Survival June Changelog round-up 2020 – Animated Doors, Cannons & Siege!

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Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

I’m posting this change(b)log months after these changes have been implemented so please make sure to read later changelogs if anything has changed since.

I’ve removing mentions of updating plugins that don’t have any noticeable changes, as I do this so often its 50% of the changelog. If you are curious about what plugins are updating when, please follow the changelogs channel on discord as they happen.

  • @Xeron did some cannon projectiles and cannon testing.
  • @Xeron removed/disbanded around 40 completely inactive and dead crews (all members over a year offline, no more than 4 members) to free up some crew tags for people. Mostly inactive sailor crews.
  • Added the ability to wipe item name/lore from a command as requested in #šŸ”­suggestions, I will have to figure out how to trigger this from an NPC/Sign!
  • Changed “Francis” NPC at cove to “Ranks” and when you right click him will run /ranks also set to glowing to match the other NPCS.
  • Added XpBoost NPC to redeem Xp Tokens at /warp cove
    • Means that it can move the XpBoost redeem anywhere at any point.
    • It will always activate as you now, where as before we were using commandblocks to trigger closest player.
  • Added >:( via #šŸ”­suggestions as dark red for angry face.
  • Reduced /crew home warmup from 15 seconds to 5 seconds in #šŸ”­suggestions by @EnderSold.
  • Removed /top working in the nether via #šŸ”­suggestions for Contributors by @lyeria.
  • Moved the super legacy Coughing_Dogs Shop & “Rentable houses” from /warp cove to behind the cove. This was left here for years for purely nostalgia and memories.
  • Added PirateCraft museum of wonderful artefacts.How many of you knew this already existed? It was created by @smokeyriver and @vapecloudbear to try and collect one of each PirateCraft artefact.
/warp shops and have a look/interact!
  • You can now build giant animated Swinging doors, Portcullis gates, Drawbridges and Sliding doors!
    • Watch the video for them in action, or use them at /warp cove
    • Added Big animated swinging doors, portcullis, drawbridges and sliding doors for everyone! Its +1 door per rank!
    • Use via /doors GUI, there are commands too (coming soon in tutorial)
    • Recorded, edited and published video of these Doors in action around the cove
PirateCraft - Build working doors gates & bridges
  • Helpers can now jail for up to 20 minutes via @Tulipss in #šŸ”­suggestions.
  • Added /market and /markets as an alias to /shops, /shop, /pirateshops.
  • Added /buy, /purchase, /contribute, /store as alias to /donate.
    • Added Icons for all items and categories in /donate.
    • Removed Staff heads from Store & Removed category entirely.
    • Added NPC at cove to open the /donate menu.
    • Enabled Push Commands from the /donate Store, Theoretically this should mean instant processing and no more waiting for it to refresh/update every 10-15 mins. This creates a boot loop for some reason.
  • Added /purchase, /store, /buy, /contribute, /contributorranks, /donateranks and /contributor, to open Custom Info Book for /donate ranks, thanks to @lego.
  • Added /captain, /commander and /lieutenant as direct Info Books for /donate ranks direct, thanks to @lego.
  • Added /atalantaa for @Atalantaa, thanks to @lego.
  • @NicoSemsrott has created 3 new custom painted paintings for PirateCraft! Looking absolutely amazing!
    • Introducing Splatter maps these are multiple maps which are condensed into one only available when I make custom artwork maps.
      • You place the required Frames onto the wall first, for example Puffi is 2×2.
      • Right click the lower left frame and all 4 frames will automatically be filled.
      • To remove in one go, Shift+Left click to remove the whole painting in one go back into a splatter map.
  • Added /market, /markets, /marketplace as alias for /shops.
  • Added a blacklist of blocks to the Big Animated doors plugin, starting with Bedrock and obsidian, doors opening to the void is a bit of an issue!
  • Updated OS/DB/Bungee/Rebooted/Tidied up General boring Maintenance.
  • Added :D as dark green via #šŸ”­suggestions.
  • Changed the May BOTM Missive to the JULY one via #šŸ”­suggestions.
  • Created Davy Jones NPC to escape out of the Locker! Much easier to find than the old signs, which I have kept just in case the NPC breaks for any reason.
    • This means we can update the cost to get out whenever we wish without having to edit anything.
    • Better lore, actual Davy Jones you have to pay to get out of Davy Jones locker, skin and all! And hes glowing!
  • Brand new /warp donate I finally after about 7 years built a Store room in-game, I started one years ago and didn’t even get 25% of it done haha! I may be a bit late to doing this, better late than never?
    • We now have a /warp donate that actually has the Store items in it.
    • You can click the Parrots for Contributor rank info that will pop up into books thanks to @lego.
    • You can click the NPC “Full Shop” to open up the /donate menu.
    • There are now signs you can click and it will send you a link to the store item in chat.
  • RIP old Donator statue island. The warp was moved to the old XP Boost area in Cove as I made the XpBoost a NPC and I opened up all 3 floors into one big open area!
