Survival April Changelog roundup 2020, Massive Marketplace Updates!

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Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

  • April Fools I changed the formatting of in-game chat to display crew ranks instead of usernames, this was only for 1st April 2020.
  • Changed all our backup scripts, its taken me a while, but were extra safe now!
  • @vapecloudbear cross checked all the legacy ban system against the current one, added the ones that were missing and I was able to then wipe the old ban file so we no longer will get conflicts with people coming back after 5 years!
  • Fixed & tested subs not picking up iron blocks, working now.
    • Remember for subs its 50% of Blocks; 35,20,159,160,172,155,156,98, its more strict now with checking properly, it was VERY lenient before.
  • @lego Updated a ton of /guides or /index. Good job!
  • Removed missive about locking ships.
  • I changed how players are seen in chunks, they should be seen much further away in your chunks and not flipping randomly disappear! Via a report by @emielreijs.
  • @lego Now has permission to unlink your discord account to manage all discord unlinking, please make sure to create a forum thread to request an unlink so its public.
  • Updated Chat plugin.
  • Updated PvP manager.
  • Changed the /vote plugin to use flatfile database as it was having MySQL issues, not been able to backport the MySQL to SQLite as it uses a different schema, what a pain.
  • Cleared 13,000+ notes from players automated via previous anti-cheat. (Just reference for myself if I never need to know when I did this)
  • Replaced vote9 with a brand new voting website that were going to have to start from scratch with 0 votes on as the old one just vanished off the internet!
  • Due to chats in #🔭suggestions_chat I have buffed mobs per chunk:
    • Chicken from 5 to 10.
    • Rabbit from 5 to 10.
    • Sheep from 10 to 15.
    • Cow from 10 to 15.
    • Pig from 10 to 15.
      • Please consider these are relative to online players, so think about 80 players online each with 100 mobs, that’s not that many for one person but 80 is relatively large to manage mob AI when it comes to CPU power, if these increases effect server performance I will decrease them again.
  • Just for @emielreijs I have also buffed the mob limit per chunk for MUSHROOM_COW from 10 to 15.
  • Via request for /back teleport, I have enabled /tpbypass for Lieutenant+ for those that want to risk unsafe back locations!
  • Updated Anti-cheat 4 times this month.
    I love these regular updates, I have reported the issues from #🐛bugs to the dev caused by AC and he fixed them.
    If you find any bugs from the Anti Cheat make sure to record them and tell staff how to reproduce it in Discord/Forums and we can get them fixed.
  • Updated Premium Suite plugin.
  • Updated Crate plugin.
  • Updated Jump pads plugin.
  • Updated Brewing plugin.
    • FIX: Cauldron now starts properly at minute 0 and as intended takes longer until usable brews come out.
    • There is a new lore system, so brew lore will look different
    • This was a major version upgrade so its going to give @smokeyriver @vapecloudbear and @Xeron some crazy new features for future brews if we can get the issues on boot fixed and there’s no issues.
  • Updated Admin shop NPC plugin.
  • Updated ship in a bottle plugin (Buy a pre-made ship you can place down!).
  • Fixed /back location being reset when you are killed in PvP, thanks @Creepermorderen for the custom plugin.
  • Added @BGraph as Build Leader (Housewright) To be able to add/remove craftsman for build projects on Creative/Survival!
    • Will work on invite only process, so please don’t send Bgraph a ton of messages asking to be on the team!
    • If you have awesome skills in making pirate themed villages/towns/islands please post them in #📷media for everyone to see, this way we can find new builders for specific areas of the new spawn building project!
  • Updated BOTM Missive for May 2020.
  • Added vote 12 to /vote in-game!
    • You can now earn 4 vote keys a day! As votes are cumulative, you need 3 votes for 1 key, 12/3=4 Keys!
    • That’s 1460 keys a year if you vote every day for 365 days! When we had 11 vote sites that would have been 1,095‬ a year, so a massive 365‬ extra vote keys a year!
  • Updated /stats command, to take priority when we have custom mobs plugin on the server which “breaks” it by overriding it with their command which does nothing!
  • Crate Updates!
    • Added Easter Treasure Chest! Currently the only way to get a key is from the Vote Chest /vote at /warp cove Thanks @Xeron.
    • Added BOTM Treasure Chest! at /warp cove This will be for BOTM winners to use keys on! Thanks @Xeron.
    • Added Preview of Dead Mans Chest 2 at /warp cove as a placeholder, this is not available in any way yet and needs to be tweaked! No way to get keys! Just for a preview of items! Thanks @Xeron.
    • Added Custom Mobs plugin for @CallieMav who has created some new custom Easter Mobs with their own custom item drops! To come very soon! (Or he might spawn a couple tonight to fight!).
    • Added Free Easter basket of goodies at /warp meet for everyone! Lots of Easter eggs!
  • Had a massive move around of ships inside /warp cove and rebuilt and moved the dock, thanks @lego for crashing into everything and stealing the ship during the process.
