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    This isin’t to staff but rather to all the players. Recently my city/base was attacked and griefed. I am requesting help with the rebuilding effort. Mainly from ISEN members and allies but also from anyone else willing to help. I may give ISEN members and close allies and friends trust to rebuild but i mainly need enormous amounts of materials to rebuild. Alot of stone and iron have been destroyed perhaps dubs of stone and stacks of iron. All my items except those in my echest have also been destroyed. I will be accepting any donations I can get. Please help. These are the materials needed for rebuilding:

    1. stone
    2. iron
    3. wood
    4. redstone
    5. dirt
    6. lapis blocks
    7. coal blocks
    8. sea lanterns

    If you can and are willing to I will also be accepting donations of both money and other items, I had many dubs of items that were lost and my best friend also lost nearly all his stuff.

    In spite of this devastating disaster I will continue expanding my city after it is rebuilt and will try to stop other bases from being griefed.


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    The turtles will rise...


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    I will gladly see what I can do about stone and wood some redsone and deffinitly dirt.



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    thank you

    The turtles will rise...


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    Good luck on the rebuild! I’ll donate a dub or so of stone next time you see me online, Those pirate scum..


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    We talked it over, and we will help. The turtles shall rise again…


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    I gladly will help with materials. I’ll ping ya next time I see you online.


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    To all of you who are donating I thank you for your incredible generosity. I will be on tomorrow at 9:00 eastern time.

    The turtles will rise...


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    Nice seeing everyone’s response.

    A good thing about rebuilding is that you can make something better than it was before.

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    I have a great abundance of redstone blocks that I would be happy to donate.


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    Again, I thank all of you for your generosity

    The turtles will rise...


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    CSN Will help only if  you will pay the pizzo.


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    The turtles will rise...

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