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    My Username: acornheart

    Player(s) krayonking kaiser08b8832d-1942-476d-9912-7a816e50dcc6 kosmic king kaiser5f24d8e9-d644-45da-8c73-6925c152596d  foxy somthing idk rember there user

    Reason for Report (please select as needed)

    Overview Description of Report
    kosmic and krayon along with foxyfun funfox idk greifed the unclaimed parts of our city so much that you can barely walk

    Detailed Information
    they destroyed  like 4 bunkers a storage a arena and lots of land

    my files arent working i can tp you to the zone it happened if you want

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    I think the players that griffed your town werent rome members but mafia soldiers after you sieged a mafia member.

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    pizza that was light greifing the rome members destroyed like 4 buildings and alot of dirt


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    Formatting +1

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    aww look at me type F on the worlds smallest keyboard.


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    I know this is late, but if it can be fixed in a few hours its not worth a punishment or restoration. Only if the damage caused is very significant, or incredibly difficult for players to fix such that it requires staff input (say covering a base in water, and using ships to glitch the water and flood everything), then it warrents punishment etc.

    We are keeping an eye on ROME’s activities, you’re not the only one to report misbehaviour from them.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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