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    Hello everyone! There is a good chance that you have received a message from someone who calls themselves Mrs Blessing. If you happen to be a part of this group, staff are asking you to please delete the email containing the message.

    We are currently working on finding a solution to stop such events from ever happening again in the future, and can only apologise sincerely to everyone who received the message.

    Please delete the email, and make no attempt to contact this person.

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    Oh phew… I got pretty worried when I found that message! XD

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    Just happens to me… What an ahole, not you, Mrs fucking blessing, my “sister” who’s apparently 10 years younger then my mum.

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by Luke.
    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by Luke.
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    id be more concerned if anyone in this community was actually stupid enough to contact this person….

    If I had a nickel for every time I, Ooo hey, a butterfly!! *runs off chasing the butterfly*

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    This was a bot, it sent to 181 people automatically, usually our captcha stops all bots from registering, but every now and then, some assfart will create the account manually and then run his bot, which in this case sent a PM to 181 people, which in turn sent 181 emails from my contact[tophat]

    Why do people do this? Because we run wordpress, wordpress is notorious for being attacked as its so widely used throughout the internet, which means there’s a ton of hackers 🙁

    Good news is, we shut the account down fast as fish, bad news is that their bot sent 181 emails out.

    We have never mass emailed a PirateCraft news letter, so this is utterly gutting that the first mass email is a known scam for a bot pretending to be a 42 year old widow giving away 10% of their wealth. For anyone out there that has never come across spam like this, its rare nowadays to get spam (If you use gmail) don’t respond, just delete the email, and for the love of god please don’t flag it as spam, because you’ll be flagging me, not them, all emails came through my email system, they used the PM system here to send their message (Fuckers!).

    If you google the message its all over the internet.

    Delete it, forget about it and move on.

    I have implemented a limit on how many PM’s can be sent per 5 mins now.

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    But Godsssss… I want 10% of the Euro money!

    tbh, how the hell does this fictional bitch have 30,000,000 something euroes worth of cash and live in Greece with its failing Euro economy?

    Why the hell would someone want to give 10% of that dosh to me? An empty shell of a human being who would only really want to use the money to fix of buy a new pc.


    Also, I have spoken to a couple of people, and people are just trolling this bot/scammer currently, soooo if people want to get in on that I’d do it but just steer clear of giving up your identity to this person, never know what strange people you find on the internet… Don’t worry I’m not that dodgey kid on the block with no trousers on.

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    But her story was soo compelling 🙁 money well spent I think: helping those poor orphans and I get a 10% cut out of it! Best investment I’ve ever done!


    Leader of the Verussian Empire and the country Verussia.

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