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    Current Username: Unlequitlenny
    Username when banned: Unlequitlenny
    UUID: 22bb761b-1808-41cf-b8c9-fd184929eead
    Your punishment tracker link: https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?player=Unlequitlenny&server=0&action=searchplayer
    Banned By: Godsdead

    Hello PiratecraftMC

    I got banned because I was rude to the staff and even the owner.

    Me and Wyltix griefed Halobearer’s base and thought we achieved our goal. But then Godsdead came online and fixed everything. We became very angry and thought it is unfair. Then we got muted because we were so rude. So we joined with other accounts and got banned. Now when I think back, I realize that the owner can do what he wants and I regret that I was so rude.

    I hope I get another chance


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    well, for one thing, griefing isn’t really allowed, if your main goal is to just grief and make a mess. (someone else please correct me if im wrong, thanks). it was kind of godsy to fix the land, since he doesn’t do that all too often, unless theres reason or proof it needs to be done. getting angry at ANY server owner or administrator usually isn’t a great idea… then coming back on with alts to further escalate the situation, 1, most servers wouldn’t appreciate it, 2. is also illegal here as alts are illegal. knowing all this, yeah you made quite a mess. but, most of the time staff don’t unban instantaneously, and usually have a wait period between time of ban and allowed time to appeal. gl to ya though..

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    Dear Cysteen

    Griefing on unclaimed land is allowed. The land wasn’t claimed and crops were on the land so we took them and destroyed the field. If Halobearer claimed the land, all this would have never happened. Now that I know that everyone hates griefer I won’t do it again if I get unbanned. I don’t want to get into trouble again. My goal wasn’t to make a mess we just wanted the free crops and to destroy the unclaimed land. This is all legal.
    The alt thing was very bad yes. In this situation we though it is a good idea… At least I don’t have any alts I could use again.
    I got banned more than 2 weeks ago, so it wouldn’t be instantaneously.


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    Well yes but actually no. Alting is a very serious thing and it can be used to game the system, through claimblock money, claimblocks, and ban/mute evading. Ban/mute evading would probably be one of the worst things you could do with alts and you did exactly that. You also were not only very toxic, you also greifed land. Now i have done this before, and it is perfectly legal to “destroy” land that could be useful to your enemy or threatening to you. You destroyed land that was barely useful to your enemy and was not threatening to you at all.

    So, you greifed,

    didnt get punished for that,

    became very toxic in chat after something happened that didnt affect you,

    got muted for above^,

    alted for a MUTE (come on, really?),

    and then got banned.

    Looking at your punishment tracker, you got banned on march 19th (correct me if im wrong because it says you got muted after that?)

    i would at LEAST wait a month to come back for all this stuff.

    Some people get perma banned for stuff like this, especially if you are new and are already becoming a problem player.

    (my two cents if im wrong about this stuff dont crucify me pl0x).

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    Gingful explained it well.

    I have changed the perm ban to a 4 week ban from today – this will be your last chance

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