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    Current Username: TheGrifter_
    Username when banned: TheGrifter_
    UUID: 37b904f1-b5d0-48ed-8782-63dc99e3e1ce
    Your punishment tracker link: https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?player=TheGrifter_&server=0&action=searchplayer
    Banned By: smokeyriver

    Unban Appeal

    I remember the day of this ban, it happened 358 days ago and I regret it. I want to start by making it clear that I have 3 accounts.

    To begin with, I want to give my sincere apologies to anyone this ‘troll’ affected (I’m not mocking the term, but making it clear what I was punished for). I understand the ban, trolling should not be allowed and I have no other words except I am sorry. To be honest, this was 358 days ago and I don’t entirely remember the reason I was punished. I’ve been wanting to post this appeal for several months but decided, I was punished and for doing what I did I’d like to punish myself and wait longer.

    I want to return to PirateMC because I enjoyed the community and the excitement inside of it. I want to dedicate days and days of time into it. I’d also like to make up for the wrongs I’ve done by playing again and proving myself to not be the person I was nearly a year ago. I have changed and I was quite immature at that time and I took some things too seriously and such. I would like to clarify the alternative accounts issue. I have three brothers in my family, two who are not into minecraft what-so-ever and one who is strongly into it as I was. He constantly plays it on my previous accounts as I quit until these last few weeks. (I can prove this if needed). I personally believe that my brother attempted to play on PirateMC with one of the alternative accounts because he doesn’t exactly understand the reason for the ban and he knows how to navigate through my 3 alternative accounts. (Lets be clear, he is 10 years old.) I’d like to say I am sorry for the fact that (possibly) he logged unto PirateMC and made it look as if I was attempting to evade the ban.

    In conclusion, I understand the ban that was put onto me and I wish to return to the server because I am a dedicated player. I was and wish to be again at least. I love this server and I’d like to ask for another chance on here. I wish to redeem myself and once again live the life on PirateMC.

    Thank you for the opportunity to appeal my ban.


    Shawn Daley
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    Who even r u

    Chancellor of The Verussian Republic


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    Just a person who happened to play a year ago. Looking to play again.


    Maximus Terragon
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    Simple rule, don’t troll.

    Thanks for the reply, unbanned and closed

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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