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    The outlaws have pissed off everyone internationally. King saraphim has tried to reason with the outlaws and stop this war with everyone thus putting our very own troop movement on hold.

    he has requested:


    2 sets of God armor

    since you will not be able to listen he is backing us up in this war. It is now on and will not stop until they surrender.

    ~Queen of the Woodland Elves
    Elder of the High Council~


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    He as in lewboi100, and you as in the 0utlaws, and the second he as in Me, for everyone’s information 😛

    Owner of Port Laconia (warp market)
    British Empire Chief of Police


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    One minute the Elven Empire pulled out of the war.

    Next minute they come back in realising that the Outlaws need to be stopped.

    (not being negative to the Elves just explaining from my point of view what seems to have happened)

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    The only thing that bothers me is that whenever the hardtimez guys are in a war is that they demand stuff for the war to end they never give anything in return its just the fact that they always ask for stuff instead of trying to work on terms of what the war should end on


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    here is what happened: the elves were gonna back out of the war (for reasons of economy) the were gonna make a peace contract with the outlaws….then lewboi said that they would ony accept with the following conditions 1000$ and 2 sets of God armor for “peace”…well like any normal person the elves said “fuck that” and came back to the war for that offecive request.


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    Wow solid for once you were on topic and said somthing that made sense 😀 lol gg for the sum up.


    Oh hardtimez is an”changed man” I’m not buying his bs! Until they end it were not gonna stop.

    ~Queen of the Woodland Elves
    Elder of the High Council~


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    If the Elves gave the 0utlaws what they requested for a peace treaty,then all of that would be used against the BE.

    Well either way,it’s pretty much every empire in the game vs 0utlaws.We defeated them once,we will do it again…

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    Leader of the Verussian Empire and the country Verussia.


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    The Elves and the B.E are doing all they can to win this war and stop the 0utlaws?

    Come on, we all know they aren’t going to stop.

    I think the Elves and the B.E. Are right to continue this war until the 0utlaws give up, and if the 0utlaws surrender, the ones who want to fight, might leave leaving them more vulnerable to another battle, but if they do not leave they will probably lose a little bit of trust for HardTimez.

    If the B.E. Ask for assistance I will answer my allies and their allies.

    This post that I posted on this post about something is probably useles information.............


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    the outlawz are just pirates once they die another will just come along your fighting a unending war with somthing that people love to do and what people love to do is seem like that bad guy and kill.

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