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    My Username: <Elo106>
    Coordinates: <-7000, 64, -3000> (Do /getpos)
    Approximate Regen radius: <400×200 blocks>

    We have been staring at this abomination of a Box for months and after many request to make it less ugly the only visible response we got was more boxes!
    At this point it seems we are being trolled by its owner who is building more and more boxes just to make us mad.

    Map link: https://map.piratemc.com/?worldname=PirateCraft_1&mapname=surface&zoom=4&x=-6991&y=64&z=-3009


    Sj build a cylinder box base back in April and promised us he would decorate it and it wouldnt look bad.

    Instead of decorating his box he build 2 more boxes right on top of the border of our planed city (our own fault we should have claimed that area and shouldnt have trusted him with the plans).

    > We changed our city plans to accomidate his base box and requested again that he decorate it. AGAIN we were told he will get to it.

    Several months later we saw no progress.. at all. The same 3 boxes after 5! months.
    So I requested an ultimatum to clean up his mess. I send him the screen shot of Staff telling him to clean it up immediatly or it will be regened.

    Finally he got to work and did this:

    In his own words he did this in 20mins.

    A week after and it was still the same he then got banned.
    After he got unbanned we decided, even after all of this we would give him a few more days and instead of finaly just fixing this ugly mess he build yet ANOTHER box.

    Please move his boxes away from us

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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