Survival March Changelog roundup 2020 – Mob Limits & Informative commands

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Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

  • Mob spawn’s & Entity management in chunks to reduce massive farm spawns, may change based on suggestions on Discord.
    • I greatly reduced the amount of Guardians allowed to be kept in chunks at one time as the farms were 200-300 guardian spawns every 60 seconds! Not the best for a survival server with a player based economy!
    • The other issue is these are only available to veteran players that nabbed them early, or bought/have access to existing claims.
    • Please check /moblimits in-game for current values of mobs per chunk as this will change.
  • Mob spawns are 4 systems, the spawn limits, the activation range, tracking range and then a plugin the entity chunk manger.
    • Nerfed monsters spawn limit from 50 to 40 (its all monsters, you can not set per mob spawn limits, only manage them per chunk)
    • Nerfed water animals spawn limit from 4 to 3 Chunks not blocks
    • Nerfed entity activation range for water mobs from 16 to 3 Chunks not blocks (Controls the range in blocks that entities will become “activated”).
    • Nerfed the chunk limiter for Guardians & Elder Guardian.
  • @lego has kindly made you all  /moblimit  for those that do not read changelogs/blog posts (So you most likely wont see this message!).
  • Limited Fireworks to 5 per chunk Via @RoMich02 posting his suggestion in #âš“general instead of #🔭suggestions.
    • This may not work as we would expect and may just not work, worth testing though.
  • /crewscore works again, changed the help guide to /whatscrewscore.
  • Re-mapped the alias /info to do the same as /guide. So /info siege will work the same as the new /guide siege for those too stubborn to learn a new command!
  • Updated Anti-cheat 3 versions
  • Removed NPC book plugin this is now included in our premium suite plugin.
  • Contributors receive a new permission! /togglepm to toggle your Private messages if you don’t want to receive any from anyone.
  • Managed to get the Entity manager notification working, and found out its global for the entire server not per chunk, so its more a moderation tool as opposed to player tool, as you can see from the screenshot from the ENTIRE SERVER Guardians are the ones having to be nuked, this was over 300 before my changes.
    • Briefly gave to everyone, now its just Staff.
  • Updated missive about population limiter & changed /info siege to /guide siege in Missive.
  • Updated Premium Essentials suite & Jump Pads plugins.
  • Buffed Spider & Cave spider entity limits per chunk (For Spoder farms) Now 15 per chunk.
  • Removed s68 (the balloon at /warp shop4) as nobody rented it.
    • Created a second balloon at /warp shops to look out over the market, with a launchpad on it and connected to the castle.
  • @lego has been doing lots of work on the in-game /guides again! This time working on books too!
    • New command /shipsigns for quick information on signs for ships, aimed at new players.
    • /chat was re-made to explain about chat in general and how it works.
    • /emoji was created and all emojis moved here that are also now clickable! They will put into your chat bar like magic! No need to type the emojis now!
  • Split the bible up into separate book guides that can be opened up with a command, which allowed me to create these Parrot NPCS that glow (These are all now found at /spawn)
    • Book variants of guides include: claims, commands, contributor perks, getting started guide, ranks, rules & soon how to build a ship. Right clicking the parrot opens up the book without having to give a book!
  • Added /msgtoggle as an alias for /togglepm as I’ve always used msgtoggle and can never remember togglepm, is there an alias to something you used to use that no longer works? Put it in suggestions discord channel and I can add it to the new command.
  • /warp south NPC Stockman Removed spawn eggs, greatly reduced the price from 200 to 40-50 now spawns:
    • Buy tamed horse with saddle for £40
    • Buy tamed donkey with saddle and chest for £50
    • But tamed mule with saddle and chest for £50
    • They will spawn in the Livery yard right next to you.
  • New players that join will be given Speed 2 for 10 mins to see if that encourages leaving spawn
  • Changed the login/out messages to just an arrow and username, matched the bracket style to the same as ally/crew chat (See screenshot)
    • Via @GodsDead in #🔭suggestions
    • Tidying up chat spam a bit.
  • You can now use Pumpkins, Hay Bales and Melon Blocks on ships! Via @emielreijs #🔭suggestions for transport ships
  • Updated Light fix plugin and its dependency, hopefully it will run again and not crash the server, we will see…
  •  @LEGO has created a how to sail guide for one of the tutorial parrots at /tuts will be moved to spawn once we have tidied spawn up a bit!
  • Buy a tame Horse/Donkey/Mule with saddle & chest from /warp north /warp west /warp east one will spawn near the stockman once bought!
  • Moved /warp shop5 back to its original location, with 7 new shops.
  • We saw a massive spike in online players during Covid with 80-100 players online at once which broke all our records. With this many people on the server at once, its tested the server performance, which is brilliant, for quality of playing, I have made some changes to try and claw back some resources for the high volume of players.
    • Temporarily halved view distance from 8 to 4
    • Temporarily halved entity-tracking-range (when monsters and animals AI stars working)
    • Updated Anti-Cheat
    • Removed light fix plugin & dependency
    • Temporarily removed in-game poll plugin
    • Removed Sign editing & Ping plugins
    • Replaced the /ping with a new ping from our premium essentials plugin.
  • Updated Join/leave messages to say a player left/joined as people were getting confused with the minimal messages.
  • Set ender pearl cooldown to 10 second via @Nationalistic’s suggestion in discord.
  • Updated all Missives to have space before and after them, removed some “crucial” missives to not be bright yellow and put them into the general messages pool, added a missive about locking your ships with a piston with the new update.
  • With massive thanks to @eirikh1996 & @cccm5 we have an updated Ship plugin!
    • You can now sail with a double chest! No extra hurdle to learn as a newbie! This means people that locked their ships with only double chests and haven’t locked them are in danger if they haven’t locked them!
    • You can now climb ladders properly when moving in a ship, Better for climbing up sails to the crows nest!
    • Items dropped on death seem to stay on the ship when being sailed and move with the ship!
    • New Ship signs!
      • Add a sign with Status: on the top line, and when cruising will show coords/fuel (we only use fuel on 1 ship).
      • Add a sign with Speed: to display the current speed in meters per second as well as average time it takes for the craft to move once.
      • New Ship sign! Add a sign with Name: on the top line and name your ship, ship names will show up in /contacts (Completely untested and most likely require perms).
      • New ship sign! Add a sign with Contacts: Will display nearby ships on lines 2->4, Also new command available:
      • New ship command /contacts Will display nearby ships with their names.
  • Updated all the Ship messages as a lot has changed.
  • Updated Bungee server
  • Updated premium essentials suite plugin.
  • Added alias for openinvfor admins (I’m just stuck in the past with old commands lol)
  • Updated Analytics plugin
  • Updated NPC Admin shop plugin
  • Added /claimblocks, alias of /claimslist for claim info.
  • Added access to/warp ships3 Setup years ago, Was to encourage people to get there themselves, now with a warp.
  • @Admin Got the ability to /tfly to temp add fly for X time (BOTM).
  • Fixed voting being screwed up by the JVM crashes
  • Fixed Brew data being screwed up by the JVM Crashes
  • Remade all admin NPC shops due to a JVM crash that wiped them.
  • Fixed the weird &0 in front of all lines in a book you create.
    • Everyone can now use &9 color code in books to set titles colored titles!
  • /wild error message changed for anyone above Deckhand to tell you its for deckhands only, via #🔭suggestions by @SpikyCactus


Big thanks to @lego for creating me the backbone for this forum post, he went through all my change logs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Lego!

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