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I swapped out our old Ancient Chunk mob limiter for a new one with more features (And one that actually accepts all mobs/entities past 1.10) There are a few changes, nothing is set in stone and we are happy to accept change if you request it on the forums, let me try and list out some of the changes.

What does this plugin do?

We have always had a Chunk limiter in place, This is a new plugin that does the same thing it limits the amount of mobs/entities that are allowed in each chunk to combat massive farms that cause client and server lag for pirates cramming in too many entities into a single chunk.

What happens to the mobs/entities if I go over the threshold per chunk?

They are removed from the chunk (Unless they fall into some rules below)

Game play changes to mobs/entity limits in chunks

  • Wolf Control was added.
    • Checks tamed wolfs in a chunk range, if its above the limit of 5 tamed wolfs then they are made to sit (Not removed).
    • This limit is per player and may be reduced to 2/3 per player.
  • Automatic Chunk farm cleaning will happen every 60 seconds
  • You will be notified if a chunk near you was cleaned from entities and how many.
  • The following items are ignored from the Automatic Chunk cleaner
    • Armour stands with items on them
    • Entities with equipment (I you die and a mob picks up your items)
    • Item frames have things in them
    • Tamed animals will be ignored
    • Named animals will be ignored
    • Animals with a saddle will be ignored
    • Baby animals are ignored
  • Skeleton horses will no longer be butchered as I can now limit them! You can now have a skeleton horse as a pet!
  • It is now possible to limit blocks per chunk too (Like hoppers, pistons etc), I have not enabled this, its included in the change log in-case you can think of a reason we would need to limit a specific block per chunk.
  • Its now also possible to have a permission to spawn Withers, Iron golems and Snowmen, this again has not been enabled but is an option if we ever need it or you can think of a reason.
  • I grouped some entities together for Chunk limits, First group is Animals with Pigs, Cows, Horse, Rabbits, Sheep and Chicken are limited to 50 animals per chunk.
  • Chunk limits for Monsters group that include, Zombie, Skeleton, Slime, Creeper and Cave spider & Spider are limited to 40 monsters per chunk
  • Chunk limits for Nether group includes Blaze, Magma Cube, Zombie Pigman, Wither Skeleton and Ghast is limited to 30 per chunk.
  • Chunk limits for End group include Enderman (no friends) is limited to 30 per chunk.
  • I also created a Sea group (For them temple farms) with includes Elder Guardian, Guardian and Squid (Who’s farming squid?) which is limited to 30 per chunk.
  • Wither skeleton is limited to 10 per chunk
  • Stray limited to 20 per chunk
  • Husk 20 per chunk
  • Skeleton horse 10 per chunk
  • Zombie horse limited to 10 per chunk
  • Armour stands (Empty) are limited to 10 per chunk
  • Normal Minecraft boats are limited to 10 per chunk
  • Minecarts are limited to 30 per chunk
  • Minecart TNT is limited to 20 per chunk
  • Wither is limited to 10 per chunk (Who’s spawning more than 10 withers in a chunk?)
  • Endermite is limited to 30 per chunk
  • Skulker is limited to 20 per chunk
  • Snowman is limited to 20 per chunk
  • Polar bear is limited to 10 per chunk (big bois)
  • Parrots limited to 10 per chunk (as there collected at spawn)
  • Villagers limited to 50 per chunk (that’s a LOT of villagers per chunk and this may change)
  • Everything else is unlimited.

These were all rough values to get the plugin live, I will adapt and change/add entity or mob limits for those that comment on this blog post, we can add more Monsters or Animals to their groups for farms or do individual changes per entity.

Written by GodsDead

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Written by GodsDead

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Posted on August 12, 2019

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