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    Since River is banned from the website she has asked for me to send this on her behalf.

    Current Username: Rivvur
    Username when banned: Rivvur
    UUID: https://mcuuid.net/?q=rivvur
    Your punishment tracker link: https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?action=viewplayer&player=Rivvur&server=0
    Banned By: GodsDead

    Unban Appeal:
    Over all the years I’ve played video games, I never have been so compelled to play a Minecraft server more than PirateCraft. When I first logged on around 4 years ago, everyone on the server was so welcoming and helpful. Between fighting Crusaders of the Void with Solis, joining the Asylum, and then breaking away to help form the Coalition, Piratecraft has provided me with a whole arsenal of good memories with friends. Since the money incident and accepting my ban, I have had time to think over my actions and what damage I did to others in the process of my perusal of power. Contrary to my previous actions, I have matured, would like to apologize for my actions, and request an gracious un-banning.

    When I received a deserving permaban on 16 September 2018, I lost a main hub of communication with many of my friends. I didn’t recognise how much PirateCraft meant to me before I was banned. I had this mindset of not caring about anything, and that led me to throw away over 3 years of friendships and fun. If I come back, I will be an outstanding member of the community again, like I once was before I took a wrong turn. While some of you might not believe me, over these 8 months I have reconsidered my attitude towards everyone, and matured as a person. In my local community, I took up community service work and that really brought a new perspective to my life on how I should treat others. I really didn’t take the whole “treat others as you want to be treated” thing seriously until recently. I believe I am ready to come back and provide a positive impact to the PirateCraft community.

    TLDR: To everyone that has played PirateCraft and doesn’t know what I participated in, basically I was very immature and did some ridiculous stuff. I helped damage the economy by adding thousands in an illegal way and boosted my position in the progress. I was power hungry and would do anything to get it, and did not think about the repercussions that would follow. During my time off I have greatly matured to become a better person, and I hope maybe one day PirateCraft can see that side of me again.

    SIncerely, River


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    Interesting very interesting. Hmm true it has been some time, but it was a worthy ban from what I hear. I myself was shocked to hear of what happened. If anything I don’t know what to say. Usually I have a witty remark ,but for this I am at a loss. I understand your want to return to the server, but I think that is a thing that is between you and the staff. If they deem you worthy of a second chance then I hope we will see you again. If not I suggest waiting it out a bit more before reapplying for an unban request. From the forums post GodsDead posted you were not the only one to be involved in this scandalous event. I’m surprised that the others haven’t asked for an unban request. Mabey they have come to terms with what they did and don’t wish to return.

    What are your reasons? I would like to know what you would do different. From what I have seen in your forums post it is not unlike others. You are sorry about what you did. You want to return. You feel bad, but you have yet to offer what you would change.

    You say you are a new person. Prove it. Please post another forums post and tell us what you would do differently this time.

    What you would do to make up for your actions. How would you move forward this time. It is good that you recognize what you did was bad. Perhaps give us a peek of the person who you have changed into and what your goals for the future on this server are. Perhaps you wish to grow the economy back to a healthy status. Perhaps you wish to encourage players to come to this server and help them learn the game and want to stay. These are merely suggestions.

    So what say you? What would you do differently?

    Sincerely VladDracul


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    Aloha – a word used as a greeting and a parting in Hawaii, did you know that?

    Well anyway, the appeal.

    As with Gingful’s appeal, we wondered how long it would take for you to make a serious appeal – seeing as though the last one you made a few weeks after your initial ban was more of a shit post. But anyway, we’ll let that slide, times changed. Thanks for a nice appeal, and thanks to torkey for posting it 🙂

    Lets go over a few points of why you were banned in the first place:

    • Involvement in the duping of huge amounts of money
    • Abuse of your craftsmen rank to edit signs at cove to do this
    • Lying to staff when asked what was duped and who else did – it was jmoo who spilled the beans
    • Spawning in ~ $120,000 for yourself

    Your previous punishments were largely related to provocative leaking personal info about Cysteen.

    After being banned you went ahead and made that aforementioned joke ban appeal, and around Christmas you still showed hostility towards the server and our staff in that ‘discord incident’. Joke or not, that wasn’t very nice.

    We feel that the breaking of trust, abuse of the system by damaging the eco, lying to staff, and the subsequent actions require a longer ban than you have currently sat out. We are therefore denying this appeal. We would recommend you and others involved who wish to return appeal again once a year has passed – so around August/September, and we will consider it then.


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