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    I fought them multiple times, especially at /warp trade during one of their /warp kill & flee trips. And they always seemed to be too strong. I killed them few times with strength 2 pots and help of friends, and I found out that they wear basic mix of kits they can get. I always thought they had to use some sort of illegal mods or add-ons to achieve such superiority in pvp. There is one extreme which leads to this post though. I was running on the dock of /warp trade knowing that windknight is somewhere there. I saw him standing on the lamp post, and I pulled out my bow to shoot him down. He saw me and jumped, and hit me once, then I was dead. Yes, he single hit me with lieutant cutlass (I know it was cutlass from the death message). I had mix of armor kits. There is NO possible way he could have done that. Even if he used pots and god apples, you cant single slain someone with same or very similar armor and weapon. If he has something to say, I am open to learn what obscure and magic method he used to achieve this. But as of now, I firmly believe that he uses hacks. I noticed very similar “superiority in pvp” when fighting his friend, agent7654. They are both absolutely unbeatable in fair battle, even when you go 2v1 against them. I propose further investigation of this issue. Thank you.


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    here is a screenshot from earlier if it is relevant. There are numerous people accusing these guys, i would not know how to tell hacking if it slapped me in the face but this is my 2 cents.

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    Those players were already reported multiple time and are being watched. But at the moment, no proof = no action.


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