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    Current Username: Thorinswampfoot
    Username when banned: Thorinswampfoot
    UUID: UUID (You can get it from https://mcuuid.net/?q=username)
    Your punishment tracker link: http://bans.piratemc.com/
    Banned By: Smokey

    Unban Appeal

    For christ sake its been over 3 years since i got banned ik how many crazy posts I’ve made and got the whole community and staff after me for trying to start a revolution. So here comes my annual unbann request.

    Just do it ive tried everything from steam games to pirates online and noting can provide the same experience as this did. I want to get unbanned but its not a must. But one thing is that I will keep posting posts until I have justice. And a pirate must have justice aye?

    Also hello to all my old fellow players sorry i never got to say goodbye though I doubt any of them play anymore.

    Also thanks to all the admins for giving me the best 4 months i ever had in Minecraft.

    Now that I think about this, this will be THE LAST bann appeal.

    True Captain Swampfoot,

    Over and Out!

    ~Life Is what you make it
    Price Of The Elven Empire

    Yr mama
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    Give him a second chance


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    I checked on the punishment tracker and it does not look like you are banned. There is only one thing and that is a mute



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    Try logging in?

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    I think I may remember you, but I wasn’t such an important person back then (still not even now I think :P) but if you were banned, like recently, many people have be unbanned from long standing bans depending on what they were like when banned, not saying you are bad.

    But I do hope you’ve tried to log on at least, as the punishment checker doesn’t seem to reflect what you believe and hope you do get back online soon.

    Good hearing from you, and hopefully can supplement your craving for some piracy. 🙂

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    yeah the punishment tracker always has said that even in my earlier appeals. Still cant login


    ~Life Is what you make it
    Price Of The Elven Empire

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    I believe thorin was banned for his attitude and his toxicity and also he was a huge spammer when I first began playing piratemc. I looked up some other forums hes made:






    It seems in his former appeals he attacked multiple staff members most notably godsdead, markus, and even went directly at CrazyPirate1 multiple times.

    Hes also been denied by GodsDead in atleast two other appeals.

    Thorin-You should try to make nother 10 appeals, maybe you’ll be accepted then.

    Image result for spamming meme

    A endermite kicked my ass

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