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    On behalf of The Royal Family,
    People of PirateCraft! This a Public Announcement on things to expect from the Elven Empire this 2017. The Elven Empire will of course increase the amount of city construction and I myself have another project in hand which I am praying to keep this time.

    The Elven Empire of course has a high standard for being the best at bows when in reality we are not the best at them what so ever. That has been something that has come to my attention so from this point forward I am going to work on making a full fledged effort to increase our archery.

    There are some small government tweaks which are just improving security and laws which I will talk to both King Iridus and HatterSupreme about. The Royal Family has been working endlessly for a lot of new ideas that can help our empire better itself in PVP as that is a major flaw all empires in this realm seek out. Most importantly military is a major aspect of the elven culture which is something we need to focus more on as stating again.

    Before 2018 the empire should have finished mulitple cities and increased PVP ratings all over, which isn’t a promise but a major push in our part. The Elven Empire has a population of 100 people and some of course would not be fully active but that is a con in having an empire, the balance of activity which most people are willing to point out to our attention with no hesitation.

    We have waited for the Elven Banners to be posted by WarHammer. Which they have been so we have finally converted our elven flags and banners to the permanent seal.

    I am currently the longest living monarch in Piratecraft history serving as Queen to my elven people for a staggering 4 years as of Friday this upcoming week. I would like to host a royal ball but understanding how we have had a usual history of our balls getting crashed, The Royal Family and the government are coming up with a solution to ensure the safety of all attendees.

    Elven Passports and VIP Passes have not been forgotten and a brand new system to keep track of all passports has been created so please below if you are an ALLY request an elven transcript and they should be coming out this month or the next.

    That is all for now and once again I thank you for reading this.

    Signed, The Queen.

    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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