The new /warp donate!
  • Updated Live map Icon for /warp donate & updated its text, the Statue thing hasn’t been working for years now! by @Tulipss in #šŸ›bugs.
  • Moved the /warp travel Map icon.
  • Removed Gravity from Turret and Crane Ship Type as some people are getting confused in #šŸ›bugs with Turrets/Cranes on ships causing Gravity assuming its all ships.
    • Temporarily removed Turret and Crane Ship Type permission due to reports in #šŸ›bugs I’m waiting on the Developer to respond to me, as this seems like a bug and out of my control.
  • New permission to set an auto close timer on your big animated /doors just click the timer in the GUI and then use /setautoclosetime 3 for a 3 second close on a door. via #šŸ”­suggestions.
    • Fixed in the plugin update, No longer relocatepowerblock for Big animated doors, this was a bug with the permission node, we definitely don’t want people to be able to set the power block anywhere in the world! I have already requested that a distance limit be added like we have with shop chest distance!
      • This means you have to put a power block (GOLD BLOCK) on the hinge of your big animated doors and control them with redstone.
  • @Xeron Updated brew hints wall with 2 new brews at /warp brewing.
  • Introducing Cutlass Haven for Contributors, your new /warp vip Massive thanks to @IronAR for building the spawner!
    • Includes a 3 spawner skeleton grinder just for Contributors as /warp spawner gets busy sometimes!
    • Previously a small island off of cove with nothing in it at all, to a town at the back of cove past the aqueduct.
    • Massive Town with not much going on at present, but lots of room to expand!
    • Region protected so only Lieutenant, Commander & Captain can enter! No you cant get teleported in!
  • Buffed Entity limiter for Skeletons limit per chunk from 10 to 25.
  • Moved the Arena2 Region for an experiment with ship battles, stay tuned.
  • Removed old Contributor spawn so anyone can go in there to see there was nothing in there! New area at cove to explore now.
The new /warp vip!
  • Ships fixed and new messages are working!
  • Fixed permissions for /warp vip, all back up and working for Contributors (No more claiming and breaking/placing blocks! with deckhands getting in lol).
    • Builders can now have build rights for /warp vip to make changes as you see fit!
    • Added deny entry message, and added admin claim passthrough public to prevent claims. Thanks @lego for helping test.
  • Added map icon for Cutlass Haven.
  • Added CPU profiler to monitor naughty plugins.
  • Rules Update by @Xeron:
    • Added “no beacons at /warp shops“.
    • Added “no fake [rent] signs at /warp shops“.
    • Added “do not use [sell] signs to empty a player’s balance”.
    • Added “We do NOT tolerate poor attitude and disruptive behaviour”.
    • Re-added “no claim manipulation”.
    • Updated ‘/back after pvp death’ to include end-crystal bombing.
    • Updated wording and positioning of other rules.
    • Fixed spelling errors.
    • Removed duplicate “no exploiting” rule.
      • Most of these rules have been enforced for a long time but were never formally added to the website.
      • Many thanks to @lego for updating the in-game /rules.
      • You can find all changes made on the website, or in-game using /rules.
  • Added permission to delete your doors in /doors.
  • Added command /ListDoors to list your doors.
  • Added command /DoorInfo.
  • Added addowner/removeowner to your /doors.
  • Added new command /xpb info to see how long your XPBoost has left! Via #šŸ”­suggestions @PIPPIP5789.
  • I found the “bug” that is stopping Iron Golem farms working, when I updated the Entity Manager it set a new default to disable spawning of Iron Golems, as much as I wish I could just keep this off for the good of the server & future there are too many moaners that have “farms”.
    • A while ago I found out how to change the drops of mobs specifically to target Iron farming to reduce the Items dropped by Iron Golems, so this is the compromise between not having them drop anything at all and the few players that have iron farms wanting to keep their free spawning iron, it will get nerfed!
  • Fixed being able to toggle a /doors from the GUI & Fixed setting the auto close time for all /doors.
  • Added a mail to be sent to you when you/someone buys you in-game money, all in-game money from Store page was missing this mail!
  • @Xeron Removed and rebuilt the hint area at /warp brewing – double sided board has been replaced with a small hut.
    • I’ve moved the board to a different location but it will no longer be updated.
    • Added a [donatehand] sign to replace the hopper system which was prone to bugs.
  • Massive Cannons Update by @Xeron
    • Added bronze (gold) cannons for Firstmate+.
    • Added bronze triple cannon.
    • Added short (2 block), medium (3 block), long (4 block) and mortar variants for coal, iron, bronze variants.
    • Added shrapnel (flint), playercannon (lead), cursed projectile (dragon breath), blinding (ink), and frozen (ice) projectile types.
      • Cobblestone – Deckhand
      • Cannister, Shrapnel – Sailor
      • Diamond, Firework, TNT, player cannon – Gunner
      • Corpse, cursed, blinding, frozen projectiles – Firstmate
    • Coal cannons and beyond can be loaded with any projectile.
