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    Added to videos page https://piratemc.com/videos/

    I wanted to test out how much time it would take to make a build of the month winners video in a cinematic way, this is all learning on the day of shooting to get these results, I’m extremely happy with how it came out, if I were to get the time to make another, I would change a few things, speed of pans, disable chat completely, make sure I’m in gm3 to not bump into things. But as a proof of concept I’m extremely happy with how it came out for a first attempt.

    The time required is exorbitant for recording & editing, so this will not be something I can do regularly on top of everything else, I do hope you like it.

    I didn’t put winners in order and I didn’t label the winning builds, that will be separate from the video, the purpose of the video is to showcase these builds only.

    We annoying ended up with 6 winners, 2 Tied for first place, 2 for second place and 2 for third place, which made the video double the work to create and finish! This thread is only for the video content and not about the BOTM competition itself, that will have its own separate thread.

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    That was pretty inspiring!

    Who is Cooler than the Cactus?!

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    Gods is gonna try and use this feature a little more in future. As far as i know, its one of those things that can be tricky to get your head around, but once you got it figured out its awesome.

    So this is looking to be a thing for the future too, rather than a 1-time use

    Keep up the good builds!

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    tutorial for you kids who cant build properly

    Keep you'r friends rich
    and you'r enemies rich
    and wait to find out which is which.

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    <iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ync_ypryxgk?feature=oembed&#8221; width=”900″ height=”506″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””></iframe>

    tutorial for you kids who cant build properlyj

    i will take this into great consideration kirn! Thank you for the amazing tutorial!

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