Crew leaders can now set a daily tax to members! & Changelogs catch-up!

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Crew leaders can now tax their crew members automatically every 24 hours with a maximum of £5 a day fee pp into their crews bank.

  • Crews can now set fees! (They can be set and toggled separately)
    • Crew leaders can use /crew fee set 5 To set a tax to automatically be taken from each member of the crew every 24h IRL time into their crew bank.
    • Crew fees are auto taken at noon each day, I assume 12:00 GMT (Will need to be checked and someone tell me)
    • Crews can set a fee and toggle if they want it to auto be taken using /crew toggle fee to check if its enabled/what it is, read the next bullet point:
    • You can check your crews fee by using /crew fee check All users.
    • I cant find a way to check a crews tax fee without being in the crew at present, I have requested it be part of /crew profile
    • Inactive crew members are purged for being inactive for 365 days (I have requested a purge of banned players)
    • A Bulletin board message will be added when a fee is changed, be aware leaders can clear BB messages now (as they did previous with empty blank messages)
    • If you cannot afford your fee, you will automatically be kicked out of the crew.
    • Crew fees are entirely optional to the crew, this will add a new dynamic to the economy and crews bank balances, pick your crew wisely!
  • Crew BB messages now updated to show dates
  • Gave crew leaders /crew bb clear to clear their Bulletin board messages (Clears for everyone in the crew!) You have to be Sailor+ to unlock this as a crew leader, as I just found out people have been spamming messages to hide their actions like Kicking members, best just have permission to clear it, this will fully wipe your crew BB history, sadly it only keeps the last 6 messages and a full history of crew actions is not kept (I have requested this) if we get that feature then I will remove clearing.
  • Pirates are now required to be Sailor before they can /crew verify
  • Next reboot (Tomorrow at 10:30am GMT) Crew homes will be shown on the Live map again! This will act as a way to show if they have been misused and will also show where crews main bases are automatically. There will be no added functionality like picking your flag or the message displayed (Yet).
  • Admins can now demote crew leaders from any Crew, you can request a leader demotion by using the forums.
  • /crew leave now asks for conformation (Yes/No) to be entered in chat.
  • Check out Bazurka’s time-lapse videos added to the videos page
  • Our Teamspeak server was updated so the latest client will work again! Brilliant for working together! (Much better than discords voice chat)
  • Fixed hovering over the creative server to show who’s online in your multiplayer server list.
  • Updated “Crucial” Missives, no longer says crucial, just Missive in red, Client message now says 1.13->1.14.4 on this 1.12.2 server, Removed the [NEW] From the very old missives, Removed kicked in chat Missive as that bug was fixed, updated the /travel missive to also include /go and /play for whatever people prefer to type, added Missive for Skeleton horses, Added Missive for Auc, Added missive that we have a creative server, Added Missive that you can /msg between servers and global chat between servers prefixing chat with !, Added missive about /motd being automated, Added empty line break at start and end of these missives to break up them getting lost in chat.
  • Re-formatted all the Contributor missives (That took hours..) so they are actually readable, with empty space between Missives and also including Coupon code walktheplank for 15% off this Summer.
  • Added new missive “Yarr! Pirates be on the loose! Watch out for scammers and bounty hunters!”
  • /motd is now Dynamically generated! I wrote a script to automatically pull the latest 4 blog posts & changelogs, and then it also shows Sticked posts in Competitions forum & also shows Super sticky threads around the whole forums:
    • This allows updates & changelogs to auto be shown in game
    • This allows you to read part of an update by hovering over the messages
    • This allows other staff members to post competitions, messages too!
    • It allows a staff member to Sticky or super sticky a post from anyone to have it shown in here too (If we need it to get attention).
    • I’m now forcing all users to run /motd once an hour, so you actually read changes.
  • The head drop plugin is continuously breaking, it’s been removed until I can find a suitable replacement.
  • Our protocol hack now supports 1.14.4 clients on the 1.12.2 server.
  • Updating chat plugin & its Cross server counterpart to hopefully bring back cross server bungee chat without the Bungee server restarting.
  • Added a much more harsh auto-punishment for racist people. They will be auto kicked, warned, added to a custom log, fined and tempmuted 24h. Thank you @Cysteen for the suggestions channel in discord
  • Created a super rudimentary /pirate <username> for a GUI menu for pirates.
  • Fully re-made /travel can also be used from /go /play /piratecraft New sub-menu for shops.
  • Fixed /checkrank
  • Teleporting to a home now shows a message
  • Water is now considered a “safe” spot to teleport for example from /home
  • You will not be sent back to previous location if you have been jailed, when un-jailed you will remain in the cell and be let out.
  • Admins can now /back any player (Don’t ask for it, you’ll most likely get punished!)
  • Chat word filter changes, use the word “gain” again, Changed “L” in chat to send message to user to not be toxic, but allow now, These are also logged now, Started blocking words from books as some people have to ruin it for everyone, Re-added the “lag” spam checker, to send a message to the user to check their /ping and F3 for Client FPS.
  • Brewing now supports Magma blocks as hear source
  • Added jump pads around /warp shops
  • Removed Ship shop at /warp shop3
  • /siege got new soft blocks added! added to /info siege
  • Changed the main server reboot message to say to come back in 10 mins instead of 1 as it takes that long to reboot now (we need a plugin purge)
  • Creative: matched hopper settings to survival
  • Re-branded /server hub to /server creative
    • Re-named the Bungee instances of hub to creative (Bungee needs a restart to fully fix it)
    • Set Server properties and world changing plugin to both spawn in the Creative world
    • Made a really rudimentary new spawn for Creative, I moved the NPCS and Holograms from the Hub world to Creative spawn.
    • Updated /motd to reflect changes and sticking to /travel over /play now (this will get updated soon).
    • Updated sub-domains, server list messages, you can now use in your server list. the old will still work too.
  • Creative Moved /spawn out of the Hub to the creative world, since we never got around to needing a hub! in the near future the /server hub will be re-branded to /server creative.
  • Creative Filled world & generated map (So there wasn’t those ugly marks all over it)
  • Creative Fixed all chat permissions so they work again! you can now /msg /ignore /motd again!
  • Cross server /msg You can now use /msg cross server! msg people on creative or survival!
  • Creative Fixed Cross server global chat on creative, you can now use !This is my message to send a global cross server message from Creative to survival
  • Please Welcome @Elo106 properly to the PirateCraft team as SeaArtist (Media) role.
    • Elo’s consistency and quality with the Build of the Month is exactly what we need as a Pirate community! So this is a much deserved promotion, thank you Elo. SeaArtist Perks include a custom color in-game, access to /pweather and /ptime to set weather and time to get good screenshots, also their view distance is doubled to 12 view distance (Once the plugins back up that does this) They can also toggle /busy
  • Updated /discord #welcome page
  • Auction 7 happened.
  • Website ship guide fully re-made, This took nearly a week, its ended up being a micro-website within itself, a massive upgrade to the previous page: PirateCraft ship guide
  • Creative got an entirely new custom generated world

PirateCraft - Custom generated creative world!

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Posted on August 12, 2019

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