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    Current Username: Wyltix
    Username when banned: Wyltix
    UUID: 9fde97e3-0213-4c70-bb19-ad8aa8ae3610
    Your punishment tracker link: https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?action=viewplayer&player=Wyltix&server=0
    Banned By: lazydog11

    Unban Appeal

    Hello guys

    I’m sorry for disturbing the peace in your server. I’m sorry for calling you guys “autistic” and definitely will calm it down. However, I find a permaban quite harsh since I didn’t get any warning nor kick/normal ban. I’m commited to improve my behaviour on the server and would like to play again.

    Edit: Okay, to clarify I will tell you guys a more detailed story, but I’m sure the admins know my and Lenny’s story. I exploded unclaimed land where Halobear built his stuff, because we had a war between each other. So I and Lenny used a lot of TNT to bomb his land and lava, therefore money which we used for buying the TNT. Then zRomich appeared in Halobear’s base (probably through tp) and we lost 2 godarmor, 2 swords and 2 bows (all of them were without mending so close to god). After that Halobear got his unclaimed terrority fixed (which I still don’t see as griefing, but i can accept it) and we still lost all our resources and armors. Also, about one day before that (i think 17/18.March) zRomich raided us, so we had lost nearly everything at that time, thus our rage. I then proceeded to complain and call someone autistic and got sent into the locker. I couldn’t talk with an admin about it so I killed myself alot of times in the locker. Then I joined with 2 Alts, also did Lenny, and I wrote that they couldnt put me in jail (about 2 times) and then i got banned with those accounts. So I didn’t use them for any beneficial activity just purely out of rage to seeming unfairness from our perspective. Then I killed myself a few more times with my main (Wyltix) and after that i got a permaban. Never had a warning, nor normal ban.  – This is our full story



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    Shawn Daley
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    Well yes but actually no.

    Unlequitlenny’s ban appeal clears this ban appeal up quite a bit too. If he is telling the truth, you also used an alt to bypass a MUTE that you got for being toxic over GodsDead repairing the greif you did to someone’s farm along witn Unlequitlenny.

    If thats true, i think you should also bring that up and change your appeal quite a bit. I would also read my reply to Unlequitlenny’s unban appeal, in which i stated that you should wait quite a bit longer to appeal something as big as this.

    As with most players this would be a perma ban sooo >.>.


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    -I updated the unban request


    Maximus Terragon
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    You have had poor attitude, you harassed people with a sethome, you and your friend came on with alts to bypass the punishment you were given

    I don’t care so much for the grifing

    Same with Unlequitlenny – I have changed the perm ban to a 4 week ban from today – this will be your last chance

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