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    Summer 2022 Treasure Chest Item Design competition


    • Items are created on /server creative (or add
    • Read /customitem or follow the online guide & video to learn how to make custom items step by step.
    • Summer Treasure Theme is Black Sails (the TV show) Pirate themed!
    • Entry end date is Friday 15th July 2022
    • Wins 30 keys for an item picked for the Treasure chest then 5 keys for each additional item added!
      • Your username added to the treasure chest for everyone to see, this will be attached to this treasure chest forever!

    What do I need to design?

    1. Item name & Color /itemname (Read/customitem 3)
    2. Lore for the item for a bit of story or description /itemlore (Read /customitem 4. Make sure to /copylore and /pastelore from the /kit template first you want to use)
    3. Enchants /enchant (/customitem 6)
    4. Save item(s) /invsave
    5. Submit to /discord or this forum thread

    This is a competition to name items (Any Minecraft items/Custom heads that are not OP like elytra) and write lore for it to go into the Black Sails TV show theme.

    It’s that simple, Name And lore, if it’s a weapon it will also need enhancements picked! This is all done on a custom /server creative plot world /warp treasure and I have already made examples to copy & paste aswell as /kits on creative to use as reference or edit.


    What’s the theme?

    Black Sails!

    Pick any Black Sails/Pirate lore, Black sails is a popular pirate themed TV show that is the prequel to Treasure Island.

    If you haven’t seen it, there is plenty of lore in the wikis!



    What can I win?

    If you get your item(s) added to the Treasure Chest you will get:

    1. 30 Keys for the Treasure Chest + 5 additional key for each item you get added
    2. Your name added to the Credit of the treasure chest for everyone to see, forever linked to this one of a kind chest!

    FAQ Since last time we did an Item comp?

    1. Do I have to save items to the treasure world?
      1. Nope! I streamlined the process so you can save multiple inventories from anywhere
      2. The treasure world is separate so you can keep backups, incase the plugin that does the invsave breaks, or you accidentally wipe your invsave, you can use any plot but I prefer having a dedicated location for all treasure for speed!
    2. All your templates use Gradients, multiple colors and icons in item names. Does this mean items can have super unique names now instead of the base color?
      1. Sure does! I would prefer if we had just legendary items with Gradients & multiple colors to make them extra special. Make sure to read the name guide to learn to make gradients and use all hex colors.


    What items need to be created?

    Not many at all, these could all be made within a few minutes using my new /kit templates!

    • 3 legendary
    • 4 epic
    • 5 rare
    • 7 uncommon
    • 9 common items

    What if we end up with too many items from many people?

    We will make additional summer treasure chests, its entirely on the community to design and populate items! The more you make, the more treasure chests we can have (And use the same keys!)



    How do I get started?

    Read the overview at the top of this post.

    Make sure to read /customitem fully and the website guide has more information and a video!


    What is the format(s) these items need to be in?

    I have simplified the entire process for creating lore, you just need to copy and paste from my templates now! 1000x quicker and no errors!

    Use /kits on creative, find the Rarity you wish to use, spawn that item, hold it and use /copylore, then swap to your custom item and use /pastelore! That simple, you can now /editlore 1 to edit custom lore! All you have to do is follow the same lore /colors.

    • Read /treasure in-game to remind yourself of colors
    • Legendary items can have Gradient/Mix of colors they do not have to be dark red anymore!
    • See the treasure page for detailed information about PirateCrafts consistent treasure format.

    Why do I need to make two items?

    For the treasure chest we need 2 item versions, A display item for the Treasure chest and then the actual item the player gets.

    • Tip: Make sure to save your /itemlore commands in a text file, then you will be able to easily go back and edit/copy & paste them onto a new item!
    • Tip: You can duplicate the item by using your middle mouse button, and you can edit the 11th line and add lines 12-16 to create the display item for the treasure chest! You can also duplicate your item with /ie amount 64

    I want to make an item have enchants that go above the default top values!

    Use /enchant and don’t go past the default top limits for vanilla, Staff will hand pick items to have extra enchants that they know will not be game breaking.

    No overpowered items will be picked due to requiring immense research if an item would be balanced, figuring out how it could be exploited and require testing, not worth the time.


    This is now possible as a player, so You can test yourself, you can use /ie enchant to manually bypass /enchant limits. Be aware these items can not be submitted and are for your own testing only, as you can toggle PvP in your plots now and you can use /gm 0 aswell!

    Keep it simple! Keep it fun!

    I’ve made items, how do I submit them?

    1. Clean up your inv to just item to submit and use /invsave. Manage your saved inventories with /invlist You can save 20 inventories, past that and they will overwrite each other!
      1. ⚠️BACK UP YOUR ITEMS INTO A PLOT AND YOUR ECHEST. We have /warp treasure specifically to act as a backup for items! Or save them into another plot or your echest!
    2. Submit your items for review to the Discord Channel labelled “summer_treasure“.
      You need to post:

      1. /invlist <your username>
        ID: <id> (The ID of your saved inv you are submitting, look at /invlist)
      2. Screenshot of the items
      3. ⚠️Make sure you have made both versions of an item, Display item and the version that a player will get!


    How many item can I submit?

    As many as your little noggin can think of


    I want to make a little mermaid treasure chest

    That’s nice, go on then!


    How long will this competition stay open?

    1 week, If we get enough items for a Treasure chest before then, it will be made and additional items thereafter will be put into a second treasure chest.



    1. Item names & Lore cannot contain player names, inside jokes, political, nefarious or have any other meaning than just being a fun themed item.
    2. Items have to follow the treasure format and rarity guidelines
    3. Don’t write fake enchantments that are part of Minecraft such as Knockback 1000, you can, however, write fake enchantment related to the lore of the item, for my Curse of the Aztec Gold example you could write a fake enchantment as lore as “Curse of heathen gods” as this is related to its lore.


    Schedule & Future Treasure Chests

    I would like this to be a properly scheduled event for each season, I’ve used to pick dates for universal seasons for PirateCraft to give us dates when we should make the next set of Treasure Chests and when the old ones need to come down!

    You can see the graphic I made at the top of the post, is also posted at cove!

    • Summer 2022 – Starts 21st June (Current)
    • Autumn 2022 starts 23nd September
    • Winter 2022, 21st December
    • Spring 2023, 20th March



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