemented a fix to stop NPCS being stolen using boats.
  • Re-enabled /warp warm-ups for all non-captains/staff. Not sure when this broke, something must have updated with the Premium essentials plugin, At least you’ve all had a while of instant warp teleport to experience Captain rank teleport speed!
    • Added particles for teleport like when you /tpa.
    • Uses the cool boss-bar timer countdown like /tpa.
  • Re-added /vote top using later version of plugin that was backdated just for us!
    • This is now 1000x faster to load and go through pages.
    • Sadly due to how heads changed in 1.13, the backdate wont work with heads, so it just shows paper, but at least its working!
    • No longer crash the server.
    • Added /vote list to quickly show the vote list, this was a #🔭suggestions from ages ago.
    • I was forced to change the color system for /vote links, as whatever changes he made, he made it so I cant set colors on URLs otherwise they cant be clicked. LAME, not cool, now we have to have all white URLs in vote.
  • Updated /warp cove vote room.
    • Now shows top 10 monthly voters
    • New shows top 7 weekly voters.
    • Expensive Blocks to show who’s top at first glance.
  • Re-made S79 /shop7 to be a popup (Semi shop) instead of a stall & made it much bigger. Re-given to @Salazar_The_Dead. If anyone else wants their stall changed to a popup at shop7 and made bigger, I need to re-make them, since the stalls are basically empty with 1 sign, I will change them all to popups.
  • Changed all Portals Design, Holograms & Warps for all of /shop warps & Portals so you cant accidentally walk into a portal, via #🔭suggestions via @TheTikiTotem @Espul requesting all portals be removed, I’m not removing the ability for new players to find the market, so I have re-made them all to be impossible (unless you are really stupid) to walk into by accident.
    • Thanks to @thelocalpriest helping build & design with me.
      • Redesigned, so the warp is above the portal, so its now impossible to accidentally walk into the portal.
      • Color coded each Pirate Marketplace, so each market has its own official color.
      • Changed the particle effect for all portals.
      • Created Hologram for every marketplace, made the decision to call these “Pirate Markets” not Pirate shops.
Made all portals exit where the warp exits, so you can never accidentally walk into the portal.
  • Re-made S81 /shop7 to be a popup (Semi shop) instead of a stall & made it much bigger. Re-given to @Palmerto
  • I figured out I can send messages to discord channels using a command in-game, so I’ve setup some alerts for automated things:
    • Each month we have 2 winners for the most /vote you can check /vote top to see where you are, the top 2 people at the end of the month will win 2 custom items you can see at /warp cove, now this message is broadcast in-game once, so nobody gets to know who won it! I’ve set up a message to send into the giveaway channel. So each month when the prizes are given out with the winners username so we can have a full log.
    • Added automated messages to be sent into a staff channel, when a shop gets unrented and rented, so we can have a searchable way to track how often they rent/unrent.
  • Gave Helpers use of &f and &r in chat for white text and reset to reset to default. Via @NicoSemsrott in #🔭suggestions.
  • Updated /warp ship3 icon on the live map, I also updated the message for the Ship Docks 2 map icon. Via @Fabul0usGandalf in #🔭suggestions.
  • Made chairs be able to be longer, from 3 long to a maximum of 10 long. Via @CreatingWithKass in #🔭suggestions.
  • Moved the Live /map Icon for /warp west to its updated location, it was still set in the old warp location. Via @gepetrus in #🔭suggestions.
  • Updated /warp travel
    • Changed all portal particles to be more dense & changed particle, much easier to see now.
    • Moved down all the Holograms to eye level & added additional information per-warp to explain what the areas for.
  • Gave Helpers and above /afk to be set staff will not abuse it! Via @NicoSemsrott in #🔭suggestions.
    • Added Moderators and above being able to /afk being able to set AFK status on user.
    • Added Moderators and above exempt from the AFK kick.
  • Moved /warp event to Cove museum.
    • Moved Summer Hell Items NPC to Cove museum (I need to add the newer items to him still)
      • Removed all Spawners for Summer Hell event 2020. This event has now ended!
  • Updated the server list MOTD to not mention the now closed event.

More reading!


Big thanks to @lego for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Lego

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