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    Names. Everyone has one who he or she is known by across the Piratecraft World.

    But what do they mean? Where did they come from? Is there any lore associated with your name/charracter?

    Piratecraft has such a diverse amount of names, each with their own history and meaning behind them. I find this sort of thing very interesting, and I would like to offer the opportunity for the rest of the community to share the meaning, origin and/or lore behind their Piratecraft name. Names can be old ones, or new ones. They don’t need to have originated in Piratecraft – mine didn’t. They don’t even need to have any kind of in-depth meaning or lore behind them; simply “my parents used to call me xXcreeperboy420proXx” would do just fine haha, although I highly doubt that was ever the case, with that name at least.

    Most importantly, no mocking please – no matter how ‘unique’ the name, meaning, origin or lore behind it is.


    I’ll start it off:

    Origin of my Piratecraft name, Maximus_Terragon:

    The name actually originated back in January 2013, when I was looking for a steampunk-themed name for the steampunk airship warfare game, Guns of Icarus. Maximus was my username for most games from about 2009 onward anyway, due to my IRL name being Max. The ‘Terragon’ bit came from the spice, tarragon (spelled with an ‘a’), I simply changed the first ‘a’ to an ‘e’, and so my name, Maximus Terragon was born.

    Meaning of my name:

    ‘Maximus Terragon’ has a somewhat Latin background to it; with Maximus meaning, ‘the greatest’. Terragon needs to be split up into two parts; ‘Terra’, and ‘gon’. ‘Terra’ meaning ‘land’ or ‘earth’, and ‘gon’ meaning ‘angle’, or in some sense ‘shape’. Therefore, ‘Maximus Terragon’ in Latin (with a bit of word play) translates as ‘The Greatest Land-shape(er)’, in other words an architect, or a builder, as they are the ones who shape the land. To summarize, it can be assumed that my name translates to something like ‘The Greatest Architect/builder’. I only discovered this about a year after I first created my name. Ironically, I love to build and consider myself a good builder and designer.


    I haven’t really thought about much in-depth lore to do with my name to be honest.

    All I could think of: I was born to wealthy family, the Tarragons, who shared close relations with the rulers of the original Ottoman Empire. I started building my port, and earned recognition across the Ottoman Empire until my Port was announced the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Port Terragon. Soon after the Ottoman Empire fell, I inherited large amounts of resources from the later leaders of the OE, and used them to forge my new ‘Empire’, the Xenon Empire (despite it being of small size, I still called it an empire). From then onward I was known as Emperor Maximus Terragon. The XE started to crumble, and suffer under it’s decades of inactivity. I was an Emperor with no Empire to lead. Along with the Leaders of the Iborian Empire, Luteus Republic and Templar, we discussed the possibility of merging the crews together, to form an even larger ‘Order’. After weeks of negotiating, we decided to merge into The Xanthian Order, and I received the rank of Grand Master (a temporary rank carried over from the Templars). I now go by the name of ‘Grand Master Maximus Terragon’, although that may still change.


    Well enough from me, what about you lot?

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    Crew History: Red Lotus, 0utlaws, Ottoman Empire, Xenon Empire, The Xanthian Order, The Asylum, Xenia

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    This is a nice post, I’ll add on!

    Origin of  “Ketoh”

    Alright so my first username was KetoneleoneLeone being from Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (It’s still a good game tbh). Ketone was just another name rhyming with Leone, and based on real name Keaton.

    After I joined Piratecraft, people called me Keto or Ket for short, and it just stuck, and I changed my name a few times based on Keto. @reptaria called me Ketoh, kudos to you rep, and now that’s how I came to be 🙂

    Origin of  “Pie”

    And my Pie counterpart is from my good friend _Lego_, when he and I worked together as a duo in the Ottoman Empire/Red Lotus.

    Put the two names together, you get KetohPie! 😀



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    My name is InventorJohn.

