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    Current Username: MoistP
    Username when banned: MoistP
    UUID: c7395723-b937-4910-82e3-c8458bf8caba
    Your punishment tracker link: Not showing up yet, banned last 10 minutes.
    Banned By: Not showing up yet, I can’t see my ban information yet.

    Unban Appeal

    Ban message goes as follows: “Offensive, toxic, poor attitude, previously banned of xray, suspected of using a client, we’re pretty done with your shit.”

    Past couple of days on the server I have been toning down my hostility towards other players, and going out of my way to help them out and try to get over any previous squabbles, because I was trying to make my own crew. I have been less toxic than other players towards me, one example, _Gores, calling me Piss instead of Moist or MoistP, and I brush it off. Previously I would’ve said some stuff to him. The previously banned of xray seems like a stretch, yes I was banned for it and I learned my lesson. I haven’t xrayed since. Suspect of using a client is not definitive proof, +I don’t even use a client on PMC, and I have screenshared with LEGQ my client the past 3~4 days/ f3’s to him. Last part I found very ironic. If you ask around the community, (other than gores ofc) you can see that I have been less toxic in the past 2 days than the past couple of months. I even helped out Decsain yesterday. I thought I was doing well in the community, but apparently the admins?gods? or whoever banned me thinks otherwise. I’m asking for this unban because I think I was wrongfully banned, if the suspect of cheating is me killing ftb in the video, I can show you the before and after of me killing him for ~10 minutes either direction, showing I don’t have any hacks on and such. This is an unjust ban, and I wasn’t able to defend myself at all towards whoever banned me.

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    heya. so id like to say a few things. I don’t really think your ban was unjustified. a lot of people are really fed up with dealing with you. “the past couple of days” of trying to atone for your weeks upon weeks of misbehavior wont cut it. 2 days vs the past couple of months of shit from you honestly means shit to many of us. you repeatedly called me, and other female players of the server objects, just because we are females. you tell people to kill themselves. you consistently blew up in any argument that involved you. helping a few players for a day or 2 doesn’t cover up the fact you’ve been a complete dickwad since the day you got unbanned. you’ve been muted multiple times for your language and vocal misbehavior. the most common was the mysoginistic comments towards myself, and several other female players. you were muted for a whole week because of it, after coming back you didn’t really seem to learn much. I called you “it” as a defense, since you took my humanity away by calling me an object, I took yours by calling you “it”, and you told me to kill myself. not exactly the kind of behavior anyone wants on the server… now, being suspected of cheating… well, while you claim to not cheat here, you have mods in your folders and use them on other servers. that proves you’re more than capable and willing to cheat, regardless of where. whats to say you have cheated here before and just covered it up? we may not have concrete evidence of you actually cheating here, but we do know you can cheat, and are willing to. I really think you need some time to sit back and learn how to treat others before you should be let back to our community.

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    Passive aggressive unban appeal within 10 minutes of being banned?

    Not posting your punishment tracker URL wont wipe it.


    I don’t know anything to do with your ban, but yesterday I do remember having to warn you verbally for swearing at people while I was testing on the test server!

    This appeal is denied, obviously. 10 mins after, and your attitude and personalty towards people is IN your appeal, you haven’t even tried to hide your toxicity in your appeal! The very least make an appeal that isn’t passive aggressive!

    Looking at your tracker I can also see you like to make racist comments, aggressive to staff, and an insane amount of mutes for being derogative to woman, just straight up nasty in every way, none of these are even part of your reason to be banned by the looks of it.

    How are any of these traits positive in giving to the server? this is a community not a place to just be toxic on the internet, do that elsewhere.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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