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    Due to complications regarding the editing of the initial post, I am forced to start anew.
    Welcome to the Staged War, a PirateCraft Battle Event! The following event will be a multi-day tournament between two equal teams as they display strength, strategy and honor! To ensure equal experience and opportunity for all participating members, the following rules will be applied to each stage of the tournament:</p>
    The Rules:

    – Participants are to utilize Iron Weapons and Armor ONLY

    – No Enchantments or Potions

    – No Ender Pearls, Chorus Fruits, Golden Apples, or any other consumable item or tool that could grant unbalanced benefits.

    – The invitation of over-powered, non-participants utilizing unauthorized Items, Consumables, and Gear as listed above is strictly illegal. If you are not on the Participant List, then consult Team Leaders and/or Writers for the Tournament, otherwise keep the Hell out.

    – No unauthorized switching of team members. Once you are in one team, you are to stay with that tea until the end of the battle. If you wish to switch teams, please consult the Team Leaders before or after the fight.

    – No sabotaging the battlefield or provided bases prior to the launch of the battle.

    – Do not use /sethome in unauthorized positions without permission from both Team Leaders

    – No charging the enemy team prior to the launch of the battle.

    –  No drama, whining, or bullshittery.

    – No cheating – of course.

    – Please refrain from boasting, bragging, and/or intentionally aggravating/annoying other players.

    – Most importantly: Have Fun 😀

    Failure to comply with the established rules above will result in unnecessary pausing of the battle and most likely a penalty against your entire team. Think before you act. Please do take a moment to note that rules may be changed, removed, or added during the planning process. A final set of rules will be provided prior to the tournament’s announcement.


    As of this moment in time, rewards for the victorious team(s) are undecided. A list of potential rewards will be provided prior to the tournament’s announcement.

    If you are interested in participating in the Staged War, please leave a reply down below containing:

    – Your In-Game Username.

    – A Statement Displaying Your Participation Interest.

    – (To make things fun) The Reason Why You Wish to Join.

    Oke thanks bye 😀

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