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    Add an item to auction:
    !A> price item
    Date format:
    Add an image:
    !Sales image Itemnumber IMGLink

    Show auctions:
    !View Auction

    !View My Auction
    !View itemnumber

    Bid on an item:
    !B> money Itemnumber

    So lets start by auctioning a Santa key.

    First we go to the “Auction” channel and start the auction using:

    !A> 10 SantaKey

    I added the Key and set the starting price to 10$. Now the Bot will ask how long I want the auction to go so I set it to 1 day.


    I could set it to 5 hours by using “0d5h” instead.

    The item was sucsessfully posted:

    Now lets add an image to it using the following command:
    !Sales image c9PsqKllm8
    c9PsqKllm8 is the item number (The bot will tell you this after you post the item)


    Now lets see how to bid on an item. First we will list all auctions using the following command:
    !view auction

    This will list all auctions with their item numbers to view our key we will use:

    !view c9PsqKllm8

    This will display all the information we need to bid on it. Lets bid 20 on the key.

    !B> 20 c9PsqKllm8


    After an auction is over the bot will post the results in the “general” channel and mention the seller and buyer.


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