  • Updated brewing plugin (For next restart) to hopefully fix some boot errors.
  • @lego Updated some /guides
  • Added /servertime for everyone, this is the real world time that the servers in, which is GMT, my time. This will allow you to do events “server time” and people can stay on the same track without having to work it out their end!
  • Fixed /time for showing the game day/night time for Contributors New plugin overwrote it, so it gives a bit more information now.
  • Temp set new players balance to £0 when they spawn to stop bots giving it to people (This is now back at £25).
    • Considering that new players have to interact with a sign/NPC to receive their £25 starting money so it doesn’t inflate the eco numbers for the whole economy, whatcha think?
  • Added grappling hooks!
    • These will most likely be moaned about greatly during sieges/PvP but they are SO much fun, so I’m testing it live to see how they are really used.
    • These are now on sale at /warp cove from the gunsmith in the Cannons shop!
    • Yes it will work in other peoples claims.
    • They have 25 uses for each grappling hook
    • I enabled them pulling players to you, as its hilarious.
  • Moved Parrot NPCS from /tuts to /spawn watched 3 new players join and use them all! Good times.
  • Removed /pay from Deckhands for the first few hours they play, and gave them their $25 spawn money back, Still considering instead only giving it to them when they read the rules or getting started guide from the NPC, what do you think? Like they could have to read through them and click it at the bottom of the book. #🔭suggestions_chat.
  • This is from a previous update that I didn’t include so is for visibility, the previous PvP Manager tag plugin updated added an Action bar timer cooldown!
  • Updated analytics plugin
  • Shop Updates!
    • Added/warp shop6 after building a spawn location to be in the center! I created 2 new shops (Now active!) moving some shops and terrain around, lots of moving to create this into a small marketplace.
      • Removed and re-made S11 @DeathStr0ke_YT you are ready to setup shop again in the fresh new location of S11.
      • I need everyone that has shops marked up to answer the messages I sent them about letting me remove their shops and re-build them closer to the warp. The quicker you can empty your shop and notify me the quicker I can do this.
    • @IndexOutOfMJ and @ScriptX will start work on a whole new market from scratch (Bottom right image) this will have its own shop warp! Please be patient as this requires creating all these shops from scratch in survival, do not pester them!
      • This is now live and is /warp shop7
    • @BGraph has taken to creating an entire new market inside the church where there will be lots of stalls! A new warp will go here too! (Top right image)
    • Market stalls have been moved to a brand new market /shop8 these have been upgraded to popup shops which can be rented longer than stalls.
  • /warp shop6 Re-designed:
    • This took a bit of work, but I have managed to successfully remove 5 shops and re-build them in much better locations all as cuboids and all using the latest price algorithm at /warp shop6 this was moving people from old shops in bad positions and auto-renting the new shops I made in their name, so they didn’t lose their shop.
    • Would not have been able to do this without cooperation from @RuffyLJ @Edible_Sandwich @Taulov @CT_7567 and @LimeTheWise they all managed to clear their shops within 24h of me sending them a PM so I could get this all done in one night! Amazing work you lot!
      • S6 Re-made @RuffyLJ.
      • S9 Re-made @Edible_Sandwich.
      • S12 Re-made @Taulov.
      • S13 Re-made @CT_7567 – Was also owned by @RuffyLJ but you have been evicted from having 2 shops! You now have S6!
      • S7 Created as a new shop (Re-used an old name) moved in @LimeTheWise.
      • Removed Shop S55 Previous owner @CT_7567.
      • Removed Shop S70 Previous owner @CT_7567 Also Evicted from having 2 shops! Now just S13.
      • Removed Shop S69 Previous owner @LimeTheWise (We have to re-use this name somewhere 😏).
  • Added the animated doors/portcullis/sliding doors plugin I have on the test server you can use this now with /doors
  • New /warp shops
    • Re-created my “Marketplace Hub” I originally released the market with /warp shops putting you in front of a big map with buttons to warp to locations, this was seen as an “extra step” and so ended up being moved a few times and ending at the /warp shop1 location, which is bias to that marketplace.
    • I have re-created my shop hub, where /warp shop and /warp shops place you in roughly the center of the marketplace (where the old church was on a hill) with a 360 degree selection of shops to visit.
    • The time was creating 16 portals, setting up their particles and activation range, but this give us seamless movement around the marketplace without need of the warps (The warps still exist, and will stay as fast travel) but I have universally seen people recommending users to use /warp shops as a universal reply to anyone asking to buy/sell.
    • So I spent the time creating this area, so its not Bias to a specific market, so we can have holograms/information above the portals, so we can have more notice boards about things happening at the marketplace, and in the near future hopefully a tutorial will be moved there, so we can remove the castle and make way for more marketplaces.
