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    I know many people have the nick name Cookie, but I like to think mine is special. Cookie came from two places for me. It was my nick name when I was little that every one called me until about 5th grade, then it kinda just wore off. The other place Cookie comes from is a fictional character from a book my friend and I are writing. She is a strong female character that can do anything. We didn’t know what to name her, as every name has some personal background with the reader. It could be that kid who was your best friend, or someone who you work with that you hate. She adopted my nick name after taking on some of my qualities.

    The cause of unintentional trouble. If you can't reach me on my cell phone, it's because I'm plotting world domination.

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    My names Odin

    Odi named after a God, didn’t see that one coming!

    My next name, Lord_Hamsfield

    You changed your name! SAY WHAT! Alright, GodsDead This has been my alias for over 10 years, Back in <span class=”_Xbe kno-fv”>the year 2002/2003</span> I was really into Nine Inch Nails, back then I was a bit of a metal head/Grunge and quite a lot of people plucked aliases from songs. I fell in love with a line from the song Heresy that goes “Your god is dead and no one cares, If there is a hell I’ll see you there” So I Coined the GodsDead Alias from this, typical teenager type crap, I haven’t bothered thinking up a better username since, so its stuck!

    Yeah I’m Norse 🙂


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    So, the name “BGraph”… Heh, that’s a really good question xD

    The name BGraph actually came from a cracked minecraft account that was on my first computer. I got the computer used, and I didn’t question why it didn’t let me log into official minecraft servers. Needless to say, I decided to continue to use the name BGraph with my official account because it is the name that everyone ( from the cracked servers ) knew me by.

    So yeah, that’s me 🙂

    - BGraph
    Governor of Vendigroth
    Founder and Former Emperor of SPQR
    Former Minister of Justice of the Royal British Empire
    Proud Member of the Royal British Empire

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    Alright, my story:

    So I got a Minecraft account from my parents on my birthday. I was excited to set up my account, and, with absolutely no ideas in my head, I named myself Player_Schnikky. I know, it’s weird. Now then, I did this because… about a week ago I had been walking on the beach and found a bobber for fishing. Picking it up, I think I went crazy for a while, because I named it Schnikky Mabobber and started talking to it. Keep in mind, I was seven or so. So yeah. That’s how I named my first account. Now then, I quickly decided that this username was stupid, but this was before the days when you could just change your username whenever. So, I bought another account. I had no idea what to name this one either, and I talked to a friend, who told me he was saving up for an account that he would name: Redstone_Potato. I, being the little shit young children can be, decided to name my account that just to deprive my friend of the name. Yeah. It stuck though, and I’ve kept the name for a while now.

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    My Past Names: ViejoTheMexican, PandoraTheExplora, JamminMas ViejoTheMexican When I first joined mc I was told to use a name no one would know you by, so I chose ViejotheMexican which means old Mexican in Spanish. PandoraTheExplora I always like dora the explora so I went with a name that sounded like it, and had my favoite music download, Pandora. JamminMas When I was 5 I had a little piano and I used to JAM out on it! Then my mom said ok Jammin Mas time for dinner and it stuck from then on! Btw Mas stands for the first 3 letters of my name.

    Holy Fek! Your PandoratheExplora? Dude! Like 2 years ago! Falling Star and I had a battle with you!! Remember? You killed me and gave like half my stuff back, and exchanged my sword for a crappy one? DUDE! I freakin hated you with a passion. And every time you would join I would plot your death (in-game, not irl) My vault had that same sword that you had exchanged to me, named “Death to Pandora” on it XD. Funny what a name change does, cuz now we’re friends 😀

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    ~ I'm always right, when I'm not wrong...
    - Vice President of The Thirteen Colonies
    - Master Librarian at Covetown

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    Holy Fek! Your PandoratheExplora? Dude! Like 2 years ago! Falling Star and I had a battle with you!! Remember? You killed me and gave like half my stuff back, and exchanged my sword for a crappy one? DUDE! I freakin hated you with a passion. And every time you would join I would plot your death (in-game, not irl) My vault had that same sword that you had exchanged to me, named “Death to Pandora” on it XD. Funny what a name change does, cuz now we’re friends  

    Yea build that was me, I only change my name when people really hate me and when I need a “new start” XD it actually works too! Glad we r cool now buddy!

