• Elo replied to the topic Rabbits… in the forum Help Request Ticket 2 weeks ago

    Those eggs are from the event they will spawn killer rabbits, who did you buy them from maybe ask them next time.

  • This months best builders!

    Thank you to everyone for participating, please remember you can submit builds as big or small as you want, they don’t even have to be complete! We would love to see builds that […]

    • Yaaaaaa Congrats everyone for your hard work. Im sorry for Dylan I was rooting for the little guy. Oh well perhaps next time.
      Well that was one impressive contest don’t forget you can enter your builds again if they did not win this time. who knows you might get first place.

      Sincerely VladDracul

  • Elo started the topic BotM May 2019 Entry! in the forum Competitions 3 weeks, 5 days ago



    We are hosting BotM again. The Rules will be the same as last month.


    1. Each player may submit a maximum of one (1) per month
    2. A player is allowed to submit a non-winning build from the last BotM
    3. A winning player is allowed to re-enter this BotM, but with a different build
    4. If a minimum of three (3) builds are not submitt…

    [Read more]

  • Arr fellow Pirates! We are reviving the BotM competition, entries for this month are closed but fear not for by the dead gods grace we shall have another next month!Behold the entries of the BotM April! Maybe add […]

    • Wow that’s allot of choices. I don’t even know where to begin.

      Such great builds. Im personally rooting for Dylan he is the underdog I feel he may be small but he has allot going for him. The Pose the background not to mention the wonderful abs. This guy is going to the top this time I feel it.

      Also the Steampunk Airship just Wowzers I have never seen anything like it. It is truly worthy of the title of Best Build of the Month and perhaps the year.

      The British Empire Government Office is just big I mean look at those proportions just stunning and the architecture lovely as always. Good work I cant wait to see what you post for next month.

      Now on to one I think is truly Marvelous. The Red Mountain build is mystical and yet hidden not showing all it has to offer. Great build I would love to see more of it thou.

      Now the Tower of Showjin is a personal favorite. I love anything Asian related especially castles towers and bridges. Good job on the lighting and the boats are an especial nice touch. Truly worth of being a competitor in this months build competition.

      Onto the Sacred Mountain. My only question is did you terraform all that. It looks truly natural. Not to mention all the detail. I would have liked to see more pics thou.

      Nisrei Palace is yet another build that falls into the wow category. The size and time is huge. I see some of the outside, but the inside is lacking I cannot see it all and I would love too.

      Morandi Bridge now that is a bridge I bet you could walk a whole army of elephants on it and it wouldn’t budge.
      Structurally secure and sporting that moderish look. Not bad at all.

      Last but not least Hakaguri Castle. If it is Japanese I love it. As I said before I have a personal love of Japanes culture and mostly there Amazing castles. The detail on the outside is just stunning. I would have liked to have seen some pics of the inside thou.

  • Elo replied to the topic BotM April 2019 Entry! in the forum Competitions 1 month, 1 week ago

    That was the sign up deadline stay tuned for the results 😉

  • First place: Petal’s palace

    Second place: Sacred Mountain of Verussia

    Third place: Morandi Bridge


    Big thank you to all the judges and participents!

  • And thats the deadline no more submissions past this point.

  • Shockerboy Face Farm by Peppykiss395

    -4700 62 -6600

    Build in the likeness of our one true saviour Shockerboy, this farm stands in majesty under the shocker floating islands.

  • Dylan the Scorpion by Palmerageddon

    -1400, 64, 3000


    A curious creature sitting on the shores of Iron Sands, where it stands as a curiosity to those who may discover it. Dylan is however sentient, so please take care around him, his stinger is not just for show.

  • Morandi Bridge by zRoMick02WR

    -7450, 64, 3200

    A huge bridge connecting the italian towns of Diana, Buco and Rodi this bridge stands out with the use of expensive blocks, and top notch Italian engineering, sure to withstand many decades to come.

  • This is not an April Fools Thread!

    We are hosting BotM again. The Rules will be the same as Maximus used last time.


    1. Each player may submit a maximum of one (1) per month
    2. A player is allowed to submit a non-winning build from the last BotM
    3. A winning player is allowed to re-enter this BotM, but with a different build
    4. If a minim…

    [Read more]

  • City Rodi by sarisinqatil

    The grand italian city Rodi features well detailed buildings and a great Colosseum for gladiators to fight in.

    More Pictures of Rodi:



  • 7th of April server time

  • French Republic Capital Building by President_B

    As the government of the French Republic meets in this building, the colors of the French Flag wave in the breeze on top to symbolize the freedom and peace within the group.

  • Like Build of the month I would like to see some epic builds or dare I say the most epic builds this server has to offer!


    1. Each player may submit a maximum of one (1) Build
    2. Builds from the BotM Competitions are allowed as this Competition is not official!
    3. There are no size limits for any builds
    4. Screenshots can be taken yourself or…

    [Read more]

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  • you can search for names with ctrl + F

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  • Elo replied to the topic Custom Map Icons in the forum PirateMC Website 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Dunmer Icon

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