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    Current Username: Zyph1
    Username when banned: Zyph1
    UUID: UUID (You can get it from https://mcuuid.net/?q=username)
    Your punishment tracker link: http://bans.piratemc.com/
    Banned By: Bazurka

    Unban Appeal

    I was just banned for xray, but I was not using xray and I barely know how to mod my game myself. I have never had an xray mod loaded. It looks very bad for me because my client said I had 6 mods loaded, which were mods for fire and ice, tinkers construct, and other mods with 0 child mods, none of which affected the server or gameplay in any way. Again, I barely know anything about mods with minecraft at all. I always thought you could only add mods when a server was created. My vanilla client is 1.13 and I had one which was 1.12 which ran way better and so I used that one day in piratecraft, it ran great, so I stuck with it and never thought twice. If there was a way that anyone knows of that would prove I did not have a xray hack, I will do it. I will let someone use teamviewer and boot it up to show you everything on my PC.

    I have screenshots of all of the mods that were on that client. I don’t know what any of them mean because my friend has always added them for me so I can play on his modded servers that he makes. We have played a fire and ice, tinkers construct, feed the beast, and other things like that. I suppose my word means nothing to anybody, but I am not lying. If I knew of any mod on my client that was doing anything, I would have said something.

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    I will take more screenshots, the first one only allowed 5 files to be uploaded.

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    Also, If I were using xray, then I would not have stayed on the same level. There must have been plenty around that I missed, I just mined straight until I saw diamonds, then randomly picked a new direction until I found more.

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    The problem more likely is that you may have a instead a resource pack which gave you the unfair advantage of being able to see ores. Rather than it being a client or mod pack, which is much easier for the server to detect.

    I’m guessing @bazurka followed you and watched you gather ores with an incredibly strange success rate for a while, rather than straight out banning you due to mere suspicion.

    He also most likely asked you NOT to leave the server, and send him a screenshot of your resource folder and or your screen at the time- actually he did. I’ve checked chat logs and I can see Baz asked you in chat to not log out- he most likely asked you in private messages also. You then did not respond, so from this he has explained to you that he has jailed you due to you not complying with what he was asking of you.

    13 minutes later you were banned. I have little knowledge of what happened between those two times, but I’m guessing you either did not produce the evidence OR respond. I’ve know Bazurka for quite a while, and he does not tend to make misjudgements.

    I will encourage you to send screenshots as well of your Mod pack folder itself and your resource pack (texture pack) folder and when they were last edited. If you feel you cannot provide those, we will see you in 6 months time where a ban appeal for yourself written politely will get you most likely unbanned.

    See you either on the server soon as you show and prove that you were unjustly banned or in August.



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    My chat is very small and I don’t tend to notice the messages all the time. I did not notice them while I was mining and then I was jailed. It was not because I was intentionally ignoring anybody. We talked in discord for a while instead of chat because that’s where he wanted me to send screenshots. My screenshots showed no texture packs.

    I can send any my folders and texture packs folder. I did not know any of this xray nonsense was even possible. Also, I haven’t known him as long as you have but I already know that he has made a misjudgment against me. I would encourage you not to use that as evidence that I am guilty. I hope this will get resolved soon. Again, I am open to people using TeamViewer and looking through all of my files. The last mods I messed with was a fire and ice thing where there are dragon pets or something. Tried to make my own server for my friends and myself. Never got it to work. I will attach the files when I am home from class today.

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    We have looked into your case and you are free to play again.
    Please read all /rules and enjoy your time on the server.


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