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    A endermite kicked my ass

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    I first played the Minecraft PC gamer demo and found I liked it. Unfortunately, I ended up starting a huge forest fire by accident which ravaged the world for miles and almost burnt me to death. So because that was my first experience in Minecraft and because I didn’t have any better ideas, I called myself PaulOnFire. (Which is a bit silly tbh, as you shouldn’t use real names online. But whatever.)

    oh dear lord, they say Herobrine starts forest fires. But it’s actually a wild Paul with Flint ‘n’ Steel!


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    When I started playing minecraft I revived the name I used for my very first MMO – before there were graphics on the internet. Netscape wasn’t even a word then 😉
    Initially I tried to write Bazooka but messed that up somehow. As the name is kinda unique, I never bothered changing it.

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    Proud Member of the British Empire

    Alvanos Morvothril
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    Alvanos Morvothril:

    My original username was AssassinOfHades which is really just something I came up with because I’m a fan of Assassin’s Creed and mythology. Then when I joined the Elven Empire I decided to become a Dark Elf and wanted a name that just sounded more lore friendly so I used a name generator to come up with Hades Morvothril. Recently I decided it still wasn’t lore friendly enough so I used the same name generator to come up with Alvanos Morvothril. It doesn’t really mean anything I just like how it sounds.

    The lore behind the character is dark and very long. I’m still working on it so I probably won’t post it here.

    Edit: The second time it wasn’t lore friendly enough was because I have like 14 other characters with lore friendly names.

    From Left to Right: Martomo Andeus, Imperial Scholar. Eruindil Larethoth, High Elven Necromancer. Rosertia Endelliun, Imperial Priestess. Geireid Ravencrone, Nord Mercenary. Moguk Murgrn, Orc Warrior. Elaara Stomreus, High Elven Soldier. Aymon, Sea Elven Mage. Elenaril Aquina, Sea Elf Priestess. Alvanos Morvothril, Dark Elven King. Rolane Morvothril, Dark Elven Sorceress. Rosayne Sinen, Breton Alchemist. Breydros, Dark Elven Thief. Aredriel Ivybrook, Wood Elven Hunter. Shahja Androsesh, Argonian Assassin. Daro’ahna Xatamil, Khajiit Smuggler.

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    ~Dark Elf King of the Ebonheart Empire~

    "I don’t recall using teleportation. Yet there I was. Alone. Naked."
    -Abraham Lincoln

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    My name AdmiralTrench is from my favorite show when i was a kid “the clone wars” and admiral trench was this spider/cyborg type of dude that would not die even when he was blown up twice.

    FrenchyTheFry is my name i use on like mobile gaming its cause im french and i like fries 😀

    ☠If my puns don't kill you my lack of effort will☠

    Blu Pearson
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    My original gaming name was MrClusterFluxin which i came up with while my wife and I were trying to come up with a name for our coworking space. We were brainstorming and just writing down anything that had to do with change, community, groups and the like. On my paper I had put down cluster and flux  in separate places so when i was reading back over it I just started laughing. My wife asked what was so fun and I said we should name our place clusterflux. Needless to say she put the nix on that name but i still thought it was funny. So when I started playing Minecraft I figured why let it go to waste and became MrClusterFluxin.

    Since my son wanted to start playing on servers I, being the responsible parent went to find some family friendly servers by joining them and checking them out first. To be honest i was a bit nervous for them as they are really sweet kids and i know how mean kids can be sometimes. Then my daughter wanted to start playing online as well but she was only 6.

    After doing a server search for servers that catered to younger children i found a whitelisted server that had a staff that were all parents of young minecrafters and had the same concerns i did. So I filled out the registration for each of the kids and myself as well to help my daughter learn how to play minecraft o a server.