    I’ve always been fascinated on how machines  work and I found fun in creating redstone contraptions in minecraft. However I did not  have a minecraft of my own for quite a while and just used an account of one of my friends. One day that friend changed is account and for a while I didn’t know what happened. So I played minecraft pocket edition for a while and went under the name The Inventor. Then in 2015 I got my own account for my birthday and tried going under the username I used in pocket edition, but they were taken. After a couple of other username attempts I tried InventorJack, but that was also taken. And lastly I tried InventorJohn and it was available so I took it as my username and haven’t changed it ever since.

    John Archaius - The Inventor whose machines usually blow up.

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    This is kewl 😀
    Name: build1115

    History: back in the day when I was a young child, my parents wouldn’t let me get minecraft because they didn’t fully trust Mojang, as they thought their Credit/Debit card info was going to be stolen. After about 4 months of asking, they finally caved in, under the circumstances that i

    A: Didn’t use chat


    B: used an inconspicuous name that didn’t relate to my life nor anything possibly close to that.

    the “build” part was just because I loved building (on PE before) and the 115, I honestly dont know. Anyhow Ive thought about changing it, but theres something special about having the same name for 5 years. 😀

    ~ I'm always right, when I'm not wrong...
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    - Master Librarian at Covetown

    The Queen
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    I love my ketoh <3 we have been through so much… ill post a lore on reptaria later… be ready to sip tea and eat a scone while you read that

    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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    This ones pretty simple but it was based off the best Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi. My names Odin, so mash them together OdiwanKenobi. Where did the i come from then you idiot? You will probably ask. Well, I got this minecraft around the time I got my first electronic, an iPad (oooooooooh)so mash them all together and shake it all about and voila<u>! You have iOdiwanKenobi</u>!!!

    Lore: I was a lonely sheep from a land where everyone was sad, kids threw sticks at me and I cried.


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    since sharing is caring….. 🙂

    History:  well, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, … I was trying to teach my daughter about the great saga of Star Wars and she pronounced ‘Kenobi’ as ‘Kanube’, and I thought it was funny and kinda a cool name.  Then I did some research and found it’s a name of a river in Gambia that means ‘river of love’. So I liked the name, and found it’s really rare name and used it for my website and business, and twitter account, and when I fell into minecraft, well, it had to be used there too.

    Lore:  ah, for that, me hearties, ye must read the screenplay when it comes out (or see the movie, if it ever happens 🙂 ) But, there are some stories in the Ender wiki pages.


    Brother Kanube, head of the Order of St. Ender, Watcher of the Void
    ~~~~~ from the dust of the void all is made, and to the void it returns~~~~~

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    since sharing is caring….. ? History: well, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, … I was trying to teach my daughter about the great saga of Star Wars and she pronounced ‘Kenobi’ as ‘Kanube’, and I thought it was funny and kinda a cool name. Then I did some research and found it’s a name of a river in Gambia that means ‘river of love’. So I liked the name, and found it’s really rare name and used it for my website and business, and twitter account, and when I fell into minecraft, well, it had to be used there too. Lore: ah, for that, me hearties, ye must read the screenplay when it comes out (or see the movie, if it ever happens ? ) But, there are some stories in the Ender wiki pages.



    Crazy Pirate
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    CrazyPirate1, came about 3 years ago.

    I first joined this server at, what, 12 or 13, after watching too much Pirates of the Caribbean, and playing too much assassins creed. I actually found out about minecraft through a youtube called SkydoesMinecraft (I managed to get into one of his vids once!). After that, I forked out for minecraft, downloaded the Archimedes ships mod, and sailed.

    Problem being, singleplayer is boring asf. So I did a quick search for a Pirate server, and found this place, and 3 years later, I haven’t looked back. Crazy came about because everyone though I was mad to buy a game on PC (I was an xbox child, through and through) and Pirate because, well, I wanted to raid people.

    My next name, Lord_Hamsfield, sucks, I regret it, and I want to go back to CrazyPirate1 :/ It came about because when I build ma big Ol’house, it was an empty field, with lots of pigs that I slaughtered. So I named it Hamsfield Court, and called myself Lord_Hamsfield. We all make mistakes 🙂

    - CrazyPirate
    Lord of Hamsfield Court,
    Foreign Secretary, Lord, former Prime Minister and founder of the British Empire

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    Ultracreeper, a name disliked by many and liked by a few. My original name was PanMan(With a few numbers, I cannot remember)

    Back during my early days of multiplayer Minecraft, I played a server called Ohgaming’s Ninja Warriors. I came to be an extremely powerful player of the Creeperoto clan, and got the title of Ultra. After being referred to as Ultra a lot, I changed my name to Ultra, because of my title, and creeper, because of my leadership of the Creeperoto clan. Nothin’ too special or interesting.

