Contributor /near hides invisible & sneak, /back is disabled when killed via PvP

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Survival Server

  • Added custom /near plugin. Contributors have access to /near. for those that don’t know what it does, near shows pirates within 128 block radius of you. This new custom version now does not show invisible on or sneaking pirates! Allowing you to sneak up-to Lieutenants+ that have /near. This works both ways, if you are building and want to hide from hunters, you will now be hidden from their /near radar! Massive thanks to Creeper for making this for us!
  • /near will now show a coloured crew tag next to the username, green means ally, red rival and grey is neutral. So you can quickly see whos with who!
  • Added custom /back rule, Contributors have access to /back, this allows them to go back to their previous teleport location, one issue we have always suffered was from pirates using this after being killed in PVP to return. Now if someone with /back is killed in PVP they will not be able to /back. Many thanks to Creeper for making this for us!
  • Added new Treasure Chest! DeadMansChest, Keys for this chest are only available from the Store page or /donate this is our first generic Pirate themed chest that will be around all year and not just for special events.
  • Updated the Minecraft server to block a serious glitch
  • Replied to my in-game /mail in public
  • I have a mass claim clean-up proposal that still needs some feedback, if I don’t get any more feedback then I will just go ahead with it!
  • Test server is back up testing 1.13+ changes & plugins, please keep an eye on our Discord channel “test_server_1-13-🚧” where all updates will be posted.
  • Removed the valentines messages from server MOTD
  • Formatted /server to be easier to read, the previous orange blob of text was impossible to use.
  • Updated /auc with mostly all custom items, these have start prices due to the last Auctions very low ball winnings (My fault for starting them at 0!). This is Auction number 4.
  • Updated /motd
  • There was a valentines key drop, Coupon and free gift chest which is all over now, as valentines has been and gone!


  • Added auto reactions for #changelogs, #suggestions and #annoucements
  • Added #changelogs channel to discord so I can quickly post my changes I make live, so when I get time to write these mass changelog blog posts it’s easier for me to remember what I’ve changed and for pirates to know about changes faster!


  • Updated website navigation (Again!) to hopefully fix the nav on mobile and desktop.
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Written by GodsDead

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Posted on February 26, 2019

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