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    Piratecraft Map May 2016
    Link for zoom –

    Hello, you have never heard about me but I am now here with a project. I have tried to study and explore the forum of Piratecraft in order to create a geopolitical map of the server, even though I have always been away from the community.
    It was a very hard work because I don’t know anybody here and the only way I could manage to success was to find old topics about wars, conquering, foundations and maps. I can’t complain about the wiki’s information because I can clearly see the effort put into it. A big issue was that there were few notes about towns and almost none of them had coordinates. I will give you the links for the sources if you are interested to follow the path of my work.

    The map I created shows only towns, painted with the crew’s colours. There are a lot of towns and settlements missing because of the lack of information on the forum and the wiki. I hope you will help me to complete the project by correcting what I got and adding what is missing.

    I’m planning to add the missing crews and create also a separate map with areas of influence. I also plan to add some notes near the city symbols with the year of foundation and the name of the founder. It looks overdetailed but somewhere on the forum I have seen the admin saying that this server loves history and traditions. I love them too.
    I would add the year and the founder also near the crew’s titles. Also ruin locations to remember, like Havanna.

    If you think the town names are too small, tell me. Tell me your opinion, I only ask the inhabitants of Piratecraft to give me as much information as you have, so I can give you the best map I can make.
    I have a very well organised project file so I can easily make modifications. Updates are not an issue.
    Thank you.

    Map link Version 2:

    Piratecraft Map V2


    List of active crews by PaulOnFire:

    PirateCraft Active Crew List March 2016

    Crew info from the wiki.
    This settlement list page on the forum seems to be empty/broken.
    Old general map:
    Old, raw map by Maximus_Terragon.

    View post on

    Elven Empire:
    Town locations from QueenRep’s (Reptaria, founder) maps.

    Territories of the Elven Empire

    Elven Empire Map

    British Empire:
    Old maps from the wiki.
    Town list on the wiki.
    Verussian Empire:
    Town locations based on Maximus_Terragon’s map and on Verussi settlements wiki page descriptions.
    New Roman Republic:
    Town locations based on Maximus_Terragon’s map and on wadsworth discussed map.

    View post on

    Iborian Empire:
    Town locations based on wiki’s vague city descriptions and on Palmerageddon’s (founder) movements on the live map.
    Xenon Empire:
    Town locations based on Maximus_Terragon’s map
    Luteus Republic:
    Town locations based on Maximus_Terragon’s map.
    Crusaders of the Void:
    Information about the city of Evermoor on this topic and on the wiki.
    Base location by Ken.

    View post on


    Also, I took a look on these topics trying to determine some locations of which I couldn’t find the coordinates.

    Attacks on North Verussi

    North Verussi (0utlaws)

    Setting Up A Region Map!

    Unnecessary Griefing by Reptaria?

    List of settlements – (Preparation for Map Version 3)
    I strongly suggest to put coordinates and live map screenshots of cities when writing on the wiki about towns, otherwhise the information can be understood only by the author.

    Metropolis Yes
    British Empire

    Brigand’s Grotto Yes
    British HQ Yes
    Corfadia Yes Ruin
    Fort Crater
    Fort Vengeance Yes
    Fort Fang Yes
    Fort Havanna Yes Ruin
    Fort Noble
    Fort Wolf Yes
    Gildor Stinky Yes
    Gloomsbay Yes
    Goldton Yes Ruin
    Hamsfield Court Yes
    Ionith Yes
    Isle of Zeal Yes
    Karjat Yes
    London Yes
    Mariejois Yes
    New Clankton Yes Ruin
    New Foundland Yes Ruin
    New Zealand Yes
    Port Alexandria Yes
    Port Blue
    Port Brankling Yes Ruin
    Port Hope Yes
    Port Laconia
    Port Oribi Yes
    Port Panem Yes
    Port Royal Yes
    Port Vernesse Yes
    Province of Canada Yes
    Temple Islands Yes
    Vendigroth Yes
    Virgin Islands Yes
    Westeros Yes Ruin
    Whiskey Peak Yes
    Crusaders of the Void
    Astrity Yes
    Evenmoor Yes
    Jmoo Yes
    Smokey Yes
    Souldin Yes
    Woodland Elven Empire

    Arcadia Yes
    Caras Galathon Yes
    Great Canal Yes
    Lathol Yes
    Lorien Yes
    Lothlorien Yes
    Mirkwood Yes
    Parnovia Yes
    Tal’kari Yes
    Twin Peaks Yes
    “Unknown” Yes
    Dark Elven Empire

    Village of St. Ender, Kanube, 2016
    Enterian Alliance
    Iborian Empire
    New Faythe Yes?
    Port Acemunch
    New Roman Republic
    Elexandria Yes
    New Rome Yes
    Luna Yes
    Bridgetown Yes
    Thirteen Colonies
    Verussian Empire

