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    I might already have stated that i don’t really like /sellclaimblocks as a command but i want to know others opinnions about this.

    What i dislike the most about /sellclaimblocks is that you basically get money for hanging around when you sell all your claimblocks.
    I just think that it takes the value away from the hard earned money others gather by mining or woodchoping or whatever they do.
    Also raiders that don’t really need a big base despite their storeroom get to collect money through raids and the time they play.

    Since Godsdead implemented the infinite Logshops at cove i think it is fairly possible to earn money another way and if you want to sell other things you can do that through tradin with other people who need that and let them sell logs.

    Also it is a personal thing that i have because i prefer to EARN my money even ingame so i would like to hear your opinnions about that, thanks.


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    nope iots a good thing players can work to get money whikle winning money whats not bad about it :3


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    Im kind of agree, They are kind of balanced buying at 1.0 and selling at 0.6, What this allows is someone that prefers economy gain over land gain, they can have one or the other, Most players would prefer land, I would. This is why the options there.


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    Ok 🙁

    Well i don’t have to participate in the selling of claimblocks so i will just earn  my money through hard woodchoppingwork from now on^^

    I just played after the disabling of /sellclaimblocks got public and at least one player was annoyed since the player stated that this was his only kind of income and that really was what annoyed me because….i like to work (in games and when it makes fun)^^

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