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    My absinthe and vodka shops are not working. I can’t link the chest and the sign to restock it. Apparently someone tried to buy from me and bought one and it went out of stock (even though there was stock).  Below is the error message I get trying to restock it.  Every other shop in my store is working.

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    Also, I tried destroying the sign and remaking the shop, which worked, but the shop sells out after one sale.


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    brews do not work in signs. you have to use device sings to sell brews. link a [Device] sign to a lever and have the brews dispensed from a dropper

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    Theres a tutorial at /tuts, just turn around go towards cannons and on your right theres a room to show you how to do this.


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    Gotcha. Is the same true for enchanted items? Because the same thing is happening with my diamond picks/axes?


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    Enchanted Items need to be made the exact same way. Lets say you make a sword and put sharpnessV on it and after that you add fire aspect.

    All your swords how to be made like that, if you make a sword and put sharpness IV on it, add another Sharpness IV it wont work because the enchantment cost will be different.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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