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    My Username: PIPPIP5789

    Player(s) Being Reported.
    Username: liwerMinePro50 and TheLegendOfArtic

    UUID: {uuid} (You can get it from https://mcuuid.net/?q=username)
    liwerMinePro50: bc6f1821-53e7-4a57-9452-a9f7aece287a
    TheLegendOfArtic: 18ec59b9-5b39-490b-8b98-3c9fe09e387b

    Reason for Report (please select as needed)
    Harrasment and griefing

    Overview Description of Report
    These two players have blown up every part of my crew’s base (roads, unclaimed platforms that hadn’t been claimed yet, ect…) multiple times (5 times in less than 72 hours), as well as having a /sethome (possibly; may or may not have removed at this point) at my base for raiding, AND have spam-killed a Deckhand that joined less than 12 hours ago in my crew 9+ times.

    Detailed Information
    OK, so here’s the story: liwer and Artic seemed like nice enough players, so I invited them into my crew. They claimed we stole their items (which is false, to my knowledge), and blew up the crew base. Once, OK, they’re just mad (apparently), so I repaired the damage, but didn’t know it was them. They came back and blew it up a second, third, and fourth time before I found out it was them. They then tried to claim that the base was theirs, and proceeded to spam-kill a Deckhand, cannabinhaldiq (or something like that; can never spell his name right) 9+ times every time he tried to just get some of his stuff. They proceeded to flee when me, some crewmates of mine, and about 4 other players all came to confront them. They fled to the cove, and didn’t leave it for hours (to my knowledge). I get back on today (less than 12 hours later from repairing that damage), and they’ve blown it up AGAIN. I’m losing sleep, money, claimblocks, and players due to them, and they laugh and mock me and my crew publicly in chat afterwards.
    Furthermore, though this isn’t an offense per say, they’ve nearly made several Deckhands leave the server from killing them and taking their stuff over and over and over. They refuse to raid when anyone is on, just blow up what they can when no one can do anything about it, then mock us when we get back on. I have images of the damage done (in the middle of repairing it again while I write this report), and of a single death (we couldn’t get pics of the other deaths, sadly) from one of the Deckhands. The time frame for this was over the last 72 hours or so, but the spam killing was yesterday at about 7:00-9:00 PM CST (I think… tbh, I don’t remember much other than last night).
    I would like to end by saying I have done everything I can as a player to stop these maniacs from doing what they do, but nothing I can do stops them. I am coming to staff only as a last resort, because I know there are worse things to deal with, but I beg of staff to at least consider my case, and if nothing else, offer a solution (besides claiming the whole thing; that won’t stop them from spam-killing, mocking, or blowing up things I don’t have enough claimblocks for) that I could do. If necessary, implement action against these players, but regardless, please help!!!


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    It’s not big grief and i think spawn killing is allowed I mean it can be stoped when u reach the kill limit and u get jailed. The time u spent writing this report could be used for fixing those holes or farming claimblocks for claiming your roads.

    Plus labymod isn’t allowed (talking about deckie screenshot)

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    Not a big grief… It took us almost 5 hours, per grief, to fix everything. I didn’t show you the entire base, but the rest was also trashed. Furthermore, what’s the limit???

    And as for the mod, yeah, we got him to remove that once we saw it

    Confraquility for all! Only through war can we have peace, and only peace can bring an end to these wars.

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    Seems like Cosmic has been busy griefing land again.

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    Both players have received a punishment since.
    I will close this thread.


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