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    I haven’t checked my in-game mail in so long I thought I would tackle it today, one of the players has been offline 6 months so it’s got to have been 6mo since I last checked it.

    Since I cant just click to reply to people, I’m going to do a blanket reply to all as none of them actually needed to be a mail to me.

    Most of this was sent with MUCH longer sentences over 4-5 mails to get to one basic point, I have trimmed down the questions/requests.

    1. Can you reset the world? No.
    2. Can you add maps to ships? No.
    3. You are invited to an Elven party at the Woodland kingdom next Sunday (I may have missed this by 6mo).
    4. Can you make more ships at cove? Sounds like a good idea, but not any time soon, Im open to all builds on the Creative server! Pirate themed please!
    5. Can you give me a /nick? No.
    6. Can you restore my rank to sailor? Sure bud, its already sailor.
    7. Will you expand the survival world? Nope, this size is the biggest it will be, I still want to add additional custom sea & island based worlds with a few different rules.
    8. my playtime reset. Ask online staff
    9. I heard you were auctioning off ketos cheated items, can I bypass this and send you some in-game money to buy specific item XYZ? No.
    10. op? Err no
    11. my Stats have been reset! No they haven’t the server spazzed out and needed to restart.
    12. The spamming is still happening? What spamming?
    13. Can i have help with a claim? Sure make a forum post
    14. Can we get a plugin to see where our pets are? No
    15. Merry Xmas from SmokinSoldier! Merry Christmas to you too SmokinSoldier!
    16. merry Christmas from AdzOYS! Merry Christmas to you too AdzOYS!
    17. Sorry my little sister annoying you, shes a big crykid. My little brothers a crykid too (hes like 26yrs old)
    18. Nuuuuuu. oh no!
    19. I found an Afk pond at XYZ. Thanks solved.
    20. Can you make a sword in dark bold red for me? No.
    21. Will you reset the server? No.
    22. my playtime reset. Ask online staff.
    23. How do you claim auc items if you win? /auc collect
    24. If I want to start a bank or investment bank, to loan out money with interest can staff make people pay back or lose something as collateral? No.
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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