    North Verussi Yes
    South Verussi Yes
    Vievenheim Yes
    “Unknown” Yes
    Xenon Empire
    Fort Bambini Yes
    Fort Kobra Yes
    Fort Xantis Yes
    Port Talonia Yes
    Port of Xenia Yes
    Carmory Yes
    Merc Camp
    Vape Land

    SuperGL Town Yes
    CallieMav Town Yes
    Port Lacomus Yes
    Oldenburgh Yes
    Cirquo’s Castle Yes
    Delta Tower
    Wolfshire Yes
    The Cove Yes

    I am sorry if I made some shameful mistakes. This research can be also useful for crew captains to check their notoriety: if there’s little information about them, it’s because they haven’t “advertised” themselves enough on the forum. I hope this topic will fuel some history love, before time erases our memory. Thank you again.


    Crazy Pirate
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    Sweet jesus this is epic!

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    Twin Peaks is actually Lylalune it was renamed 🙂 but as crazy said this is epic dude! nice job

    Nvm Ignore this 😛

    -Lithvather, Knight Of Winter
    Slayer Of Darkness
    Do Or Do Not
    There Is No Try

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    Attached is the area run by COV. most players live in this area.


    If you have any questions about COV please direct them to me.


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    Dude, this is the best map I’ve ever seen of PirateCraft! You are a star! 😀 Some information is outdated or slightly off (Verussia does not belong to the EE as far as I know 😛 ) but all in all this is a spectacular job. If every crew posts the coordinates of all their active settlements in this thread, we have the first chance in history of actually getting everyone on one piece of paper.

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    In the future I could give your the coordinates of Entarian Alliance towns.

    John Archaius - The Inventor whose machines usually blow up.

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    Holy crap, I love this! Good job, honestly we need more people like you on this server.


    Crazy Pirate
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    Souldin, you mistakenly included Gloomsbay in there 😛

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    Awesome! but just to point out, Vivenheim is no longer Elven, it is Verussian. Other than that this is amazing!

    ProWil (formerly Wilson Manzer),
    General Secretariat of The Papal State
    PirateCraft Veteran, circa 2015.

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    Nice! however its the New Roman Republic, and one of my formor actives owns that little islant to the right of new rome, he established a town there,%20First%20Emperor.
    Ω Former Consulate and Emperor of the New Romans Ω
    Vivat Rei Republicae

    ▲ ▲

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    Let me start off by saying, this is absolutely stellar work, it looks absolutely fantastic, plus with accurate settlements added, that’s magnificent! im blown away by the time and effort put into this project, I hope you can continue to work on such an amazing project, and I want to help you as best as I can!

    I tried my hand at this kind of thing way back in 2014, I created a graphic of the world map but I didn’t put the settlements on though! I wish I did so we could have compared what a difference 2 years makes!


    Its amazing to see the map change so much in that time!

    I think this is a great time to get people to put some markers on the map for you!

    I have tried to get people to mark their settlements on the map, currently donators can actually place a marker under the settlements category on the live map, if you hover over the layers tab top left of the live map, you can select settlements, I highly suggest everyone help out @AppleJK by marking your settlement on the map; methods on how to do so are listed on this is a donator only perk to avoid abuse; Custom flag/icons can be requested from this thread for any new crews that would like a custom one.

    What is quite hard, is a lot of people create private groups on the website with their settlement Coordinates, they keep them private to avoid getting raided and work in small crews. There was also a very outdated thread created to try and list settlements; which has now been moved to the wiki for people to list settlements based on map, which I also encourage people to please also fill out, even for the sake of creating a history, citys rise and fall, get taken over, sold or blown to bits!

    I’m very impressed Apple, and I do hope you continue this project, it would be fantastic to get a IRL map printed out! Im willing to re-render the world using other software to output high quality images of the map aswell, i’ve used a few in the past and each has their own results!

    Hopefully the community will recognise this wonderful addition to the community we have here at PirateCraft and start to play alongside you in-game 🙂

    Edit: got me thinking about the map icons; we haven’t had any updated map icons in literally years; Im sure we could have better North, East, South and West icons, I mostly use the built in icons from dynmap; I love the choice of almost game of thrones style “house” icons used on the map decoration; maybe a pin design might look cool, where it looks like a pirate has pinned into the map the settlements? Anywho; maybe we need a complete set of brand new icons for players to choose from when plopping down an icon on the map, anyone up for the challenge?

    The Queen
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    Elven Empire 2016 Map. The Green and Yellow star is the prime capitol.

    View post on

    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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    Why in Bill murreys great name is my town listed as a BE city? There will be repercussions for this in the form of a stabbing for every british member.

    Punching baby seals since before it was fun.

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    Ah, I remember when the eastern continent was the most eastern. And a continent. How times have changed.

    Also I think Newfoundland is in the wrong place, ever since I moved it people have been getting it wrong :/

    Smokey River
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    You forgot Smokey and Vape Land 🙂



    I solemnly swear I am up to no good.


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