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    So i was recently by someone who wanted to 1v1 really badly if I can 1v1 him somewhere and I told him I can 1v1 him on cube. which got me perm banned for advertisement. I wanted to ask if I can get unbanned since I would have used the pvp server. Which is currently down though for maintenance and not able to be joined or used. I get the point that that can be advertisement in some way and am not gonna message someone the ip again…

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    Well I need to support sj. Thats not advertising at all. He is right with pvp server being down and no need to 1vs1 here.

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    Roses are red violets are blue you fucking advertized too bad for you.

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    He did /msg the person in question. If he did it in public chat, it would make sense. But not this way.

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    If you ban sj, you should’ve banned all those pvpers who are talking about dueling on other servers.

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    As much as I would normally not want to reply to this, if he is going to get banned for something, i’d rather it be something real bad, not advertising xD.  Fr tho, getting banned like this isn’t exactly the most right of things, ik advertising is banned and all, but under the circumstances, id say let him com back


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    what mystic said, no more please

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