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    Hey its me VladDracul again,

    Quick question for staff seeing if they can help me out. I have a member of my crew who has been gone for a long time 117 days to be precise. I was hoping I could get him removed from the leader list in my crew Isengard. I talked to him on discord and it doesn’t seem like he will be coming back sadly after being chased off. I have tried to get him back on but it seems like he will be a no show. : {

    Any way I was wondering if staff could remove NvaderRelic from crew leader position. I would love to do a crew vote but sadly getting every leader on at one time is impossible. Between time zones and personal conflicting scheduals it just is not very manageable. That reminds me I was thinking of perhaps we put in place a new rule for the removal of inactive leaders. So instead of requiring all the leaders to be on at 1 time and voting on it. I suggest that a smaller percentage be  allowed to remove the inactive leader. Perhaps come up with a ratio like 3/4 required leaders on. I mean the BE has 9 leaders 1 has been gone for a long while and 3 others are on less. For problems like this I think a 3/4 majority for a vote could be very useful. It seems TAS is doing pretty well with 3 leaders and they are active so there isn’t a problem there.

    Sincerely VladDracul


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    we in TAS only have 3 leaders because we aren’t politically active or require more than 3, like BE. we don’t have political roles, we don’t have general roles for that matter. fewer leaders is a lot easier to manage. python and naha have as much power as I do, and can do what they like, but we all still try to agree on stuff. it’s really about communication, and management. you don’t need a ton of leaders imo, even if you’re a politically active crew. though, having a thing to manage inactive leaders would be fantastic, in the future, for all crews, id suggest you really consider who should, and should not be a leader. always have more than one, get someone you trust that wont screw anything up, that way, if you accidentally leave the crew, it isn’t gone for good, and so it doesn’t look like a dictatorship. its also good to get advice from others. up to you how you want to run your crew, I just thought I’d share a little bit of how we do it, since we were mentioned.

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    Great point Cysteen. Love the feedback. I agree with you.

    Sincerely, VladDracul


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    Tis I VladDracul. Just checking on the status of my request to have a inactive member demoted from a leadership position.

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