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    Right, sadly for me its that time again where Mojang releases server breaking updates. 1.13 is right around the corner and its a massive update in back-end changes, they have re-named things, changed structures and made some core files data completely different.

    I can tell you now, this is going to break a LOT of our plugins and we currently have 71.

    My biggest worry is we are using some super Legacy plugins that haven’t been updated in over 3 years, depending on how spigot handles some of these massive changes to data structure will depend on if we loose 1/2 of our plugins.

    Mojang just released the pre-release for 1.13, which means the final global release is coming soon. https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-113-pre-release?ref=launcher

    As always with updates like this, for those of you that have seen these awful times before you will know the process.

    For those that do not understand how this works, you *CAN NOT* “Just update to 1.13”.

    The waiting process before we can even start testing 1.13:

    1. First of all, the main Spigot server software isn’t even near ready as just a vanilla minecraft server! They have a lot of open issues https://github.com/SpigotMC/SpigotCraft/issues
    2. Once the Spigot server software is close to being stable, we need to wait for our optimized server software to be updated, I use a very optimized version of the server software, this software relies on Spigot to be ready first.
    3. We then start testing our 71 plugins, this is where the real trouble comes in, this is where things will break, I don’t have high hopes.
      The way testing works, will be, I will make a complete server backup to the test server, so we have 2 identical servers, and people will test all aspects of PirateCraft on the test server over the course of a week or two to see if we can find any broken aspects or dupe issues.
    4. Once testing is complete we go live with 1.13.

    While we wait for everything to catch up we will stay exactly as we are on 1.12.2.

    1. I will hopefully be able to use a protocol hack plugin to allow 1.13 clients to connect to the 1.12.2 server, none of the 1.13 features will be available obviously.

    This is a time consuming process and may take multiple months, there is no ETA, Do not ask when it will be done, if people do ask, then send them this thread.

    If spigot have put in place Legacy functions to cover older plugins everything will go much smoother, it entirely depends how they are deciding to deal with these changes, that’s why we test first.


    • DO NOT ask about land re-generation for new terrain, we are nowhere even close to that, we decide on that when we are live.
    • Will you expand the border? No, We will regenerate parts of the world and maybe add new worlds for exploration.
    • “what are you going to do about XYZ feature that’s going to be introduced in 1.13”, No idea we haven’t talked about any of the 1.13 features, do you have worries about a certain feature that may affect gameplay badly? Then post it in here. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ask how you will obtain a certain item. This isn’t a forum to request ways to get personal items from 1.13.
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