    • Improving the material of the cannon now increases its range.
    • Increasing the length of the cannon now increases its accuracy.
    • Completely reworked accuracy, range, spread, and velocity of all cannons.
    • Changed when cannons are unlocked:
      • Rusty carronade (grey wool) – Deckhand
      • Carronade (black wool) – Cadet
      • Cast-Iron (coal) – Sailor
      • Iron (iron) – Gunner
      • Bronze (gold) – Firstmate
    • Reworked double and triple cannon firing speeds.
    • Completely reworked diamond, firework, and corpse projectiles.
      • Diamond can now be shot into water and still explodes.
      • Firework penetration increased significantly.
    • Adjusted cobblestone & cannister shot projectiles.
    • Increased speed at which you can aim using clock.
    • /cannons reset given to all ranks.
    • Greatly increased firing angles & accuracy of mortar to be more user-friendly.
      Greatly increased firing angles & accuracy of mortar to be more user-friendly.
    • Explosion power for cobblestone no longer depends on cannon type or # of gunpowder added.
    • Removed enderpearl, rusty cannonball, and smoke projectile.
    • Removed temporary nether star projectile.
    • Removed fire spawning from all projectiles.
      Fixed Moderator punishment times.
  • @Bazurka Updated some of the chat filters for the racist comments, this should hopefully automatically punish automatically alternative spellings of certain horrible words, it will never be possible to filter them all, but we always will try and stay on top of it. If you know who does these, then tell staff.
  • Fixed Soft Siege blocks that have been added for years but never worked as I had the wrong material names, should be working now in sieges as soft blocks: Dead Bush, Leaves 2, End Stone, Long grass, Glass Pane.
  • Added Custom mobs plugin and setup for @CallieMav’s amazing summer event.
  • Created an NPC this year at /warp cove that showcases all the event items for PirateCraft Summer Event 2020, Just right click and scroll through the pages. (this NPC is still at cove in the museum)
  • Massive Siege update by @Creepermorderen:
    • Added siege cooldown after siege defeat (currently 15 min for everyone and 60 min for attacker).
    • Added maximum siege time (currently 30 minutes).
    • Split siege over message into 5 different messages depending on who won and how.
    • Added sound notification when sieged, so you will be notified if afk.
    • Added bossbar for time left when sieged, sieging or attending a siege.
    • Added bossbar for loot time with time left when attending a looting.
    • Edited siegeable blocks to the list shown below:
    • Added list of blocks that can ONLY be broken in the loot time (after the siege is won):
  • I forgot to put this down, but this morning I updated the plugin I use to do the protocol hacks for allowing newer clients to connect to older server software (1.12.2) they added 1.16 support but I’m sure Bungee server needs an update, untested.
  • Gave Moderators and Admins, /viaver list for when were using the protocol hack to on survival to see what Minecraft version people are using.
  • Added /distance for Boatswain+, to check distance between 2 points (the block you are pointing at).
  • Name changes will now broadcast when someone’s logs in, a check will be made now if there has been a name change since they last logged in and broadcast it to the chat, this is to help with people frequently changing their names and not having any idea who people are. Way too spammy and was removed.
  • I always forget I can do this, Updated the MOTD in the server list to tell people there is an event!
  • Fixed SeaWolf Submarine not picking up Iron Blocks, working again thanks @lego for the report.
  • Removed Redstone devices from Dhows as they were being used to break bases.
  • Made a video about building Trains on PirateCraft:
Working trains in Minecraft
  • @Bazurka Did some more work on Regex for the chat filters to prevent some more bypasses people have been using.
  • Added new AFK system from our Premium essentials plugin, as it has AFK machine detection & we can even disable mobs spawning near AFK players (In Farms) later on if we wish, currently not enabled. (Can even disable XP pickup when in AFK, not enabled). It never actually checked for AFK and I had to backdate to the old system.
    • Added /afkcheck to check if someone is AFK.
    • Helper, Moderator and Admins will get their own AFK auto response message when they are AFK, they will also all not get kicked for being AFK.
      Removed /afk command due to it being used to spam chat.
      • You will still automatically AFK after 15 mins inactivity, just no manual trigger now.
    • Removed AFK messages being broadcast in chat due to being considered spam.
  • /rules & /ships got updated thanks to @lego.
  • Removed Vote Chest message in chat from being broadcast due to popular request that its used so much its considered spam.
    Whitelisted some commands when PvP tagged for Helpers: /m, /duty, /tempmute, /jail, /helpop and /h.
  • Updated cannons shop at /warp cove by @Xeron. I’ve tried to colour code the info to make it clearer which cannons & projectiles are unlocked at each rank.

More reading!


Big thanks to @lego for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Lego

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