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    Current Username: Itz_Wyatt
    Username when banned: Itz_Wyatt
    UUID: UUID (You can get it from https: fd6b86ea-72e1-412e-9635-c48dabce3516
    Your punishment tracker link: http:https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?player=Itz_Wyatt&server=0&action=advertising
    Banned By: GodsDead

    Unban Appeal: Well I am speaking in this appeal because I was perm banned for advertising. I know what I said but and im truly sorry. But i hope you understand i wasent trying to steal players for another server just trying to 1v1 sizzle on another server. I feel like by getting banned I have let down many people. I think I can do better and not get banned again. after takeing this time off from playing pmc I relize I have so much more I can do on pmc that I want to do. I realized what did was wrong no matter how I said it. I think everyone deserves a second chance no matter what they did. Im asking for a unabn becuase I realy enjoy playing this server.
    whats about that
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    I think you deserve a second chance, but just realize how horrible what you did really is.

    You are trying to take players that Godsy has worked hard for, and just convert them to another server. It is horrible, but as long as you don’t try this scheme again I think you deserve another chance.

    I'm Back!

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    what server was he advertising?


    The drunken Lancastrian Lawyer

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    Accepted, Don’t advertise.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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