    My kids were whitelisted but i was rejected because some of the parents thought my username was to edgy. XD So I emailed them and explained the situation. They said if I changed the name to something less “edgy” they would let me on.

    So my wife and kids started brainstorming for something that was cool but yet subdued. Out of that session TheBluBeardedYeti was born. It was piratey, my name, my beard, and i’m hairy and yeti shaped. But theblubeardedyeti was one letter to long to work as a username in minecraft so it was shortend to MrBluBeardedYeti.

    The lore of the transformation is much more interesting than the reality which can be found on the wiki here

    Smokey River
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    I guess I should chime in:

    Smokeyriver- I got the nickname Smokey when I was completing a research project in college on conservation work. Probably after Smokey the Bear hahahaha. I just pulled the river part out of thin air but it fits. Im an environmental nut and I enjoy anything conservation :-).

    Spookyriver- haha this was a joke going around with MrJolly and Markusi one day so on a whim i changed it.


    I solemnly swear I am up to no good.


    -Founder of Crew Savage-
    -Rear Admiral or Super Mod-
    *depends on how you want to view my super powers*

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    I guess I should chime in: Smokeyriver- I got the nickname Smokey when I was completing a research project in college on conservation work. Probably after Smokey the Bear hahahaha. I just pulled the river part out of thin air but it fits. Im an environmental nut and I enjoy anything conservation :-). Spookyriver- haha this was a joke going around with MrJolly and Markusi one day so on a whim i changed it.

    i always wondered where you got your name from, I just thought it was random.


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    The birth of the name Lawzoneon:

    Most of you will know, that my favourite series is and will always be One Piece, which is the best anime of all time and you should start watching it, if you havnt watched it yet.

    So about 2 years ago a new Character was introduced, Trafalgar Law. His power is the power of the Ope Ope no Mi, translated its named Surgery fruit. This fruit allows him to create a room around him and operate everything in this room. But not only his skills but also his appearance are amazing, he got tattoos all over his body and i just liked his style and his background story from the very first second.  So he became my new favourite character and will stay it probably for ever because we even do have a lot of things in common.

    Since Trafalgar Law ate the Surgery Fruit, he was called “Surgeon of the Death” by the world government, thats how the last part of my name was created. – Law (surg)eon

    but i thought about it and i still didnt like the name 100%. After hours and hours of thinking how to make the name perfect for me, i came up with Lawzoneon. The reason i liked this combination is because i like the fact that this name does actually mean something “Law zone on” and when you speak it out it sounds a bit like “Lost Onion” haha.

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    Wow, it’s been so long, but this place has so many cool things, I can’t help but revive it XD

    My username is PIPPIP5789, and there is a few walls of text coming to explain it.

    So, back in the 3rd grade, I heard about this game called Minecraft, and after “proving” myself to my parents, I was allowed to get it. Now, I couldn’t wait to get started, but I had to choose a username, and unfortunately, I was (and still am) terrible at names. I spent some time looking around, and I finally more or less gave up, because everything I could think of had already been taken. After some time, a robotics/programming competition came around, and I decided to enter it. After entering, I soon learned I loved both robotics and programming (I learned what I hoped to do for the rest of my life in the 3rd grade). ANYway, some languages (Python most notable nowadays) used a script called a Pip script, or the Pip tool, and said tool basically made a programmer’s life easier. Since I was in the 3rd grade, easier sounded better, so I started using the tool.

    Now, by this point I had totally forgotten about Minecraft, being all excited about programming, robotics, and trying to keep up with all of my schoolwork, so it wasn’t until after I had moved on past that language with the Pip tool (whatever it was) that I remembered Minecraft. Well, by sheer irony, I had forgotten about the Pip tool (again, 3rd grade), so I still couldn’t think of a name. I started playing on guest accounts (remember those?) and I just loved to play Capture the Flag. Well, I always played on a particular server that was a Minecraft Classics server, and I almost always played CTF on there. I was renown on the server as “The Ghost” (which would have been a great name, but oh well)… Well, one day something very particular happened.