    If you want roleplaying lore, then…You ain’t gettin’ it. I go off on tangents…

    Paramount Leader of G.U.C.S and founder of Colrainism
    I can't stand vinegar

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    My names Odin

    Odi named after a God, didn’t see that one coming!

    My next name, Lord_Hamsfield

    You changed your name! SAY WHAT!

    Alright, GodsDead

    This has been my alias for over 10 years, Back in the year 2002/2003 I was really into Nine Inch Nails, back then I was a bit of a metal head/Grunge and quite a lot of people plucked aliases from songs. I fell in love with a line from the song Heresy that goes “Your god is dead and no one cares, If there is a hell I’ll see you there” So I Coined the GodsDead Alias from this, typical teenager type crap, I haven’t bothered thinking up a better username since, so its stuck!

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    My name…

    It originated on another server, under another name. That name was truly awful, so I’ll deign not to tell you it. In the chat, I was having a conversation. A slightly unusual conversation. During this conversation, people were asking if I was intoxicated (which entails the nature of conversation), insulted me, and one of them asked if I was holding a tea party in my head. He then, realizing what he had said, threatened to shoot himself in the head.

    Some time later, a table lay wrecked in the woods, an open battle was going on, and people were trying to kill me. It had begun.

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    My Past Names: ViejoTheMexican, PandoraTheExplora, JamminMas


    When I first joined mc I was told to use a name no one would know you by, so I chose ViejotheMexican which means old Mexican in Spanish.


    I always like dora the explora so I went with a name that sounded like it, and had my favoite music download, Pandora.


    When I was 5 I had a little piano and I used to JAM out on it! Then my mom said ok Jammin Mas time for dinner and it stuck from then on! Btw Mas stands for the first 3 letters of my name.

    A endermite kicked my ass

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    these are some nifty backstories guys 🙂


    back in 2014 when i originally got minecraft, i had the hardest time thinking of a name. i absolutely HATED using numbers and underscores in a name, mostly because the name doesnt feel original to me because someone had already thought of it. (and i thought of the awkward conversation that would ensue if i met someone with the username Captain and i was Captain1356 😛 )

    i had wanted to come up with something to do with the name Captain (and this is way before i joined this server; the coincidence!) i once again wanted to do something original, so i couldnt resort to pirate films like POTC for name advice. i went through a list of words in my head that started with a C (cause why the heck not 😛 ) and i finally settled on the name Crackers, once again i have no idea how i got there 😛 So then i typed in CaptainCrackers in the profile name bar when purchasing minecraft and it didnt look right, so i changed the s for a z to spell CaptainCrackerz, which to this day looks better than the s.

    now, to my recent name change to CaptainCracken. i did this a couple days ago when a TS conversation got onto the topic of my water pvp abilities, and i dont remember the dialogue but somewhere in there Kraken was brought up. i thought “ah why the hell not lets do a quick name change and shock everyone online 😛 ” of course CaptainKraken was taken already, so i resorted to a bunch of mispellings- Kracken, Kracen, and finally Cracken. i thought that was perfect cause it blended the words Crackerz and Kraken to form something that sounded good and looked decent. so i went with that and thats where i am today 🙂


    (i also thought of changing to CaptainCthulhu because i love the Cthulhu monster, but that doesnt roll off the tongue nearly as well- Cap-tain-Crack-en VS Cap-tain-Cth-ul-hu 😛 )


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    I first played the Minecraft PC gamer demo and found I liked it. Unfortunately, I ended up starting a huge forest fire by accident which ravaged the world for miles and almost burnt me to death.

    So because that was my first experience in Minecraft and because I didn’t have any better ideas, I called myself PaulOnFire. (Which is a bit silly tbh, as you shouldn’t use real names online. But whatever.)

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