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    My friends and I have just started brewing, and we managed to make a shop. but, while testing we found that only one brew would read, even thought the chest is filled. We were wondering if anyone knew a workaround to this, or if we’re just gonna have to update regularly?


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    Well i had this problem too.
    I think the best sollution would be placing many chests with small stocks of brew  that you would have to update daylie or so….because every brew is like 1-2 seconds differently brewed than the others and therefore the shopplugin thinks every brew is a different item.


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    Everything about the distill time, number of times distilled, and the number and type of ingredients would have to be the same in order for the shop plugin to recognize it, so it will be pretty tricky to get a chestfull of the exact same brews. If at all possible I’d try developing a dispenser mechanism that throws out a selected drink. It’s just an alternative, though much harder 😛

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    The brewing plugin is sadly not compatible at the moment with any shop plugin.
    The developers were warned of that issue but it seems no correction is planned soon.

    Creating an automated shop is not difficult now that we have [Device] signs. I’ll try to create a vending machine model you can reproduce easily as soon as I find time 🙂


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    @machi this is a good idea, we don’t actually have a shop tutorial, we could make a small one near the other tutorial warps, Not many people know redstone is enabled for shops, I wonder if we could use it at the cove somehow that’s easy enough to replicate.

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    Thanks for the help everyone! @machi I’ll try to do that later today if I feel it is safe to go to the shop.


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    So, I’ve been trying this system, and I found that you are paying for the use of a machine, but there is no way to test for if the system has an item or not. The reason I find this bad, is well, people can pay for an item and not receive it, and I don’t want that to be a common problem.


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    You can setup a redstone lamp to only be on if a chest has items in it. You can plce a sign that says ‘if this light is out, no more booze, dont buy! no refunds!’



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    I’ve figured out a solution that seems to work pretty nicely. Thank you all for the help, and if anyone wants to see how I managed to do it, I will gladly show you.

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