    One day, I was playing CTF, and for whatever reason, I always managed to capture my opponent’s flag twice. Every time. I don’t know to this day why, but I played 23 matches that day (1 match consisting of a 3-of-5 series of games, each game first to 5 flag captures), and on EVERY GAME I captured their flag twice. No more, no less. Well, people started calling me “Double Trouble” that day (which didn’t stick, but also would have been a cool nickname). Well, I finally decided to try and think up a nickname, and I spent the next 2 weeks thinking. One day, the answer hit me (literally; I fell out of my chair in school): Pip would be my name, just like that programming tool I used to use. Well, I get home, and the name is taken. I am so mad because I thought I had it and I was finally going to get to play on that server with everyone else and they’d see me and know me as more than a guest, when suddenly I remember my “Double Trouble” nickname from that day. Well, I typed in “Pippip”, but somehow THAT was already taken as well (go figure, right?). I furiously erased the name, and smashed on the keyboard in frustration, hitting the Caps Lock key, when suddenly I thought of: My lunch number. Crazy as that sounds, I put in my lunch number, and I had my name! Only, my parents said I didn’t need to put any of my information on the internet, so I had to think for a while longer, and I finally remembered an old joke, “Why was 6 scared of 7? Because 7 8 9”. So, I took the 578 I had, and turned it into 5789, and with the caps, my name became “PIPPIP5789”. It hadn’t been taken (what would the chances of it being taken be?), and I finally got my name! The name became feared on that server, until my parents decided they didn’t want me to play on Multiplayer anymore…

    Now, for the lore of PIPPIP5789 (Sorry for more walls of text):

    The name PIPPIP5789 has become a legend among many servers, Piratecraft among them. The day this user joined Minecraft, he almost quit Minecraft, because he spawned in not 1, not 2, but 3 different Mushroom biomes in a row. Finally, after landing in a Village (and having his computer crash, effectively banning him from Minecraft for the next 2 years), he finally managed to rejoin the server he played on and began honing his skills. After making his mark on multiple servers as one of the best bowmen Minecraft had ever seen, PIPPIP5789 decided to take a break from his training and began studying the less violent ways of Minecraft, soon learning many techniques such as farming, and became much more domesticated (so he wouldn’t be banned from any more servers for alleged bow targeting hacks). After many years of honing himself under the sun, PIPPIP5789 soon began looking around for a new server. After flirting around with a few servers, he finally found a match: Piratecraft.

    Soon, PIPPIP5789 became a well-known player, having easily established a hidden base, with a fleet of small ships that guarded some secrets that would never be uncovered for the rest of the server’s life (being eventually regened/removed for reasons later explained). While no longer a crack shot with a bow, he soon gained the respect of many players with his strategies and tactics, and succeeded in creating a hidden underground empire that would last for a couple years to come. However, after being caught by his parents, PIPPIP5789 was forcefully removed from the server for an extended period of time, under which the hidden empire crumbled, and PIPPIP5789 lost all but 1 of his safehouses. Upon his return to the server 2 ½ years later, he found all this out, and soon began rebuilding the empire that he had once known.

    Try after try failed, and soon PIPPIP5789 took extended leaves, each weeks at a time, trying to find himself. After returning and travelling the server world over, he soon found the answer that so many people had missed. This answer, he soon began founding a new Empire on it, calling upon the name that had struck fear into so many others on so many other servers: The Visionary Empire. The Visionaries soon had some ups and downs, but soon, the new age would begin. The age of the Visionaries, under Emperor PIPPIP5789 and the Board of Directors and Advisors.

    Sorry about the walls of text, but I hope that everyone enjoys the shortened (yes, I’m serious) version of my life!

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    Confraquility for all! Only through war can we have peace, and only peace can bring an end to these wars.

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