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    Current Username: TheGayestOfKoala
    Username when banned: TheGayestOfKoala
    UUID: 66254b32-5c2e-427c-8b12-da9fb6f2fe2d
    Your punishment tracker link: (kept refreshing/relogging it and it wasnt there sorry)
    Banned By: Atalantaa

    Banned 7/29/2020 for using xray to show caves/ores- 3 month ban

    I came across this server a few hours prior and I was having a lot of fun and had just figured out how to claim land, build a boat, and I started gathering resources. I admit I wrongfully used a texture pack that displayed ores and caves underground and I should have listened to the rules before I had done this but I made the mistake by doing it anyway. I sincerely apologize for making the mistake I did and if my appeal were to be accepted, I will play by the rules and be excited to join the server and community once more and educate myself on the rules before hand. I had a blast playing for the few hours I did and was looking forward to being a part of the server and if you accept my appeal, I would love to join the server again. I appreciate you reading and considering my appeal and I would love to rejoin the server again, this time following all of the rules. (Sorry if my name is offensive in anyway I was hacked and will be changing it back once I can)

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    You just amitted to useing xray. You will need to wait out your ban out. Once you have done that you can start over. And remeber we don’t have rules for fun you need to follow them else you get punished.




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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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