Survival Changelogs January 2020

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Changelogs from December 12st 2019 – January 30th 2020 on main Survival server.

Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you are following our Discord server to be the first to see changes!

  • Updated chat plugin 4 times
    • Now ignores vanished players from PM
  • Updated Protocol hack on all servers, From 1.15.1 to 1.15.2.
    • We are still using 1.12.2 as the main server
  • Updated Bungee server for 1.15.1 and 1.15.2
  • Updated XPBoost plugin
  • Updated Tebex(BuyCraft)/Discord/Bottle EXP plugins
  • Added Custom mobs plugin and new custom item plugin to go with it and Disguises plugin for Xmas event. (Event now ended)
  • Added Comet Crate for Xmas (Event now ended)
  • Added Comet Crate key to Vote chest (Event now ended)
  • Made the Comet Key drop every 30m to someone random online (Event now ended)
  • Added the Comet key to the online store, 10x for $4.99 (Event now ended)
  • New Giveaway! 15x Comet Crate keys to be picked for 3 people on Christmas Day! enter now just react to the #🎉giveaway Channel (Event now ended)
  • Ended the in-game poll asking how many people joined before 1.8 /poll results joined for those interested. Turns out, I still have my 1.7.10 files! So I can just compare to current active players!
    • Tldr; I will need to make a script to update peoples stats when I move to 1.13+ with a new stats and auto ranking system.
  • Fixed the /warp cove spawn dropping people into water, put some full blocks under it and moved it.
  • There is a Treasure chest on the beach at /warp cove with some goodies to celebrate entering 2020! (event ended)
  • Updated missives, removed some old ones, changed their timings there shown, and added BOTM Jan 2020 missive.
  • Removed “shark pit” from the cove where you could enter the region and not exit (It was an old jail with a shark in it)
  • Did a /thaw for the snow at Market, builders will need to manually remove the rest of the snow left.
  • Reduced the amount of Skeleton horses allowed per chunk from 10 to 3, as there are trillions of them everywhere.
  • Added Auction 12 now live use /auc in-game.
  • Updated Entity Manager & Crates plugins
  • Changed the /server selector message to remove the writing about Creative being on Hub
  • Via #🔭suggestions @Cysteen Removed the Chat replacement for “gonna” to “Going to”, so you can now have your common chat, the only other words left are now: dis, u, dia, wb, ty, ez, np, np!, oldman, romich, omg, h
  • @iwanio Updated the PirateCraft resource pack for 1.13-1.14+
  • Fixed signs working on cannons again! (was being blocked by Chat plugin) Thanks for the report @eirikh1996 and thanks for testing @LEGQ
  • Updated the EssentialsX suite of plugins
    • Changed the config for GeoIP.
    • Fixed the GeoIP database
  • Updated Ender pearl cooldown plugin
  • /stats is now fixed and showing again, turns out its either the Custom mobs plugin/Custom item plugin/Disguise plugin just stopping it displaying the stats in-game, this is vital I got this working for our next set of tests!
  • Updated Regen scripts to reset Xmas world and send out messages to everyone! XMAS world is now lootable with PVP off, tomorrow this changes! PvP Will be ON! So get in your Free looting now! /warp xmas /warp xmas2 /warp xmas3 (event now ended)
  • Added PirateScore plugin made for us by @creepermorderen
    • Use/crewtop and /crewscore
    • Updated to take into account the updated KDR.
  • Removed Quests until we have some ideas written up for quests #🔭suggestions for quest ideas.
  • Started tracking explosions with coreprotect to find out who griefed areas
  • Updated NPC plugin to support settings commands to it.
  • Removed NPC command plugin as Its now built into NPC plugin
  • Removed Staff inventory viewing plugin
  • Updated the world based inventory plugin to the latest legacy version
  • Added Admin shop plugin
    • Support for a new ship shop where a ship is stored in a chest you can place, also so I can have a new wood shop with permissions and to sell horses etc at NESW warps.
  • Added plugin to buy pre-made ships saved in chests!
  • /warp south NPC shop re-made, you can now buy a Tamed horse with saddle as an Egg from “Stockman” stockman will in time sell Cattle at all warps and more types of livestock!
    • Current price is £200 in-game cash, this can change at any point.
  • Changed warp south to allow mob spawning, so eggs can be placed.
  • KDR Change to reduce people hunting down new spawns.
    • KDR kill weights have been set wrong for years, the score you are used to is based on killing people NOT in crews.
    • Civilian kill is now -0.5 KDR instead of -1.0 (Person not in a crew)
    • Neutral kill is now +1.0 KDR instead of 0.5 (Person in a crew but not allied/rivaled)
    • Rival Kill is the same at +1.5 KDR
  • You will now be hidden again in shadows on the livemap (Not sure how this disabled itself)
    • 0 is full shadow and 15 is full light open to sky, you will be hidden at 5 light level from the live map.
    • Via @Xeron This means you will be hidden from map when its night time, and you are out in the open. This will allow sneaky people to build, sail, and attack at night and be hidden from map
  • Updated main OS Java/Rebooted the physical machine
  • Added :cat: For @RoMich02 replacement in server chat does ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
  • Updated /chat 6 to display the added chat replacement, we have 6 pages in this now!
  • Spent way too long writing a guide on how to understand Client side lag/network lag/Server lag and some tips on how to fix these issues, now when someone writes “lag” in chat, it will give them their notification but also link to this page
  • Cove Wood shop replaced! We now have a glowing NPC called Lumberjack, Mr Lumberjack does buying/selling of all oak logs, now only for Deckhands & Cadets.
    • The glowing NPC is much easier to find at cove and more modern opposed to signs.
    • I can move this shop anywhere if we need to move him
    • I can increase the sell prices so Deckhands/Cadets can make more money selling Wood, so more money for them to spend in the market!
    • This unlimited source of money can now be capped per player if we need to.
    • The wood shop has always only been intended for Deckhands/Cadets to make some small chump change to get started, its NEVER been for players to make tree farms for an infinite supply of free cash!
    • Yes I know people will use Alts/Deckhands to cash in, but it might get players talking to new players that otherwise not have been talked to ever! talk to them (Don’t enslave them).
  • Updated Entity manager
  • Updated jump pads plugin 3 times
    • Fix console spam from removing xmas world
    • Still triggers velocity from AC
  • Updated Anti-cheat 9 times Between December and January 30th
    • NPC disabled, Chat Checks turned off, Message removed to broadcast when someone is kicked, but most importantly a whole new Machine learning file that was for some reason not updating previously, this should help with better checking, to go with the changes in the AC itself.
    • Re-written speed checks
  • Updated Analytics plugin 2 times
  • Trade your old Crate keys for vote keys!
    • I have tried to find as many versions of crate keys as I can, each one will trade for a vote key.
    • Make sure to use your event/crate keys while Crates exist as they will not come back, this is just a nice gesture for people to use up exiting keys they have stocked up.
    • Use /warp cove and Right click the NCP Named KeyMaker
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Posted on January 30, 2020

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