  • Added new shop s1 to /warp shop6:
    • Due to a player that already owns a shop renting this new shop even after new rules have been imposed for 1 shop per person, I will be imposing a technical restriction to 1 shop per person.
    • Since there is such high demand at present for shops, more are being added, many many more. But this is time dependable on when they can be built and created by me.
    • So right now we need to restrict shops per person to 1. Once more markets open and the demand decreases we can relax and Allow people to have more again!
    • Those that have multiple shops should not be kicked out automatically and will still be renting until the rent runs out.
  • JAVA Update
  • Updated Bungee server
  • Removed the useless Anti-bot plugin, I have a new one I want to test already.
  • Updated the Kill abuse to use the new jail system (Or force it to use it!)
  • Added /kit ship for Deckhands only! Thanks to a #🔭suggestions from @PIPPIP5789 who also made the kit!
  • Added /kit poop temporarily as I’m a child.
  • @Xeron Cleaned up the area around /warp west. Remember that you can always message an admin online to regen an area or remove inactive claims! We have so many people joining we can’t keep up with our regular cleanup – so don’t be afraid to ask!
    The best method is to create a forum thread, we have a dedicated forum for regen requests!
  • Added Grappling Hooks to buy from NPC Gunsmith in the Cannon shop at /warp cove 25 uses each grappling hook at £125 in-game money.
  • Added Easter Crate key drops Automatically every 30m Someone will be picked at random every 30m and given an Easter key! (No longer active)
  • Added 15 x Easter Crate keys to the Store at $4.99 use /donate or Click the link! (No longer active)
  • Updated layout of Treasure chests (for keys) at /warp cove.
  • Updated /donate Referral gift to be 3 x Vote Keys instead of the DeadMansChest keys (Add a username on the store as a referral to gift these keys to someone!)
  • Removed Shop S71 (To be relocated) @Buckmaster1993 You will auto be given a new one once its ready.
  • Removed Shop S72 (To be relocated) @Iron4merica You will auto be given a new one once its ready.
  • Removed 200,000 player rewards at cove.
  • Removed grappling hook test chest at cove.
  • Carrying on with the Improvements to the Marketplace, I have updated /pirateshops to /shops and /shop.
    • Added NPC at /warp shops to open the new /shopsinfo previously /shops.
    • Added /shopinfo and /shopinfo for next restart as the main alias for /info shop /ctext shop previously /shops & /shop.
    • Added 4 jump pads to /warp shop to launch to the marketplace if people prefer than using the portals/warps/gui/walking.
    • Changed /shops and /shop to open the GUI to /pirateshop which has been around years, which is the GUI from /travel this gives us more options for adding more GUI items.
    • Updated the GUI for the new /shops to include all 8 pirate shop warps and also includes an option for the /shopsinfo.
  • Hopefully from this screenshot below, you can better envision my plan for Shop1 markets, 3 new shops will be added and markets moved to a new location.
    • @IndexOutOfMJ Has started work on the new spawn location for /warp shop1 after I was able to remove some markets for relocation
    • 2 new shops at /warp shop1 have been built by @IndexOutOfMJ ready for me to make them active. There is no ETA so please do not ask, We have made some stairs and pathway connecting other parts of the market from /warp shops to /warp shop1.
    • I moved /warp shop1 and its portal(s) to the new location dead center between all shops, we are waiting for the remaining people with markets to vacate so we can do the rest of the area.
    • Removed S79 (Stall To be relocated) @CrazyMoneyy You will auto be given a new one once its ready.
    • Removed S78 (Stall To be relocated) @Xeron You will auto be given a new one once its ready.
    • Removed S73 (Stall To be relocated) @CT_7567 You will auto be given a new one once its ready.
    • Removed S74 (Stall To be relocated) @MrDarkGuard You will auto be given a new one once its ready.
  • Blocked people from pulling staff with grappling hook due to players using it when me and max are doing Worldedit commands, where our position is vital. You can no longer grapple hook Moderators or Admins.
  • The new market stalls are not ready yet, thank you for your patience those waiting on new stalls.
    • Moved S14 from the middle of nowhere to a prime location at /warp shop1.
    • Re-made S16 from scratch to be much longer to take the position of the old S14 @Gores you are ready to re-move back in.
    • New shop S22! in the prime location of /warp shop1.
    • New shop S71! in the prime location of /warp shop1.
    • New shop S72! in the prime location of /warp shop1.
    • Removed S75 (Stall To be relocated) @PortugalJ You will auto be given a new one once its ready.
    • Removed S76 (Stall To be relocated) @mikael145 You will auto be given a new one once its ready.

More good reads!


Big thanks to @lego for creating me the backbone for this forum post, he went through all my change logs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Lego!

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