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    Did you see a cool skin that you have to get? I guess Do you have a sweet skin hat you want to keep? Yeah Do you want to be able to have both skins? You bet, voice in my head! Then just do these simple steps!:

    1) Go on miners need cool shoes (other editors might work, this is the one I used for this though) and type in anyone with your new skin in the import tab.

    2) delete the head, hat, and any other parts you don’t want on your skin.

    3) Go into the ‘filter’ tab and press ‘flip “skin” and “armour” ‘

    4) Go back into the ‘import’ tab and type in your skin

    5) Then go to the ‘Export’ tab and press change skin and/or download skin.

    and finally:

    6) Whenever you want to switch skins simply go into options: skin settings: and turn on the sleeves, pants, and the jacket and your in your cool second skin!

    The idea for toggle-able skins came from this video, I made up the process:

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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